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November 22, 2011

Table of Contents

Free Resources: StudyPoint’s College Admissions Webinar Series
Infobase Learning Announces Redesigned Streaming Video Products
Internet@Schools Xtra News: Complete November/December 2011 Internet@Schools Contents Now Available Online—Full Text, Text+Graphics, PDF
Four New Grammar Apps from Super Duper Publications
Students Create and Study Flashcards with Free StudyBlue Mobile App
New Dimension Media to Launch STEM-focused Streaming Media Package

Free Resources: StudyPoint’s College Admissions Webinar Series

StudyPoint, a provider of SAT tutoring and ACT tutoring, has announced the addition of college admission webinars to their website (  The webinars serve as an important resource for parents of students applying to colleges.

The series features admissions experts and former admissions officers from institutions such as Cornell University and Stanford University. In the free informational videos, these experts share key tips and answer questions on a wide range of topics related to the admissions process, including how to parent your child through the process, ideas on what questions to ask during a college visit, what parents should and should not do while assisting students during the application process, and tips on choosing the college that will help the student reach his or her full potential. 

A highlight of the series is a talk with Doris Davis, the former Associate Provost of Admissions at Cornell and former Dean of Admissions at Barnard, on how students can distinguish themselves in the admissions process.

StudyPoint CEO Rich Enos said the Webinars are designed to provide parents with expert insight as they enter this important rite of passage for their children.

Source: StudyPoint, Inc.,

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Infobase Learning Announces Redesigned Streaming Video Products

Infobase Learning has announced major platform enhancements to its streaming video products: Films On Demand (for college libraries), Classroom Video On Demand (for high schools), and Access Video On Demand (for public libraries).

Among the key platform enhancements are a redesigned interface with improved navigation, a new video player, iPad compatibility, special collections for key producers, improved search and browse options, and new features for account administrators, including free MARC records for every video. As always, fresh new content is added monthly.

"The streaming video products from our Films Media Group and Facts On File brands have revolutionized the face of the video-on-demand industry," said Mark McDonnell, the president of Infobase Learning. "Making our videos iPad-friendly is an important step in our continued effort to provide customers with added flexibility and convenience and to remain a leader in the field."

Platform enhancements include:

  • Redesigned Interface:Films On Demand,Classroom Video On Demand, andAccess Video On Demand boast a new streamlined interface that makes it simpler to navigate and use the platform and easier to find and use videos. Therevised home page displays a dynamic list of all the individual subjects to which the particular institution subscribes, showcasing recently added videos for each.
  • New Video Player:New dynamic bit-rate switching provides the optimum viewing experience, automatically adjusting within a 200K-through-1.5mb-bit-rate range depending on the type of device being used and the available bandwidth; users no longer need to select their target bandwidth themselves from a drop-down menu.
  • Now iPad-Friendly:All of the videos on the platform have been re-encoded in H.264 format to allow playback on any iOS device. With the new video player, users can now watch any titles in their collection on an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone. And the new design is optimized to allow easy navigation of theOn Demandplatform from either a computer or an iPad with an Internet connection.
  • New Special Collections for Key Producers:Subscription customers are now able to easily browse titles from some of the most popular producers in the On Demand platform.
  • Improved Search Options:The basic search has been enhanced with a new Search Assist autocomplete feature: when users type a keyword in the search box, suggested full titles or segment titles that contain that keyword appear. Users can now also cross-search multiple subjects and Special Collections using the Advanced Search options.
  • Enhanced Admin Portal: The administrative portal features enhanced usage statistics, and MARC records are now available for every title.

 For ordering, pricing, or other information, please contact our Online Sales Department at 800-322-8755 or  

Source: Infobase Learning,

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Internet@Schools Xtra News: Complete November/December 2011 Internet@Schools Contents Now Available Online—Full Text, Text+Graphics, PDF

The November/December 2011  issue of Internet @ Schools magazine is all there now at our website In addition to the free November/December reviews and the free full-text cover story (TOOLS FOR LEARNING: What’s New in Online Teaching and Learning? Solution Providers Improving Student Achievement), which have been available since the beginning of the month, now the remaining features, columns, and other November/December content have been processed. Some are free to view. Others are available in a variety of formats -- Full Text, Text+Graphics, and Page Image PDF -- on a pay-to-view basis by way of Information Today, Inc.'s InfoCentral and ProQuest Archiver.

For access, see the November/December 2011 issue contents HERE, click on any article, and follow the links.

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Four New Grammar Apps from Super Duper Publications

Super Duper Publications, a company that creates educational materials for children with special needs and communication or language delays, has introduced four new educational, grammar-based mobile applications for students - How?; Irregular Verbs; Plurals; and Yes or No? Fun Deck Apps. Each application, compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, includes all of the illustrated images found in the Super Duper Fun Deck print version of the App, plus audio of all text on the Fun Deck cards.

With the How? Fun Deck App, children ages 4 to 10 (grades Pre-K to 4) build their ask and answer, problem-solving, and reasoning skills as they respond to questions like, "How do you... make a new friend?" and "How do you... get ready for school?" Each of the 52 unique, cute scenes gives life to each How question.

The Irregular Verbs Fun Deck App, for ages 5 to 9 (grades K to 3), presents 26 pairs of illustrated images (52 total), one with a present or future tense verb, and the other with a match-up irregular past tense verb. For example, the scene shows a sleeping baby. The first image says, "The baby is going to ____," and the second image says, "Yesterday, the baby ____ for two hours." Students must choose between sleep and slept to complete the sentences correctly.

In the Plurals Fun Deck App, children ages 4 to 9 (grades Pre-K to 3) work with 56 colorful illustrations of singular and plural nouns. This application has 21 match-up regular plurals (ant/ants) and seven match-up irregular plurals (foot/feet). Read-aloud prompts such as, "Eric found a ____ (penny) on the sidewalk," and "Eric found several (pennies) on the sidewalk," teach students how to properly use the singular and plural nouns in sentences, and how to spell them correctly.

The Yes or No? Fun Deck App, for ages 4 to 9 (grades Pre-K to 3), has 52 different full-color drawings with sentence prompts to promote good listening, critical thinking, and conversational skills. Each image asks a Yes/No question such as, "Is it okay to shout in class?" and "Can an elephant lay an egg?" With this App, children not only discuss everyday situations, but they also have the opportunity to think and talk about why events could or could not happen.

All of these Fun Deck Grammar Apps are simple to use - a child looks at an illustration and either reads the prompt or touches the screen to listen to the prompt. The student then gives a verbal response, and the teacher/parent taps the green (correct) or red (incorrect) button to score the child's response.

Users simply swipe the screen to advance to the next image. At the end, the student's results show up on a data screen and can be saved by emailing the information to any address the teacher/parent chooses. (The adult can also choose to have the student learn by playing the application and not keep track of the results.)

Super Duper Publications creates enjoyable, engaging educational materials for children with special needs and communication or language delays. The Super Duper website offers a wide variety of products for teachers, therapy professionals, and parents to use with children in a classroom, therapy setting, and at home.

To watch a Show Me How video about each App or to see the full line of Super Duper materials, visit

Source: Super Duper Publications,

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Students Create and Study Flashcards with Free StudyBlue Mobile App

StudyBlue, a mobile and online study service for students, has announced the launch of the new and improved StudyBlue app for iPhone and Android devices. Students can now create flashcards on their smartphones with the free app, which offers the ability to snap and insert photos, as well as transcribe speech to text directly into their flashcards. View this demonstration video to see these new features in action.

Prior to this launch, students were able to study flashcards and class notes on their mobile devices through StudyBlue, but now students have the ability to make flashcards whenever and wherever they want. Students open the StudyBlue app, tap in what they want to know and a flashcard is born. As for images, students simply take a photo or choose one from their photo library and add it directly into their flashcard. For those who have an iPhone 4S with Siri, or speech-enabled Android device, a transcription feature places spoken words directly into flashcards.

The updated app offers the features described above, but the biggest advantage for students is the StudyBlue network, according to StudyBlue CEO Becky Splitt. "The technology associated with these new features is remarkable, and the ability to create and study flashcards anytime, anywhere matches modern students' lifestyles," Splitt said. "But the distinct advantage StudyBlue offers its users is immediate connections to additional content and students studying the same thing."  

Source: StudyBlue,

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New Dimension Media to Launch STEM-focused Streaming Media Package

CCC! Streaming Media's New Dimension Media (NDM) has announced that, beginning in January 2012, it will offer an exclusively STEM-focused streaming media program to help students bolster achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math.  The new service will feature over 300 STEM-focused programs from NDM's content catalog, including standards-based programming from:

*  The National Science Foundation

*  Disney Educational Productions (featuring the new "Eyes of Nye" with Bill Nye, as well as the classic "Bill Nye the Science Guy" programs)


*  Planet H2O

*  Britannica "SmartMath"

And many, many more!

These programs and teaching segments are specifically targeted to K-12 students and constitute a cohesive system designed to boost STEM-related test scores of students at every grade level, according to the announcement.

For more information about NDM's new STEM programming package, contact NDM's Melissa Moreland at 312.397.2151 or

Source: CCC! Streaming Media,


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