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April 08, 2014

Table of Contents

MIND Research Institute Adds Programs to ST Math Series
Hooda Math to Debut Free Cool Math Games at NCTM
Waterford Institute Releases its Reading Program in New Web Model
ProQuest Celebrates America's Libraries with Free Resources and Video Contest Offers Author Morph App. One Day Only!
Report from MDR Notes Shifts in Library Media Specialist Profession in Wake of Common Core
Mango Languages Sponsors Free Webinar on Language Learning and Acquistion

MIND Research Institute Adds Programs to ST Math Series

MIND Research Institute has announced the unveiling several new programs for middle and high school students in its ST Math visual learning series.

The new programs build on ST Math’s successful pre-school through fifth grade curricula and expand the previously available middle and high school offerings, which were limited to intervention and fluency programs.

The ST Math programs now available to middle and high schools are:

  • ST Math: Grade 6 has been added to the existing ST Math: K-5 program, to complete ST Math: K-6. The program contains on-grade-level curriculum for each grade level that complements the core curricula and moves all students toward reaching deep conceptual understanding of math topics.

  • ST Math: Middle School Supplement prepares students for success in Algebra 1 by remediating students on concepts from previous grade levels and by building students’ conceptual understanding of select on-grade level math concepts from 6th, 7th and 8th grade mathematics. The software is designed to connect interactive visual models to abstract concepts and language components for each math topic. The built-in diagnostic tool personalizes the learning path for students and gives each student the intervention content that he or she needs. Individualized student reports provide teachers with diagnostic results and real-time content mastery for each student.

  • ST Math: High School Intervention is designed as an intervention for high school students performing below grade level to prepare them for success in Algebra 1. The intervention identifies students’ math readiness through a built-in diagnostic, prescribing a learning path for each student that connects interactive visual models to abstract concepts and language components for each math topic. Individualized student reports provide teachers with diagnostic results and realtime content mastery for each student.

  • ST: Math Fluency, which builds speed and accuracy with addition and multiplication facts as an intervention program, will continue to be available to schools, rounding out MIND Research Institute’s program offerings for middle and high schools.

Developed by neuroscientists, MIND’s ST Math instructional software provides visual, computer-based math games that support deep understanding of concepts covered by math standards at each grade level. Because the program does not rely on language proficiency or prior math proficiency, it is accessible to English Language Learners and children with learning disabilities. Students use ST Math in a blended learning environment. The teachers are trained how to connect the visual puzzles to their conventional symbolic texts, and coached how to guide pupils through challenging sections by getting them to express their thinking, rather than simply showing them the solution.

Source: MIND Research Institute,

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Hooda Math to Debut Free Cool Math Games at NCTM

Hooda Math is making educational version of the viral games Flappy Birds and 2048 available for free. Normally, playing Flappy Birds or 2048 during class might get you in trouble with the teacher. But thanks to Hooda Math, educational versions of both games are now available for free on the popular math games website.

Michael Edlavitch, the CEO of Hooda Math, will officially launch the games in New Orleans at the 2014 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual Meeting and Exposition. From April 9-12, Edlavitch will be at the company’s exhibitor booth to show teachers the best way to use Hooda Math’s games in the classroom.

Hooda Math’s version of Flappy Birds is called Flappy Factors. Just like in the original game, students maneuver a bird through a maze of pipes. To add a math twist, each pipe is labeled with an integer, and students must fly through the correct factors of a given multiple to avoid running into the pipes with incorrect answers. As the student progresses, the multiples become higher and higher.

Once a student has “flown” to the multiple 14 or higher, Hooda Math automatically generates a report that can be emailed directly to a teacher or parent tracking the student’s progress.

The site’s version of 2048 is essentially identical to the original. Students slide numbered tiles around the game board, adding matching tiles together in hopes of reaching the elusive 2048 tile.

“Many people don’t realize it, but these viral games actually involve quite a bit of math,” said Edlavitch. “We release new games on our site every week, so whatever the next hot game may be, look for a ‘math-friendly’ version of it on Hooda Math!”

Both games are optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed from any device, be it desktop, smart phone or tablet.

Source: Hooda Math,

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Waterford Institute Releases its Reading Program in New Web Model

Waterford Institute has launched its reading curriculum in a new, web-based format designed to help schools reduce their hardware costs and more easily access and use its standards-aligned, research-proven software.

Waterford Reading is a complete language arts curriculum for young learners, including thousands of learning activities, songs and books that cover crucial skills like phonics, vocabulary, writing, oral fluency and more. The program automatically tailors instruction to each student's individual learning needs, allowing them to progress at their own speed and ability.

Now, Waterford Institute, a nonprofit education research center, has moved its entire Waterford Reading curriculum online to offer schools a cloud-based delivery option. Waterford Math and Science will also be available in the cloud summer 2014.

New product features and changes can now be seamlessly updated overnight without placing an added burden on schools’ IT staffs, allowing the company to quickly innovate and respond to customer requests.

With the move to the cloud, Waterford Institute also updated its curriculum to be 100 percent aligned with the Common Core State Standards required in most states. The reading program’s individual activities and lessons meet Common Core standards as well as its sequencer that organizes how the individualized content is delivered to students.

Other improvements include several updates to the reporting system geared toward providing educators with actionable data. Waterford worked directly with administrators and teachers to create reports that are more readable, easier to use and faster to run. One new feature in particular enables a teacher or administrator to view groups of students who are having similar difficulties, helping inform their small group instruction.

Paired with teacher tools such as the new reporting features, Waterford’s teacher tool Classroom Advantage and offline materials, Waterford Reading is increasingly used as a core curriculum that is proven effective and meets standards.

To encourage movement to the cloud-based version of the product, Waterford Institute is currently offering Waterford Reading at a discounted price for a one-year subscription, and including free subscriptions to Waterford Math and Science for the 2014-2015 school year – a more than 50 percent total savings.

Source: Waterford Institute,

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ProQuest Celebrates America's Libraries with Free Resources and Video Contest

ProQuest is celebrating National Library Week (April 13-19) by providing free access to a rich assortment of databases available through library websites. Libraries can access these resources at and can extend complimentary access for up to 30 days. Each day of the week-long celebration, inspirational quotes reflective of how lives change at the library will be posted to the ProQuest Facebook page.

In response to the high volume of patron requests for help with homework, ProQuest Research Companion will also be available for free. This online one-stop resource guides high school, community college, and university students through research projects, helping them overcome typical barriers, generating better research outcomes and reducing frustration. Teachers and librarians are encouraged to access the learning modules and research tools, and incorporate them into classroom assignments and research projects.

ProQuest is also supporting the School Library Month student video contest "Lives Change @ your library." Contestants are urged to express their creativity to illustrate how the school library program changes a student's life and submit their video before the April 15 deadline. ProQuest is awarding three school library programs a one-year subscription to CultureGrams, an online database that brings the world to the library and classroom.

During National Library Week, ProQuest will offer libraries complimentary access to databases that support some of the most common information requests posed to libraries. Among the resources are patron favorites such as ebrary's Public Library Complete, ProQuest Obituaries, CultureGrams and eLibrary.

Celebrated annually in April, School Library Month (SLM) is the American Association of School Librarians' (AASL) celebration of school librarians and their programs. School librarians are encouraged to create activities to help their school and local community celebrate the essential role that strong school library programs play in a student's educational career.

National Library Week, sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA), celebrates the contributions of our nation's libraries and librarians, promotes library use, and highlights the value libraries bring to their communities.

Source: ProQuest,

Back to Contents... Offers Author Morph App. One Day Only! has just announced its new Author Morph app.  Check out the company's video demonstrating how you can tap your mobile device and miraculously be transported into a children's book illustrators' studio. Click HERE.

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Report from MDR Notes Shifts in Library Media Specialist Profession in Wake of Common Core

MDR's EdNET Insight service has released a new report, “School Libraries in the Digital Age: The Changing Role of Media Specialists in the Era of Technology and the Common Core.”

According to the report, as Common Core and digital instruction take center stage in our nation’s districts, school libraries have become a central hub of technology and training.

The research analyzes data from 1,200 survey responses and personal interviews with librarians, media specialists, publishers, and industry leaders. It describes the growing responsibilities of today’s evolving library media professionals, including their collaborating with teachers on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

The in-depth research findings are presented in the 35-page report, “School Libraries in the Digital Age: The Changing Role of Media Specialists in the Era of Technology and the Common Core,” and was written by education industry consultant, Neal Goff, who brings 25 years of experience in library, school, and consumer publishing to his analysis.

The report includes specific details on technology priorities over the next two years, purchasing patterns and preferred sources for eBooks, and the acquisition and use of library databases and digital materials. The study explores the extent to which library professionals are involved in:

  • Identification, evaluation, and recommendation of CCSS-aligned materials

  • Professional development and technology support of the teaching staff

  • Hands-on instruction with students on various digital resources and tools, including hardware, software, eBooks, eReaders, educational games, Google docs, mobile devices, and much more

For a limited time, this in-depth report on the library market is available to MDR customers for $149 without a subscription to the EdNET Insight research service. To order, please contact your MDR Representative at 800-333-8802 or order online at

MDR and EdNET Insight specialize in research, school data, consulting, industry intelligence, and marketing-related services to help publishers and industry leaders make informed business decisions—from corporate planning to product development to sales. As part of the EdNET Insight research subscription, members have access to the State of the K-12 Market 2013 report, a comprehensive overview of the current education market environment. Members have access to this report and many more as part of their subscription. To learn more about becoming an EdNET Insight member, call 800-333-8802 or visit

Source: MDR,

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Mango Languages Sponsors Free Webinar on Language Learning and Acquistion

Mango Languages is sponsoring a free webinar on language acquisition. On April 15, 2014, language acquisition expert John De Mado will conduct the webinar on how the human mind creates and acquires language. Drawing on research that demonstrates second language acquisition is related to literacy in the native tongue, the webinar will discuss the academic, economic and political benefits of multilingualism.

Hosted in partnership with the Association of College and Resource Librarians (ACRL) and Choice, the webinar will also discuss how librarians can facilitate the language acquisition process.

Studies have shown that many companies take language skills into account when recruiting, with a third of companies recruiting people specifically for their language skills. Multilingual employees earn up to 20 percent more than their monolingual counterparts in certain jobs, while students who study foreign languages for four or more years outperform their classmates.

“Guided by our core purpose to enrich lives with language and culture, Mango is excited to partner with thought leaders, like John De Mado, who passionately believe in the importance of multilingualism,” says Katie Klossner, academic segment manager at Mango Languages. “Academic libraries should be the central hub of campus-wide language learning.”

WHO: Academic librarians, foreign language and international studies faculty, staff who work closely with language labs, ESL/ELL programs and study abroad programs, and individuals with an interest in language acquisition

WHAT: Language acquisition expert John De Mado will explore how academic librarians can facilitate language acquisition and literacy to encourage the global success of students, faculty and alumni

WHEN: Tuesday, April 15 from 2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. EST

WHERE: Free registration is available online

Founded in 2007, Mango Languages is a provider of language-learning resources in North American libraries. Mango Languages offer curricula and authentic content for over 60 foreign languages and 17 ESL/ELL courses, focusing on conversational immersion and video-based interactive film learning.

Source: Mango Languages,

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