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March 26, 2013

Table of Contents

Discovery Education Expands Suite of Digital Textbooks with Interactive Math Techbook
ITI Crosslinks: Bringing the Smithsonian to a Library Near You, Thanks to Cengage Learning
Internet@Schools Xtra News: Complete March/April 2013 Internet@Schools Contents Now Available Online—Full Text, Text+Graphics, PDF
Shmoop Adds 26 Videos to Teacher Resource Offering
School Specialty and Curriculum Concepts International Launch ‘Everyday Learning Fun’ Early Reading Program
ASCD Launches Interactive 2012 Annual Report
Mimio Launches MimioScience Interactive Lessons
PBS LearningMedia Launches Teacher Core Program to Support Teachers Using Digital Media

Discovery Education Expands Suite of Digital Textbooks with Interactive Math Techbook

Discovery Education has announced the expansion of its digital textbook series to include mathematics. As the latest addition to the company’s Techbook line, which now includes K-12 science and middle school social studies offerings, Math Techbook furthers Discovery Education’s commitment to developing a full suite of digital solutions for today’s classrooms.

In response to input from educators across the country, Discovery Education's first Math Techbooks, launching in 2014, will address middle and high school mathematics subjects with six specific courses: 6th, 7th and 8th grade math, and Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry for high school.

Built in conjunction with a team of experts, including educators, students and technologists, Discovery Education Math Techbook will provide students interactive, engaging learning experiences that help support their procedural skills, fluency, understanding of theoretical mathematics concepts and ability to solve real-world problems.

Discovery Education’s Techbook series provides support for multiple learning styles, interactive content that specifically appeals to digital natives and real-time updates that allow teachers to incorporate current events and cutting-edge thinking into their curricula. In addition, Techbook offers built-in assessments that measure students’ progress and support individualized classroom instruction.

Techbook is also specifically designed to support both state and Common Core State Standards by providing students with the opportunity to reference multiple sources of information, think critically and develop arguments supported by evidence. Included as a standard offering with each Techbook implementation, Discovery Education experts provide high-quality professional development to support educators as they integrate Techbook into their classroom instruction.

Cloud-based and platform neutral, Techbook works in tandem with any school district’s technology infrastructure and existing hardware – iPads, tablets, mobile devices, laptops or desktops – making it a cost-effective alternative to both traditional textbooks and other digital solutions. Already in use by more than 500,000 students across the country, Techbook provides students with the skills to be college and career ready.

For more information about Discovery Education’s Techbook series and its suite of digital solutions, visit

Source: Discovery Education,

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ITI Crosslinks: Bringing the Smithsonian to a Library Near You, Thanks to Cengage Learning

Covered here ever so briefly via a press announcement earlier, Cengage's plans following its licensing agreement with the Smithsonian Institution are fully described and explored by Online Searcher magazine's editor-in-chief Marydee Ojala in her NewsBreak posting “Bringing the Smithsonian to a Library Near You, Thanks to Cengage Learning.” From the article:

A licensing agreement between the Smithsonian Institution and Gale, part of Cengage Learning, will see Gale digitizing some Smithsonian archives and creating searchable databases, available by subscription for libraries of all types, residing on a Smithsonian branded platform that Gale is creating for the Smithsonian. The project will start with the complete backfiles of Smithsonian and Air & Space magazines. That’s 43 years of Smithsonian and 26 of Air & Space.

Digitizing magazines is obviously a core competency of Gale’s—millions of articles from a wide variety magazines populate its many databases. It’s also no stranger to partnering with major cultural institutions—just look at its involvement with National Geographic, The British Library, Library of Congress, and the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. But the Smithsonian project goes beyond the realm of published magazines. It will also digitize archival materials, such as rare books, personal papers, photographs, and manuscripts. In the future, Gale will foray into 3D digitization of Smithsonian-owned objects. With Gale's help, the Smithsonian’s vast collection will be preserved electronically and made searchable.

Read Marydee's full coverage HERE on Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.

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Internet@Schools Xtra News: Complete March/April 2013 Internet@Schools Contents Now Available Online—Full Text, Text+Graphics, PDF

The March/April 2013  issue of Internet @ Schools magazine is all there now at our website In addition to the free March/April reviews and the free full-text cover story (Effective Web-Based Common Core Tools ... And They're Free!), which have been available since the beginning of the month, now the remaining features, columns, and other March/April content have been processed. Some are free to view. Others are available in a variety of formats -- Full Text, Text+Graphics, and Page Image PDF -- on a pay-to-view basis by way of Information Today, Inc.'s InfoCentral and ProQuest Archiver.

For access, see the March/April 2013 issue contents HERE, click on any article, and follow the links.

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Shmoop Adds 26 Videos to Teacher Resource Offering

Shmoop has recently added a boatload of new Video Activities to its Teacher Guides that teachers can use to supplement their teaching methods. Whether doing an analysis of 1984 (and Casey Affleck thought his Big Brother was a tough act to follow), Romeo and Juliet (the original Edward and Bella) or To Kill a Mockingbird (sure, if you want PETA on your butt), Shmoop has the videos that will have teachers covered.

In all, 26 new video activities are available—all Common Core-aligned—and many more are slated to be added soon. Don’t be surprised if, before long, Shmoop is even offering a video with a detailed analysis of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Because everyone knows that what makes that book so popular is all of the allegorical subtext.

Source: Shmoop,

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School Specialty and Curriculum Concepts International Launch ‘Everyday Learning Fun’ Early Reading Program

School Specialty, Inc. has partnered with Curriculum Concepts International to introduce Everyday Learning Fun, an early reading and prevention program. Everyday Learning Fun is a systematic, comprehensive program that teaches preK-2 students core reading skills shown to be critical for students’ success across subject areas, throughout grade levels and beyond academics.

Everyday Learning Fun integrates instruction (aligned with Common Core State Standards) with student guidance, immediate, non-judgmental feedback, and unlimited repetition. On each page a wealth of information, including answers and audio models, is embedded and can be assessed whenever needed by the digital pen. The individualized instruction means students can learn at their own pace, and teachers can track progress through placement assessments, progress monitoring and pre-post level assessments. With a rising contingent of English-language learners in classrooms, Everyday Learning Fun provides illustrations and audio models that reinforce the connection between the meaning of a word and how it is written and spoken. For example, Spanish-speaking parents can hear an explanation of any page in their native language, a feature designed to strengthen the parental involvement so crucial to young students’ success.

Everyday Learning Fun consists of the digital pen, three learning levels with 10 books in each kit, and a fourth “Welcome to School” kit, which can be added to any level. Each book is broken down into three segments – before, during and after reading – for easy skill acquisition. Everyday Learning Fun is the first product to be offered jointly by Premier, a division of School Specialty, and Curriculum Concepts International. For more information about Everyday Learning Fun, visit

Source: School Specialty, Inc.,

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ASCD Launches Interactive 2012 Annual Report

ASCD has announced the release of the association’s 2012 Annual Report, entitled “Creating Solutions: The ASCD Revolution in Motion.” This report showcases the association’s achievements and serves as a resource discovery tool for educators who seek programs, products, and services that empower them to support the success of each learner.

The online report features association statistics, interviews with ASCD members, product previews, and success stories from across the organization. Report visitors from anywhere in the world can use this tool to watch a clip from ASCD’s inaugural Virtual Conference, learn more about new PD Online courses on the Common Core State Standards, and hear directly from diverse ASCD members about the benefits of association membership.

Visitors will also find high-level overviews of the association’s membership, constituents, and conferences and events, and explore stories in three categories: learn, teach, and lead.

The layout of this year's report enables visitors to quickly access content most relevant to them using keywords like “common core support,” “whole child,” and “tools for leaders.”

In addition, the report content is easy to email and share on popular social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the ASCD EDge social networking platform.

Visit to get started. For more information about ASCD or to become a member, visit

Source: ASCD,

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Mimio Launches MimioScience Interactive Lessons

Mimio has announced the launch of MimioScience interactive lessons. The state-of-the-art software, one of the first to address the impending Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), comprises an extensive series of 75 interactive whiteboard units that provide more than 225 lessons for students in grades 3-8.

Moving away from presenting science content as a list of facts to be memorized, the MimioScience curriculum is organized into a set of practices to be performed. Every grade-appropriate activity, tested for effectiveness by students and teachers alike, ties a particular science content or principle to a science practice. In this way, MimioScience interactive lessons support the aim of the NGSS, which is to identify what students can do, not just how many memorized facts they can recount. Each lesson works on Mimio interactive whiteboards and those developed by other vendors.

In June, 26 physical science units (about 80 lessons) and 18 science processes units (about 54 lessons) will be available for downloading. During the winter of 2014, Mimio will release 7 engineering and technology units and 18 earth and space units (about 54 lessons). Twelve life science units (about 36 lessons) will become available for download in April 2014.

The price of the MimioScience interactive lessons is $1,299 per school per year. Schools that buy the software now will get two academic years (2013-2015) of use for the price of one year’s purchase. In addition, schools will have access to MimioStudio software during the same academic years.

The MimioScience curriculum is the second content package by Mimio. The company also offers MimioReading comprehension suite, a research-based supplemental reading comprehension program for grades 3-8. The software program’s advanced design uses both individualized adaptive reading instruction and whole-group reading lessons for interactive whiteboards to improve reading test scores. 

Both content programs are integrated with the MimioClassroom suite of interactive technologies, including the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard, which converts any dry erase board into a fully interactive whiteboard; the MimioProjector interactive projector, which allows teachers to connect the device to their computer to project lessons, graphics, and images onto a conventional dry erase board or other flat surface; the MimioVote assessment; the MimioView document camera; the MimioPad wireless pen tablet; and the MimioCapture ink recorder.

With the recently introduced MimioMobile license, teachers can direct a fully collaborative learning environment using the MimioStudio 10 classroom software. With a single MimioMobile license for the teacher’s computer or laptop, every student with an iPad or iPad mini can interact with lessons displayed on the classroom’s interactive whiteboard. Additionally, teachers can use the MimioMobile app to control the interactive whiteboard and display the MimioScience lessons in MimioStudio software, from anywhere in the room.

Source: Mimio,

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PBS LearningMedia Launches Teacher Core Program to Support Teachers Using Digital Media

PBS LearningMedia, a free digital media content portal for classrooms, has announced the formation of its PBS LearningMedia Teacher Core, a select group of 28 teachers chosen for their dedication to the advancement of digital learning in education. The PBS LearningMedia Teacher Core will use the experience, expertise and passion of its members to reignite classroom learning and engage fellow educators using digital tools in classrooms nationwide.

The PBS LearningMedia Teacher Core is comprised of K-12 educators and library media specialists from across the country. In partnership with their local PBS member station, they will work to champion digital learning in their communities. Additionally, the PBS LearningMedia Teacher Core members will participate in a two-day Digital Education Summit at PBS where they will be equipped with tools and training that enhances student learning.

The PBS LearningMedia Teacher Core members include:

· Jeff Allen, Bremerton, WA - KCTS-9

· Dwight Bailey, Miami, FL - WLRN

· Deana Beecher, Indianapolis, IN - WFYI

· Lynn Cipriano, Austin, TX - KLRU

· Mathew Craig, Chattanooga, TN - WTCI

· Emily Dawson, East Peoria, IL - WTVP

· Sandi Dennis, Decatur, GA - Georgia Public Broadcasting

· Amy Grant, Owensboro, KY - KET

· Sarah Hayden, Kansas City, MO - KCPT

· Margaret (Peggy) Keohane, Waltham, MA - WGBH

· Tabitha Lang, Fargo, ND - Prairie Public Broadcasting

· Brian Lassiter, Tallahassee, FL - WFSU

· Willard (Bill) Leith, Devils Lake, ND - Prairie Public Broadcasting

· Lisa Lykins, Kalispell, MT – Montana PBS

· Maggie Malone, Grand Rapids, MI - WGVU

· Mallory Mbalia, Research Triangle Park, NC - UNC-TV

· Pamala Miller, Hanover, NH - New Hampshire Public Television

· Dawn Moore, Albuquerque, NM - New Mexico PBS

· Helen Morrison, Lexington, KY - KET

· Lori Nielson, Riverton, WY - Wyoming PBS

· Steve Purkiss, Tucson, AZ - eight, Arizona PBS

· Ann Rubie, Bothell, WA - KCTS

· Elizabeth Slifer, Savoy, IL - Illinois Public Media

· Esther Smith, East Moline, IL - WQPT Quad Cities PBS

· Christy Trantina, Plumerville, AR - AETN

· Christine Tyler, Danville, CA - KQED

· Mark Vukovic, Newark/Hebron, OH - WOSU

· Denise Bailey Walker, East Lansing, MI - WKAR

Source: PBS LearningMedia,

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