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February 20, 2007

Table of Contents

Free Resources: World Book Spotlight On Black History Showcases Struggles and Contributions of African Americans
H.W. Wilson Adds More Teaching Resources to Science Full Text Select
iLearn Express Unveils 99-Cent Downloadable Interactive Learning Activities
Participate in AASL's "School Libraries Count" Survey
Facts On File Announces a New Look for Curriculum Resource Center
GenevaLogic Debuts New Classroom Computer Management Software
Sagebrush Books Hatches New Name and Logo
Muzzy Lane Software Announces Teacher Innovation Program

Free Resources: World Book Spotlight On Black History Showcases Struggles and Contributions of African Americans

In honor of Black History month, World Book, Inc. has introduced an in-depth Black History Content Spotlight available free online at The World Book Black History spotlight provides students, educators, and families with an overview of the history of the African Americans' struggle for freedom as well as the many contributions they have made in shaping the U.S. and the world.

All World Book Content Spotlights, like Black History, provide age-appropriate, balanced information, using text and media to make learning more interesting and engaging for students, the announcement states.

The site offers a comprehensive examination of the African American journey to freedom and equality, beginning with the slave trade and continuing through the height of the civil rights movement in the 1960's and beyond. The World Book Black History site also celebrates the contributions African Americans have made to American culture overall, including African American literature and its role in exploring black identity, the condemnation of racism, the celebration of the unique aspects of African American culture, and the tremendous role of African Americans in creating American music.

Among the dozens of influential African Americans profiled are W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Duke Ellington, Jimi Hendrix, Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Frederick Douglass, Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, and Richard Wright.

Additionally, the site includes interactive quizzes, illustrations, and photographs to reinforce learning as well as dozens of editor-reviewed Web-site links that help students explore subjects further, including links to government, university, and civil rights organizations.

The World Book Black History site also ties to state curriculum standards.

Source: World Book, Inc.,

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H.W. Wilson Adds More Teaching Resources to Science Full Text Select

H.W. Wilson announced the addition of 28 science education journals to its Science Full Text Select database. The newly added journals address the specific issues of teaching science and science specialties.

With the latest additions, the database now covers more than 360 journals. Every full article from each journal is reflected in full text; page images are viewable for graphical content.

The new titles include:

Advances in Physiology Education

Astronomy Education Review

Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching

Electronic Journal of Science Education

Journal of Biological Education

Journal of College Science Teaching

The Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

Journal of Engineering Education (Washington, DC)

The Journal of Environmental Education

Journal of Information Technology Education

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education

Mathematics and Computer Education

Mathematics Educator

Mathematics in School

Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics Teaching

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School


The Prevention Researcher

School Science and Mathematics

Science Activities

Science and Children

Science Scope

The Science Teacher

Teaching Children Mathematics

The UMAP Journal

Yearbook (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

H.W. Wilson, 800/367-6770 or

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iLearn Express Unveils 99-Cent Downloadable Interactive Learning Activities

iLearn Express, a provider of downloadable learning activities, has announced the launch of a new service that enables parents and teachers to search for and purchase activities that meet the specific learning needs of their children in K-5 math and spelling. Each activity available through iLearn Express is downloaded to the local computer at a cost of only 99 cents or less.

iLearn Express activities provide immediate, targeted help to elementary school children to help them master learning skills without going on the Internet. Every activity has been created by a current or former educator and is designed to quickly reinforce a specific learning objective in an engaging. Activities can be replayed countless times, making iLearn Express a cost-effective manner educational experience, according to the announcement.

iLearn Express provides math activities that focus on specific topics and skills for grades K-5.  To find the most appropriate activities for their children, parents and teachers use the pull-down search buttons. Each activity can be previewed so adults
can be sure of purchasing those activities that meet their children's needs and learning styles.  For spelling activities, iLearn Express allows adults to select their children's textbook and chapter so they can download activities that focus on the specific words that their children are studying that week.  Parents can even purchase an entire school year's worth of spelling activities, at a cost considerably less than 99 cents per activity.

Source: iLearn Express ,

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Participate in AASL's "School Libraries Count" Survey

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is gathering data for a longitudinal survey of school library media programs. The survey will collect information on changes in the field in an effort to gain an understanding of the state of school library media programs nationally.

K-12 schools, public and private, are invited to participate in the project on a voluntary basis. The study asks 20 questions that cover library media center hours, staff and selected staff activities, collection, usage, and expenditures. The questionnaire and additional information about the project can be found online at

The survey will be conducted annually; the information will provide critical data for AASL and other advocates for school library media programs. This year, the participation deadline is March 16, 2007.

AASL/ALA, 800/545-2433 or

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Facts On File Announces a New Look for Curriculum Resource Center

Facts On File, publisher of print and online reference materials for schools and libraries, has announced the new, improved Curriculum Resource Center. The extensive revamping includes a fresh new design and a considerable amount of new content.

Among the many changes included in this update of Curriculum Resource Center are:

* A new interface-The new home page has been redesigned to provide users with faster, more direct access to the database's content.
* New browsing categories-The content has been reorganized into the following categories for easy browsing: History, Government, Religion, Geography, Science, Math, and Health and Fitness.
* New record types for entries-Facts On File's editors have indexed the database's content so that users will be able to locate entries through more specific categories than before. Entries are now available in the following printable formats: fact sheets, images, timelines, maps, charts, activities, experiments, and diagrams.
* Highly visual browse tools-The enhanced browse tools bring forward the database's content in a well-organized and visual manner. Records are displayed in a gallery format to allow users to preview the entries.
* New tabbed search results-Search results are now organized within tabs by subject area, such as history, government, religion, geography, science, math, and health and fitness. Results are listed by relevancy and displayed by record type, including fact sheet, image, timeline, map, chart, activity, experiment, and diagram.
* New content-New content includes hundreds of new fact sheets, timelines, and full-color experiments, covering topics such as world history, science, and many more.
* Helpful "Tips" link-The "Tips" link on the top left menu offers useful tips on how to search the database.
* Improved saved items folder-Users can now save entries either for one session (without logging in) or for multiple sessions (after logging in). User status is displayed on the top bar.

For ordering, pricing, or other information, contact the Online Sales Department at

Source: Facts On File,

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GenevaLogic Debuts New Classroom Computer Management Software

GenevaLogic now offers three new education kits designed to provide individual classrooms and entire schools with classroom management tools for effective computer teaching.

The Vision Class Kit, the Vision School Kit, and the Vision School Kit Plus are based on Vision6, the latest version of GenevaLogic's classroom management software. The programs help teachers manage, control, and optimize the use of technology to support instruction.

The Vision Class Kit includes the newest edition of Vision and two plug-ins, App-Control and Surf-Lock2. App-Control helps teachers keep an entire class learning together by remotely launching applications on all student computers. Surf-Lock2 allows teachers to turn browsing capabilities on or off from their computer, give students access only to selected Web sites that support instruction, and stop or limit Web browsing instantly for a single student or the entire class. The price is $999 per classroom or lab, with a limit of two per school.

The Vision School Kit provides classroom management software tools to multiple classrooms or computer labs. The kit includes school-wide licenses for Vision6, App-Control, SurfLock2, and Pointer (a plug-in that allows teachers to annotate text or graphics on the computer while teaching). Teacher training materials are also included. A site license is priced at $3,999 for schools with less than 1,000 students and $4,499 for schools with 1,000 or more students.

The Vision School Kit Plus package allows schools to customize classroom management software systems by adding Protect-On2 for student desktop security or Print-Limit Pro for school-wide print management. Using Protect-On, teachers can save and restore the original configuration of classroom computers, avoiding viruses or unwanted downloads with a quick restart. Print-Limit Pro manages printing across large multi-platform environments. A site license for schools with less than 1,000 students is $4,999. The cost is $5,999 for schools with 1,000 or more students.

GenevaLogic, 866/725-7833 or

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Sagebrush Books Hatches New Name and Logo

Effective immediately, Sagebrush Books has changed its name and logo. The company is now operating under the name Tandem Library Group and can be found online at

"We have made a point of working in tandem with school libraries for a half-century and of providing exceptional customer service and expertise in library collections development. Our new name communicates what we do best, partnering with customers and publishers to get the right books in students' hands," said Bob Hebrink, CEO of Tandem. "We selected an owl for our new logo because owls are known for incredible vision, like the type of vision we have gained from our 50-year heritage."

The company is offering a special book collection give away in celebration of its new name and logo. Visit the company's Web site at and register online. One grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 shopping spree of books from the nearly 1 million books in the Tandem collection, along with free processing for their library. In addition one winner in each state in the U.S. will win a Tandem Library Books tote bag filled with more than $150 of free books. Entries must be received by April 30, 2007.

The Tandem Library Group's subdivisions, Tandem Library Books and Tandem Library Services, focus on books and library services, respectively, providing a one-stop source for collection development and analysis.

Tandem Library Group offers the following benefits to aid effective collection development:

* Expert Support - A team of experienced librarians help customers analyze collections to identify areas that are strong and areas requiring further development.
* Broad Selection of Titles - Tandem's assortment of books has been enhanced by the company's recent acquisition of Turtleback Books.
* Largest Database of Dewey Sears Cataloging - Tandem is the nation's leading supplier of Dewey Sears records to K-12 libraries.
* Dynamic Online Search Capabilities tied to Standards - Tandem offers flexible online search capabilities at the title level for standards in all 50 states, in four core subject areas and for both nonfiction and fiction.
* Robust MARC Data - Tandem's system contains fully enhanced MARC records, including Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts! Information.
* Customer Service - Tandem takes a customized approach to servicing each account.
* Lifetime Binding Guarantee - The top industry guarantee applies to all Tandem-bound and Publishers' Original Hardcover books.

For more information about Tandem Library Group, visit

Source: Tandem Library Group,

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Muzzy Lane Software Announces Teacher Innovation Program

Muzzy Lane Software has announced the 2007 MAKING HISTORY Innovative Teacher Challenge for high school history teachers who wish to explore the educational impact of interactive video games. The program provides comprehensive support to teachers interested in using Muzzy Lane's MAKING HISTORY multiplayer strategy game and creates a platform for national recognition of their efforts.

All participants in the Innovative Teacher Challenge who complete a results summary of their Spring semester experience with MAKING HISTORY will receive a gift certificate. In addition, all entries will be reviewed by Muzzy Lane with assistance from its academic board of advisors, and a grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to a national conference will be awarded to the most innovative entry.

Program participants will be eligible for numerous other prizes consisting of Tablet PCs and digital cameras. Completed class studies are due for consideration by April 20. Winners will be announced May l. Visit for details and to register.

Source: Muzzy Lane Software,

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