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December 07, 2010

Table of Contents

Free Resources: Toyota and Discovery Education's "Toyota Teen Driver" Site
Cerebellum Corp.’s New ‘Guidance Systems’ Series Addresses Sensitive Issues for K-12 Students
Gale to Digitize McMaster University’s Holocaust and Resistance Collections
SIIA Honors Promising New Education Technologies
Gale Releases Gale NewsVault

Free Resources: Toyota and Discovery Education's "Toyota Teen Driver" Site

Toyota and Discovery Education have announced the launch of Toyota Teen Driver, a new partnership promoting responsible driving for teens both at home and in the classroom. A comprehensive online destination, Toyota Teen Driver offers educators, students and parents a variety of powerful tools and materials designed to help teens avoid distractions and stay safe behind the wheel.

Toyota and Discovery Education have created a digital curriculum that includes lesson plans, activities and discussion starters. With these resources, educators can help students in grades 9-12 become more informed about the dangers of distracted driving, enable them to drive safely and help students spread the word and encourage their friends to do the same.

In addition, Toyota and Discovery Education are challenging educators to develop a project-based driving safety unit for high school students. Utilizing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Safety Council websites as resources, entrants must develop one unit of study comprised of three 90-minute project-based lesson plans, with a culminating project that serves as a public service announcement to the school and/or community regarding teen driver safety.

Toyota Teen Driver also directly engages students through Heads Up!, an interactive road driving challenge. Demonstrating the perils of distracted driving, Heads Up! players can enter to win one of ten $5,000 cash prizes from Toyota.

Toyota and Discovery Education have also created a number of parent-focused resources. Complete with conversation starters, driving activities and a guide to helping parents teach teens to drive, these resources provide best practices and critical peer support.

For more information, visit

Source: Discovery Education,

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Cerebellum Corp.’s New ‘Guidance Systems’ Series Addresses Sensitive Issues for K-12 Students

Cerebellum Corporation has created new video titles to address sensitive topics that students face, such as bullying and harassment, sex education, substance abuse and internet-cell phone safety. Released under the new Guidance Systems product line, these DVDs are intended to help educators broach extremely sensitive topics in a thoughtful, yet comprehensive, way.

Cerebellum's producers researched prevalent school issues to identify the critical topics that are covered in the programs. Based on these findings, each Guidance Systems DVD presents real-life vignettes that students can identify with to develop an understanding of the consequences, emotions and age-appropriate solutions related to each topic. Each Guidance Systems program includes the selected DVD along with a workbook to facilitate classroom discussion and can serve as a supplement to any guidance curriculum.   

The Guidance Systems titles, Your Body, Your Health and Drugs ($79.95), Sexual Abuse: It's Not Your Fault ($79.95), Bullying: There's Always A Way Out ($79.95), Sexting: Sex Plus Text Equals Trouble ($79.95), Sex Facts: Teens and STDs ($79.95).  These five titles may be purchased individually or in sets, including the Elementary Series ($143.95; includes Your Body and Sexual Abuse), the High School Series ($285.95; includes Bullying, Sexting and Sex Facts), and the 5-Program Series ($359.95) will be available for purchase on January 10, 2011. For complete product details, visit Cerebellum's website at

Source: Cerebellum Corporation,

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Gale to Digitize McMaster University’s Holocaust and Resistance Collections

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, and McMaster University have announced an agreement for Gale to digitize McMaster University's collection of materials related to the Holocaust, propaganda and the Jewish underground resistance movement during the Second World War.

The Holocaust collection includes nearly 2,000 poignant letters in several different languages from or to prisoners in Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz, as well as in Gestapo prisons and POW camps. In many instances there are 20 letters or more written by the same prisoner, an uncommon feature in such a collection when often only a single letter survives. There is also a diary of the Nazi evacuation from Ravensbrück (women's concentration camp) as well as a hand-fashioned recipe book which prisoners exchanged among themselves. This collection also includes books, posters, magazines, newspapers and air-drop leaflets.

In addition, Gale will digitize materials from the Jewish underground resistance collection, including documents from the personal collection of David Diamant, a Jewish communist and committed member of the underground resistance during World War II. The documents, which are mainly in French and Yiddish, deal primarily with the Jewish segment of the French underground resistance, with many of the documents originating from communist groups and some from Polish groups. Documents on prisoners and deportations, as well as songs and poems from prisoners are included.

Gale began digitizing this collection in November and expects to make the first part available to customers as part of Gale's Archives Unbound starting in spring 2011.

Source: Gale/Cengage Learning, or

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SIIA Honors Promising New Education Technologies

The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has announced the results of its Innovation Incubator program, held in conjunction with the 10th annual Ed Tech Business Forum in New York City. For the first time, one product swept the honors as "Most Innovative Product/Service" and "Most Likely to Succeed in the Education Market."

Participants in the event selected Panopto Focus as the top choice in both categories among eight finalists. The product empowers instructors and students to capture and broadcast lectures, mini-lessons, training sessions and presentations with slides, audio, video and screen capture components. It includes search and note-taking features to maximize learning time, productivity and student achievement.

For only the second time, one product took the runner-up award in both categories. Motion Math creates learning games that fuse educational theories and advanced mobile technology to give learners a physical experience of math. First conceived at the Stanford School of Education, and drawing on research in embodied cognition, Motion Math is creating a gaming and data platform. Under its physical/digital hybrid games, a unified architecture will individualize learning in real-time and provide detailed progress reports for kids, parents, and schools.

Assessed based on key selection criteria, this year's selection of finalists showcased a ‘sea change' in thinking and the potential to positively impact education by way of enhanced student achievement, teacher effectiveness, cost reduction and efficiency. In addition to the winners, SIIA would like to thank the finalists, including:

-- Atmotivate for I Can Do That! Kids

-- KidZui for K2 Browser

-- MetaLogic, Inc., for MetaCatWorks

-- NCTAF for NCTAF Learning Studios

-- Vital Knowledge for P.E.T. Learning Styles System

-- TRintuition, LLC for The Workbench


-- Education Sports Mentoring LLC for

The Innovation Incubator program connects the developers of promising, new technologies with industry leaders, potential investors and established organizations seeking partnerships or prospects for acquisition. For more information regarding the Ed Tech Business Forum and this year's Innovation Incubator program, please visit

Source: The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA),

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Gale Releases Gale NewsVault

Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced the release of Gale NewsVault, a specially designed online platform that enables cross-searching of Gale's enormous range of historical newspaper and periodical collections from a single interface. Providing access to more than 2,000 titles and 10 million digitized pages, Gale NewsVault provides an unparalleled window to the past for researchers and students, according to the announcement.

Libraries that have purchased any Gale historical newspaper or periodical collection will have immediate access to Gale NewsVault. Users are able to simultaneously search or browse across multiple products offered by their institution. Users will also see an "Additional Resources" button on their results page, which will enable them to view bibliographic information for documents in all Gale newspaper and periodical collections returned as a result of their query, even if their library has not purchased access to that particular collection.

With Gale NewsVault users can browse by title and by place of publication, as well as cross-browse all content published on the same date. Users can read newspapers cover-to-cover in full screen or - using an advanced image viewer - save, print, highlight, bookmark, grab, pan, zoom and crop content and images.

Today, Gale NewsVault provides a single point of access to 10 Gale collections:

17th and 18th Century Burney Collection

19th Century British Library Newspapers Part I

19th Century British Library Newspapers Part II

19th Century UK Periodicals: New Readerships

19th Century UK Periodicals: Empire

19th Century U.S. Newspapers

Times Digital Archive 1785-1985

Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003

Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive 1902-2005

Financial Times Historical Archive 1888-2006

The Picture Post Historical Archive, 1938-1957 will be the next collection added, followed by The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2006 in early 2011. All future historical newspaper and periodical archives will be automatically added to Gale NewsVault.

For more information on Gale NewsVault or to request a trial, please visit

Source: Gale/Cengage Learning, or

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