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May 20, 2014

Table of Contents

SETDA Launches The Guide to Technology Requirements
Gale Refreshes Kids InfoBits with User-focused Redesign
Qlovi’s Free Literacy Software and Distribution Channel to offer HarperCollins Titles
WizIQ Announces WizIQ Learning Marketplace, Comprehensive Online Teaching System Announces Field Trip Library

SETDA Launches The Guide to Technology Requirements

SETDA, the principal membership association of U.S. state and territorial educational technology leaders, has announced the launch of The Guide to Technology Requirements, a website to help school and district leaders understand the detailed requirements for the online assessments being developed by all six state-led assessment consortia aligned to new college- and career-ready standards. Just as important, it provides guidance to help districts consider these requirements in the overall context of school technology needs.

The Guide to Technology Requirement is free to access at

The site culminates months of work with all six state-led assessment consortia: the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced), the WIDA Consortium (WIDA), the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21) consortium, DLM Alternate Assessment System (DLM), and the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC).

The Guide to Technology Requirements provides an interactive chart that allows users to view the assessment consortia to which their state belongs, along with the technology requirements for the assessments from those consortia. Users can customize the chart based upon the technology that is appropriate for their district and access resources related to the effective implementation of technology for learning as well as assessment.

Source: SETDA,

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Gale Refreshes Kids InfoBits with User-focused Redesign

Gale has announced that its Kids InfoBits database has been redesigned to support twenty-first century learning with a modern interface, improved navigation, updated content and additional tools. Kids Infobits is designed specifically for students in kindergarten through grade five and addresses the way kids learn and conduct research. Elementary-aged students are clever information consumers and acquiring these skills at an early age has become the foundation for the Common Core.

Kids InfoBits provides access to reference content, magazines, newspapers, maps, charts, graphs, and more than 13,000 searchable images. The updated version includes new content on weather, natural disasters and U.S. States, content from Blackbirch Kid's Visual Reference of the United States and more. New tools to support twenty-first century learning include the ability to share content over social media; EasyBib integration and improved citation tools; text translation into 12 different languages including Arabic, Spanish, French; and ReadSpeaker text-to-speech functionality, which plays translated text.

The updated Kids InfoBits is available now for school and public libraries however current customers can switchover at the end of the school year to avoid disruption. For more information on Kids InfoBits or to request a free trial, visit

Source: Cengage Learning and Gale, or

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Qlovi’s Free Literacy Software and Distribution Channel to offer HarperCollins Titles

Qlovi, a classroom eBook and literacy platform, will now offer select HarperCollins Publishers backlist titles on their innovative education platform. Titles will be sold in time-based increments, allowing teachers to acquire titles for the specific amount of time of needed for classroom work. Purchases made will appear alongside Qlovi’s free lessons, quizzes, and automatic data technology.

In October 2013, Qlovi won the first ever HarperCollins BookSmash Challenge, a competition to “use imagination and technology to build software that goes beyond the traditional ways we read and discover books.” Qlovi’s winning “Connections” app, which allows readers to explore their identities and discover authors with similar identities, experiences, locations, or traits, is expected out in Fall 2014.

With HarperCollins titles and Qlovi’s assessment and tracking platform, teachers can now better select titles to match students’ interests. Traditionally, schools have the classic books available, which are also most likely to lose the interest of struggling or reluctant readers, according to the announcement. With eBooks in Classrooms, a diverse range of books becomes more readily available, more affordable, and provides more opportunity to engage all young readers.

Qlovi is a digital reading and writing platform for K-12 classrooms offering eBook rentals at the district, school, and classroom levels. Their device-agnostic platform is designed to be flexible to individual classroom setups.

Source: Qlovi,

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WizIQ Announces WizIQ Learning Marketplace, Comprehensive Online Teaching System

WizIQ has announced its WizIQ Learning Marketplace and comprehensive teaching system, available for free. It is the only marketplace where anyone can start teaching live online (not live pre-recorded classes) from any part of the world, according to the announcement.

The WizIQ Learning Marketplace enables students to choose from courses offered by thousands of instructors. Educators and organizations can create a comprehensive quality online course – with live or self-paced instruction – quickly, and teach any learner or employee anywhere in the world. The courses on WizIQ are all created and owned by instructors, not WizIQ, providing complete freedom to educators and organizations to manage and charge for their content and teaching services any way they want.

Many professionals, looking for jobs or already in the job, feel a need to update their skills, but doing so poses challenges they face around synchronous learning (in-classroom) such as the time commitment, accessibility and cost. At the same time, professionals face challenges around asynchronous learning (non-live online) due to a lack of live instruction as it is primarily video-based and has no face-to-face interaction with instructors, leaving the learner on their own, resulting in poor engagement and motivation.

WizIQ’s Learning Marketplace provides a solution for busy professionals, providing the unique features of traditional classroom learning experiences such as face-to-face live instruction, assignments and lab work along with the standard features of online learning, such as self-paced instruction including videos, presentations, tests, peer interaction, etc. In some courses at WizIQ, students have access to remote, virtual labs to run programs practicing real world scenarios.

WizIQ features courses offered by instructors using the platform, in popular and in-demand categories such as Technology, Big Data, Project Management, Business, Finance, Languages, Lifestyle & Wellness and Music. With WizIQ, working professionals can stay relevant and advance their career today by enrolling in intuitive, highly interactive, live instructor-led courses taught by top teachers around the world. Some popular courses offered include Hadoop Big Data Training with Live Scenarios, Project Management, PMBoK 5 Certification Training, or Certified Spoken French Lessons for Beginners (Level DELF A1), among others.

For educators, WizIQ offers a comprehensive, free online teaching system. The system includes sophisticated tools educators need to create live interactive classes and an advanced test and assessment module. The platform provides access to global audiences to teachers and tutors, promotion material such as a library of banners, training classes on how to use the WizIQ platform and promote courses.

WizIQ’s teaching system features a public option and a private option. Educators who wish to reach a global audience can use WizIQ’s teaching system to create, publish and conduct public courses in the WizIQ Learning Marketplace. The WizIQ platform allows educators to collect payment for public courses from national and international students via WizIQ’s payment processing system for a service fee of 10 percent per transaction.

For educators who prefer not to have their courses featured in the public marketplace, a private teaching system is also available to host private instruction for students or to offer a private branded academy online. Private instructors can collect payment directly or use WizIQ’s payment system, if desired. The WizIQ private teaching system is free for individual educators for classes up to 10 attendees. An advanced features package is available with a subscription fee.

Source: WizIQ,

Back to Contents... Announces Field Trip Library has announced the launch of Field Trip Library, utilizing the Story map platform from Esri – a provider of GIS data – to provide a visual medium for understanding often complex events using maps and rich supporting materials.

As well as supporting learning in a range of subjects from world and U.S. history to geography and earth science, the program helps students develop skills such as zooming to different levels of detail, identifying and opening points of interest and connecting facts with places – an absolute necessity given the omnipresence of spatial tools in daily life.

Textual information and articles that come with each point of interest develop reading and comprehension as the students interpret the text to make sense of the images, while Common-Core-aligned activities such as critical thinking questions expand and reinforce the student’s understanding and interpretation.

On a more rudimentary level, for many students, they also provide a broader opportunity for enrichment that are otherwise off-limits due to economic challenges in the home and school.

Field Trip Library is a browser-based tool, requiring no installation or specific hardware to operate. It also works well specifically on mobile and tablet devices – ideal for bring your own device environments. The design is ideal for students at the younger end of the age spectrum, the announcement states. Several current field trips are appropriate for middle and high school but the user experience is one that will be familiar and engaging for all ages.

Field Trip Library is available as an upgrade to Maps101, a cross-curricular K-12 subscription resource. Schools that already have Maps101 will receive a complimentary 30 day trial of Field Trips. For those that do not have the product, free-trials are available as well as more detail on field trips from

Priced at under $900 per school site for a 1-year subscription, a single login or IP authentication is provided so that the whole school – teachers, students and even parents – can access the complete resource. This makes it appropriate for adding to the library or media center in addition to classrooms and computer labs. has been providing the Maps101 digital resource for a decade, and currently over 1.7 million students have access to the product each day. The company, which also provides mapping services for business and the world's largest retail map store, is also a creator of digital resources for award-winning educational products by leading publishers.

Key Features -

  • Browser based - no installation or upgrade required

  • Suitable for one-to-many, group activity and BYOD classroom teaching

  • Multi-classroom, multi-subject, multi-grade resources

  • Visually engaging - more effective for learning complex facts or data


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