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September 13, 2005

Table of Contents

Take the Constitution I.Q. Quiz
Free Resources: The New York Times Learning Network Constitution Day Web Pages
Free Resources: Constitution Day Lesson Plan
Free Resources: CNN Student News Resources On Hurricane Katrina and Its Aftermath
Free Resources: Bringing Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom, from the Alliance for a Media Literate America
Numonics Launches a Bluetooth Tablet
Advocacy and Emerging Issues for Media Specialists—Learn All About It, Online
MMIS Xtra News: August 2005 iPod Shuffle Winner Announced

Take the Constitution I.Q. Quiz urges everyone to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17 by taking the site's online 10-question Constitution I.Q. quiz.

The Web site, designed as a learning tool for children and adults, takes a look at the U.S. Constitution and its amendments, including dates to remember, fascinating facts, and proposed amendments. The site also includes translations of the U.S. Constitution in French, Spanish, and Russian.

A Fun Zone provides famous quotes, crossword puzzles, two 50-question knowledge tests, and a glossary of terms. grew from a father's idea in the early 1990s to publish an informative booklet about the U.S. Constitution. Today, The U.S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts About It published by Oak Hill Publishing has sold more than one million copies, and the companion Web site has been viewed by millions more.


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Free Resources: The New York Times Learning Network Constitution Day Web Pages

The New York Times Learning Network has put together a great collection of resources for you to use on or around this month's Constitution Day. From the NYT: "The Learning Network provides a wealth of resources—lesson plans, crosswords, special Q&A opportunities with Times reporters, and more—to help you bring the Constitution into your classroom in meaningful and exciting ways. The page will be updated as Constitution Day draws closer, so be sure to bookmark it and visit often!"

This portion of the Times' Learning Network is at

Source: The New York Times,

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Free Resources: Constitution Day Lesson Plan

CQ Press is offering a free 19-page lesson plan titled "The First Amendment and Protection of Students' Rights" in honor of National Constitution Day, September 17.

Designed for grades 9-12, the lesson covers the history of the Pledge of Allegiance and Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent School District, the Supreme Court case that addressed the issue of teacher and student First Amendment rights in schools.

The material links class activities and discussions to case excerpts and analysis. Students are encouraged to consider how the First Amendment relates to their own lives and their rights as students and citizens.

The information is structured to be presented in two class periods. The lesson plan will be available online at beginning September 1.

During the weeks leading up to Constitution Day, the CQ Press in Context Web site will offer access to a variety of Constitution-related documents and analysis from the CQ Press Electronic Library, including a video interview with a constitutional scholar, links to resources on the U.S. Constitution, and the free lesson plan.

CQ Press, 866/427-7737 or

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Free Resources: CNN Student News Resources On Hurricane Katrina and Its Aftermath

CNN Student News has many educational resources available to assist educators teach the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To use these resources, visit CNN online at Here are a few specific resources, but there are new additions every weekday, according to the CNN announcement.

*, Go to the Watch and Learn box, click on the link for CNN Student News to watch the current day's show. Or, when the player opens up in that link, click on "Browse education video" to see shows from the past 14 days, including the hurricane special that aired on August 31, "The Mean Season."

* Extra!: Hurricanes (An explainer on hurricanes, how they form and develop),

* Quick Guide and Transcript to the August 31 show, The Mean Season (the hurricane special),

* Ten Questions for the August 31, 2005 show, The Mean Season,

* Learning Activity: Natural disasters and geography,

* Learning Activity: How technologies save lives from storms,

Source: CNN,

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Free Resources: Bringing Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom, from the Alliance for a Media Literate America

We just heard through an LM_NET posting about "Bringing Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom: Media Literacy Lessons," from the Alliance for a Media Literate America (AMLA), and it already looks good even as it's being further developed.

Here's information from the top of the Web site:

For educators who want to help students analyze, understand, and cope with Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, the AMLA offers this basic set of media literacy activities and suggestions.

Please visit again after the new site is launched on September 15th. In addition to lots of new features, we will post a bulletin board where you can post your own experiences and strategies for using media literacy to teach about Hurricane Katrina.

Contents currently include links to the following headings:
* Why Bring Hurricane Katrina Into the Classroom?
* Media Literacy Teaching Tips
*Quick Links to Resources
… as well as to the following lessons and activities:
* Basic Analysis
* Making Comparison
* Editorial Decision Making
* Looking at Language
* The Practice of Journalism
* Taking Action

Link to the AMLA's Hurricane Katrina resources HERE.

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Numonics Launches a Bluetooth Tablet

The Mobilepresenter BT is a lightweight cordless tablet—and mouse replacement—that provides remote control of a connected computer system using Bluetooth technology. The device enables educators to control a computer while moving around the classroom and interacting with students.

The Mobilepresenter BT communicates with a computer through a wireless Bluetooth interface that plugs into any USB port on the computer. All mouse functions are transferred to the pen.

The device provides live annotation over presentations, programs, documents, and Web pages. The technology is applicable to all Microsoft Office programs, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

Softkeys located across the top of the tablet allow instant access to applications, multimedia controls, and presentation tools including Annotation Pens, Spotlight, Reveal, and a Virtual Whiteboard for notetaking.

The included software provides a library of clip art with more than 2,000 images for geography, math, science, history, and more.

The Mobilepresenter BT can be used for classroom presentations using whiteboards, projection systems, or computer monitors.

Source: Numonics, 800/523-6716 or

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Advocacy and Emerging Issues for Media Specialists—Learn All About It, Online

Teacher-librarian, author, conference speaker, and MMIS Media Center columnist Mary Alice Anderson will be offering an online course entitled Advocacy and Emerging Issues for Media Specialists starting September 26 through the University of Wisconsin—Stout Department of Education Online Professional Development program. Here's a course description:

[The course is] Designed for K-12 school media specialists to discuss the critical issues facing the school library media profession and focus on practical projects that will increase your leadership roles within the school community, as well as outreach and advocacy for your media center to help you and your program thrive and survive. Your projects will aid with licensure/re-certification requirements, job searches, and annual evaluation or school board presentations to increase awareness and support for the role of school library media programs.

Discussions include strategies to better communicate the relationship between your school library/media program and student achievement and how your program supports the curriculum process. Explore strategies to increase your role as a staff development leader in technology integration and learn how to analyze statistical information to request funding support for media center program needs.

The collegial environment of this class with K-12 media specialists from around the world promotes very stimulating online discussion!

There's more information on Mary Alice's course HERE, along with links to online registration. And your can browse the fall schedule and list of all online courses in the Online Professional Development for K-12 educators and media specialists HERE. Definitely worth a look.

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MMIS Xtra News: August 2005 iPod Shuffle Winner Announced

Congratulations to Florida technology coordinator Janet Frenkel, August 2005 winner in MMIS Xtra's monthly drawing for an Apple iPod Shuffle. At the beginning of each month, MMIS Xtra staffers pull a winning name at random out of their e-hat! The winner is chosen from among those who have registered during the previous month to receive the MMIS Xtra e-newsletter plus free access to product reviews and other content on MultiMedia & Internet@Schools magazine's Web site,

MMIS Xtra, e-mailed every other week to registrants, provides timely news of products, services, companies, and issues of interest to school library media and technology specialists and other educators, along with Cool Links to an array of interesting stories, and Free Resources they can use themselves or tell their teacher colleagues about.

Want your MMIS Xtra? ... and a chance to win the next Apple IPod Shuffle!? Sign up HERE.

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