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December 06, 2011

Table of Contents

Gale Launches MyGovernment Database
StudyBlue Data Suggests Mobile Users Study More and Cram Less Than Website Users
New EBSCOhost App Is Now Available For Android Devices
Teachscape Announces Data-Driven Instruction Series Content Library
Six Flags and Discovery Education Promote Literacy Among K-6 Students with 'Read to Succeed' Program
Revolution K12 Launches New Geometry Program

Gale Launches MyGovernment Database

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced MyGovernment, an online subscription-based resource that provides essential information on United States elected officials, candidates and their key issues, and information on how our government functions. It is produced by KnowWho, Inc. and distributed by Gale to the library market.

MyGovernment provides detailed information on United States political representatives at the federal, state and local levels. It enables users to easily locate, research and contact their elected officials, as well as access background and biographical data, committee assignments, photos, news articles and even campaign contribution sources. MyGovernment also includes a basic guide to U.S. government - including how laws are made in Congress, information on becoming a U.S. citizen, voter information, useful links and websites for additional information and more. It is the only resource that teaches users how government works and brings together and organizes the information needed to become a well-informed voter, the announcement states.

Whether users are looking to get a better understanding of government or researching a candidate before casting a vote in their next election, MyGovernment can meet their needs, according to the announcement. It enables users to find the Who, What and Where of government:

  • Who-Search elected representatives by name, or browse a comprehensive directory of legislative chambers, Federal or State government, or individual counties and their associated municipalities
  • What -Search for legislators that sit on committees, or executives that work in departments that deal directly with specific issues
  • Where -Enter in their zip code and find the elected officials who represent them in government - from the White House to their local municipality

A Spanish user interface will be available for MyGovernment by the end of the year, as well as a web-based reporting tool for librarians. Information on 2012 presidential candidates and campaign finance applets will be available by April 2012, as the election primaries begin and candidates appear on the ballots.

For more information on MyGovernment or to request a trial, visit

Source: Cengage Learning and Gale, or

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StudyBlue Data Suggests Mobile Users Study More and Cram Less Than Website Users

As smartphone usage proliferates among high school and university students, new data indicates that students who use their mobile devices as study tools study more often and more efficiently. An infographic developed by StudyBlue, a mobile and online study service for students, demonstrates several benefits for students who power-up their smartphones for study sessions.  

According to login data, students who use the StudyBlue Android and iPhone apps spend an additional 40 minutes studying every week compared to students who only use the StudyBlue website. The free StudyBlue mobile app helps students turn normally unproductive time into effective study sessions, which helps improve comprehension. It is clear that mobile studiers accumulate the extra preparation time each week by studying in non-traditional study environments, according to StudyBlue CEO Becky Splitt.
In addition to studying more, students who use the StudyBlue mobile app study earlier in the day and cram less at night, according to the findings. Mobile users are two times more likely than their non-mobile counterparts to study between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Furthermore, mobile studiers are nearly three times more likely to track their progress. Seventy-one percent of mobile StudyBlue users track their progress by scoring their study sessions, while only 24 percent of web-based users measure performance.
The infographic features data mined from the company's database of nearly 1 million students during the fall 2011 semester. Progress comparison is based on studying data from students who used StudyBlue Android and Apple apps on their smartphones versus students who used the StudyBlue website.

Source: StudyBlue,

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New EBSCOhost App Is Now Available For Android Devices

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has released an EBSCOhost Android app ensuring that Android device users can quickly and easily take full advantage of their premium EBSCOhost database content from wherever they happen to be. The Android app is the latest option in EBSCO's mobile access technology-providing flexible access options for all popular mobile devices and the same user-friendly and easy-to-use search experience that is available when logging in to EBSCO's library resources online.

Available as a free download from the Android Market, the EBSCOhost Android app allows users to search premium EBSCOhost database content while utilizing existing EBSCOhost features - bringing the most popular and useful functionality to researchers. These features include choosing which database to search, limiting to full text, date ranges, peer-reviewed content or by publication, and searching a library's catalog.

Additional features include the ability to view content in visual landscape mode and the option to save articles and PDF full text content on the device for offline viewing.

The app can be used on devices running Android v. 2.1 or later.

EBSCO's mobile technology began with EBSCOhost Mobile, a website application designed for internet-capable mobile devices including smartphones. In spring 2011 EBSCO released an iPhone app providing a way for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to access content via EBSCOhost.

EBSCO also offers mobile apps for DynaMed a point-of-care resource, and iPhone apps for Business Book Summaries, a resource that provides comprehensive summaries of the best business books, and Nursing Reference Center. 

Source: EBSCO Publishing,


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Teachscape Announces Data-Driven Instruction Series Content Library

To help educators and administrators improve how they interpret and use learning assessment data to increase student achievement, Teachscape has developed the Data-Driven Instruction Series content library. Comprised of four new modules - two for instructional leaders and two for teachers - the series helps educators use data to make informed decisions for planning and implementing effective instruction.

The Finding Focus and Getting Results module helps school leaders develop processes related to working with data and implement successful strategies in their current work with data. The Leading and Supporting Effective Work with Data module focuses on the most effective ways school leaders can establish, develop, and sustain a data-focused environment in which teachers and other staff at their school are all adept at using data to engage in a continuous improvement process.

The Data-Focused Instructional Decision Making module presents opportunities for teachers to practice the process of data collection, analysis, and interpretation, as well as the decision making that results from that work. The Effective Formative Assessment module focuses on effective ways to conduct and analyze traditional and alternative methods of formative assessment.

The modules include commentaries on particular topics such as formative assessment and reading, writing and mathematics instruction.

The Data-Driven Instruction Series is one of eight online content libraries in the Teachscape Professional Learning Suite. The libraries are organized into 44 separate topics that include 124 modules, including the four new modules being announced now. The modules contain more than 2,500 videos and more than 10,000 learning resources. To learn more about Teachscape's Data-Driven Instruction Series and Professional Learning Suite, visit

Source: Teachscape,

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Six Flags and Discovery Education Promote Literacy Among K-6 Students with 'Read to Succeed' Program

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation and Discovery Education have announced that Read to Succeed, an online-based educational program designed to inspire K-6 students to engage in recreational reading, will continue to award complimentary tickets to students across the country.  Read to Succeed is an extension of both companies' commitment to supporting academic achievement and improving literacy across the U.S., according to the announcement. Students who complete six hours of non-school-related reading, such as picture books, newspapers, comic books, novels and nonfiction materials, are eligible to earn a free admission ticket to a participating Six Flags theme park. Teachers with 10 or more students who participate in and complete the program are also eligible to earn a free ticket. Read to Succeed registration is now open for all schools across the country online at

The Read to Succeed website equips teachers and parents with tools designed to instill students with a passion for reading. The site is full of classroom and at-home resources provided by Discovery Education. Suggested reading lists combined with puzzles, lesson plans and multimedia resources help increase student engagement as the books' themes and concepts spring to life. At home, parents can extend learning with activities that incorporate and build upon classroom reading themes.

To help teachers better understand the new features and updates to the Read to Succeed program, including how to register and submit student reading hours, a free archived webinar is available online at

For more information or to register for the Read to Succeed program, visit

Source: Discovery Education,

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Revolution K12 Launches New Geometry Program

Revolution K12, a  web-based adaptive software division of Revolution Prep, has released its new Geometry program which diagnoses students' issues with geometry topics in order to provide educators with detailed reports on student skill acquisition and deficiencies. Because the system goes from standardized questions tied to standards, to diagnostic questions, to tutorials on specific skills if students continue to answer questions incorrectly, it helps target instruction on specific concepts in order to help all students reach success, the announcement states.

Each of the 28 geometry topic areas begins by having students review a handful of Prior Knowledge Concept lessons, giving them a chance to solidify their understanding of the geometrical concepts they should have learned in previous grades. Then, to ensure a deeper understanding of each topic, students are presented with a series of Mentor Sessions where they are asked questions pertaining to the core concepts in the topic area. If answered correctly, a new, more difficult question is presented. If answered incorrectly, students receive a series of diagnostic questions that break down the problem-solving process of that concept into manageable parts.

If at any time a diagnostic question is answered incorrectly, students are presented with a tutorial to help them understand that concept. Students who need support in Spanish can click on a translation button to receive the tutorial in Spanish. Test items vary in format from multiple choice, true/false, constructed response, matching and interactive shape drawing in order to better reflect modern testing formats. A final Mentor Session in each topic is a real-world application to build context and help retention.

To help improve teacher effectiveness, real-time reports help teachers pinpoint the areas where students are struggling, thus allowing them to customize instruction for those specific individuals. In addition, teachers and administrators can track students' academic progress within the program against standards which helps gauge students' preparation for taking a standardized geometry test.

To learn more about Revolution K12's Geometry program, go to

Source: Revolution Prep,

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