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March 04, 2008

Table of Contents

Adobe 2008 School Innovation Awards
Inspiration Software Awards Scholarships for Best Projects Using Visual Learning
Core Learning Makes Online Math, Language Resources Available
Dynamic Literacy Launches WordBuild Foundations
Free Resouces: ABC-CLIO’s History and the Headlines: Spring Edition
New World Book/ALA Goal Award Promotes Information Literacy
GenevaLogic Launches New Version of Print-Limit Pro

Adobe 2008 School Innovation Awards

Adobe Systems Incorporated is seeking entries for the Adobe School Innovation Awards developed to recognize the creative and innovative work of high school students.

The program theme is My Community – My Planet – My 21st Century. Students can submit entries in three categories: Web Design and Development, Film and Video, and Graphic and Print Design. Winners will be named in each category. One grand prize will be awarded for the best overall submission.

Full-time students age 14-19 years of age in grades 9-12 from accredited public or private high schools in the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec) are invited to submit entries online at  

Submissions will be accepted through May 12, 2008. Winners will be announced in June at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in San Antonio, TX.

Category winners will receive $1,500, a Lenovo laptop and a copy of Creative Suite 3 Master Collection. The grand prize winner will be invited to attend NECC and will receive round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two.

Adobe Systems, Inc.,  

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Inspiration Software Awards Scholarships for Best Projects Using Visual Learning
Inspiration Software has announced the 25 talented educators who will receive the 2007-2008  Inspired Teacher Scholarships for Visual Learning. The scholarships  recognize educators’ “Best Projects” using Inspiration Software’s  visual learning software tools. The top honor for “Best Overall  Visual Learning Project” scholarship award goes to Kathie Thuillez, a  sixth grade social studies teacher at Fort Settlement Middle School  in Sugar Land, Texas.
All 25 recipients will receive $1,000 to support professional  development or new technology for their classrooms in recognition of  their creative use of visual learning to help their students think  and learn. In addition, Thuillez will receive a bonus of $500 for  classroom technology and a $500 personal award for her exceptionally  innovative and creative use of Inspiration.
Faced with the challenge of teaching sixth-graders the ins and outs  of economics, Thuillez used Inspiration for the unit’s culminating  project. Her students created diagrams to demonstrate their learning  and summarize major economic factors of production, types of  industries and economies. Taking advantage of Inspiration’s  hyperlinking capabilities, the students’ webs linked to information  about events affecting current economic conditions as well as  definitions and examples of terms. With visual learning, Thuillez’s  students were able to delve deeply into understanding the  complexities of economics, using their projects as study guides for  the unit test.
The 24 other talented teachers who received Inspired Teacher  Scholarships follow:

§       Heidi Bradford, Horace Mann Elementary, Ottumwa, Iowa
§       Cathy Bullington, Bedford Middle School, Bedford, Ind.
§       Dawn Capobianco, Robinson School, Westford, Mass.
§       Lisa Caswell, Perrysburg Junior High School, Perrysburg, Ohio
§       Susan Cherup, Hope College, Holland, Mich.
§       Robyn Chrast, Sandburg Middle School, Golden Valley, Minn.
§       Richard Comeau, William Diamond Middle School, Lexington, Mass.
§       Amy Conlin, Tamarac Elementary School, Tamarac, Fla.
§       Amy Goodrich, Woodland Elementary School, Brooklyn Park, Minn.
§       Dennis Grice, St. John’s Lutheran School, Orange, Calif.
§       Craig Hyatt, East Valley Central Middle School, Moxee, Wash.
§       Nedra Isenberg, Holland Patent Elementary School, Holland  Patent, N.Y.
§       Jennifer Kelly, Central Elementary School, Calhoun, La.
§       Erin Kimbro, Calvert High School, Prince Frederick, Md.
§       Donna Klayder, Alliance High School, Alliance, Ohio
§       Joy Lee, South Cluster 2, Republic of Singapore
§       Melinda Leitner, Henrico County Public Schools, Glen Allen, Va.
§       Mijana Lockard, Lincoln Avenue Academy, Lakeland, Fla.
§       Maryanne Porter, Academy Park High School, Sharon Hill, Pa.
§       Margaret Rothblatt, Woods Road Elementary School,  Hillsborough, N.J.
§       Caron Sharp, O. Henry Middle School, Austin, Texas
§       Kenneth Shelton, Walter Reed Middle School, Studio City, Calif.
§       Diane Stolz, Colwich Elementary School, Colwich, Kan.
§       Susan Yerino, Woodvale Elementary School, Lafayette, La.

      Excerpts from the 25 scholarship recipients’ application  essays will be featured in the Inspired Learning Community,  Inspiration Software’s online community for educators who want to  inspire their students to excel with visual thinking and learning.
For information about future scholarships and other opportunities  from Inspiration Software, visit

Source: Inspiration Software, Inc.,
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Core Learning Makes Online Math, Language Resources Available

Core Learning has announced the availability of over 1.5 GB of new online math and language arts learning resources for access by teachers worldwide.  The content can be accessed and subscribed to through the web portal, and is managed by the Global Grid for Learning, a Cambridge University Press company. The portal gives teachers and schools access to full lessons and other instructional materials and practice sheets on fundamental math and language arts topics.


In addition to instructional materials, the Global Grid for Learning web portal contains images and other learning objects for classroom use by teachers. Access is provided by subscription and is based on the amount of digital content downloaded from the web portal. In addition, through a marketing arrangement between Global Grid for Learning and SMART Technologies, many of the resources supplied to the Global Grid for Learning, including those supplied by Core Learning, are available by subscription to the SMART Learning Marketplace web service at


Source: Core Learning,

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Dynamic Literacy Launches WordBuild Foundations

Dynamic Literacy released Foundations, the first of two series in the WordBuild Vocabulary Development System.

Foundations, designed to improve vocabulary skills for students in grades 3-5, can be used as an intervention program in grades 6 and higher. The curriculum teaches students how English words are constructed by focusing on the meanings of prefixes, roots, and suffixes.

The program contains two years of vocabulary instruction. Student activity books present a year of classroom exercises. WordBuild Foundations integrates with district technologies, including interactive whiteboards.

The WordBuild Development System includes two series, Foundations and Elements. Elements is intended for grades 5-9, is available for vocabulary instruction for intervention for grades 10 and up, and contains three years of morphics-based instruction.

Prices start at $9.95 per student, with volume discounts to $5.95 for individual student activity books, plus $99 per teacher for software and instructional materials.

Dynamic Literacy,

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Free Resouces: ABC-CLIO’s History and the Headlines: Spring Edition

Three new topics will be added this spring to ABC-CLIO’s History and the Headlines collection of free online resources: The Other Boleyn Girl, the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 40th anniversary of the Prague Spring reform movement in Czechoslovakia.

History and the Headlines: Women’s Power and Roles in Tudor England is designed to help teachers lead a guided inquiry of the events, conditions and people covered in the film, "The Other Boleyn Girl." Available March 7, the online resources explore the lives of the women of King Henry’s court and the effects they had on the dynastic policies of Tudor England. The material covers Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and the roles and fates of Henry’s other wives through reference materials, video clips, timelines and other resources.

History and the Headlines: Forty Years Later: Recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Life and Death provides excerpts from King’s speeches, an in-depth biography of his life, photographs and a timeline of the U.S. civil rights movement. This collection of history resources is available online beginning March 21.

History and the Headlines: Socialism with a Human Face: The Prague Spring Reform Movement examines the protest movement that swept Czechoslovakia during the height of the Cold War. In 1968, the Czech people took to the streets demanding political reforms to replace the repressive Stalinist state that had been forced on them by the Soviet Union during World War II. Fearing a possible counterrevolution throughout eastern Europe, the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia. The online material, available April 18, enables students to examine the social and political consequences of this significant Cold War resistance movement in the Soviet bloc.


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New World Book/ALA Goal Award Promotes Information Literacy

World Book, Inc. and the American Library Association (ALA) have announced the creation of the World Book/ALA Information Literacy Goal Award, which will provide a combined $10,000 annually to a promising public library and a promising school library literacy program.


The purpose of the World Book/ALA Information Literacy Goal Award is to encourage innovative and effective information literacy programs in schools as well as public libraries, particularly programs focused on users who are likely to need the most help to obtain access to information, in print or digital form, and to evaluate the quality of the information available to them. Information literacy is the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and effectively use information.


The World Book/ALA Information Literacy Goal Award replaces the World Book-ALA Goal Grant Award. Established in 1960, this award has supported nearly 60 research projects advancing library services over the years.


The first World Book/ALA Information Literacy Goal Award will be presented at the 2009 ALA Annual Conference. Nominations will be taken from June 1 through Dec. 1, 2008; the form will be available on the ALA Awards Web site (


Two recipient programs will be designated annually: one public library or public library system program and one school library program. Each will receive a $5,000 honorarium.


Source: World Book, Inc.,

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GenevaLogic Launches New Version of Print-Limit Pro

GenevaLogic has launched a new version of its print management software, Print-Limit Pro. With the debut of Print-Limit Pro 8.0, schools will find it even easier to save printing costs and protect the environment, the announcement states. This new release includes features that enhance group management, expand administrative functions and report options, and support Mac OSX 10.5.

A typical school with 1,000 students spends nearly $20,000 annually on printer paper, toner, and maintenance. With Print-Limit Pro, educators can conserve resources and save money efficiently managing printing across large, multi-platform environments, according to the announcement.

Print-Limit Pro 8.0 allows network administrators to more easily manage groups of users, allowing them to better monitor and control printing and copying expenses by individual classrooms, offices, or departments. The software’s new reports will provide system administrators with detailed listings and summaries of transaction types and amounts.

New controls for pre-paid printing cards will allow administrators to automatically import and update user information from fields in Active Director or LDAP. With this upgrade, the print management software also now fully supports Mac OSC 10.5, Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) and Microsoft Clustering services.

Print-Limit Pro’s print management software provides users with a personal environmental impact statement, designed to help them think before they hit “print.” The environmental impact statement displays the number of trees consumed, the carbon dioxide output from the printer, and how much energy has been used.

Scalable to networks serving more than 20,000 users, Print- Limit Pro features an intuitive Web interface, advanced budgeting and reporting tools, and supports all major operating systems.

Source: GenevaLogic,

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