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CATEGORY: Security

New White Paper 'Digital Citizenship: a Holistic Primer' Released at Digital Citizenship Summit 2016

The paper, produced by Impero and the Digital Citizenship Institute, takes an in-depth look at educating children on living in a digital world and offers guidance for schools.
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Oct 2016

THE PIPELINE: Political Literacy Can Be Learned!

Says Stephen in this election season: "In today's political environment there is a fog of information. It tests everyone—adult and young adult alike—and our critical-thinking skills. Separating fact from opinion is hard enough. Combine that with public opinion polls, massive quoting of ‘statistics,' personal stories that elucidate and obfuscate, and everyone is overwhelmed by spin-doctoring run amok." But of course, librarians to the rescue!
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 Sep 2016 - Sep/Oct 2016 Issue By

BELLTONES: Back on My Bandbox--Internet Filtering and Diversity

Due to the current atmosphere in our country, with so many people afraid and angry about racial and religious differences and people's lifestyles, Mary Ann recently began to wonder how American schools are handling filtering with regard to diversity, especially relating to race, religion, and GLBT issues. Time for another survey? Yes!
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Jan 2016 - Jan/Feb 2016 Issue By

IDEA WATCH: Wear to Learn!?! Wearable Technology—Promises and Problems

From the Apple Watch to Fitbits to tech jewelry, the wearable technology market is beginning to take off. Other than geeking out at what will be possible with wearables like some futuristic fantasy out of a sci-fi movie, how does this apply to schools?
Column/Idea Watch - Posted 01 May 2015 - May/Jun 2015 Issue By

THE PIPELINE: Next Up--Beacons!

This month Stephen writes about some technology that is just entering the pipeline and has the potential to change everything … yes, again ... in libraries, in schools, in retail, and in every community engagement space.
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 May 2015 - May/Jun 2015 Issue By

Intel Security, Discovery Education Release Cyberethics Module

The new, web-based cyberethics module for students aged 8-11 is part of the Intel Security Digital Safety Program, a three-year national education initiative designed to teach children to "Think Before You Link" and make safer decisions when using the internet.
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Apr 2015

ContentKeeper Releases High Speed Multi-Gigabit Web Filtering Technology for K-12 School Districts

TurboBridge is an Ethernet bridge technology designed to meet the high-speed performance and scalability demands of districts' growing bandwidth requirements.
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Nov 2014

Intel Security, Discovery Education Announce Intel Security Digital Safety Program

The first and only Discovery Education-supported initiative focusing on cybersecurity education, the Intel Security Digital Safety Program will equip educators, students and parents with the tools they need to be confident, safe digital citizens.
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Nov 2014

BELLTONES: Trumpeting About Internet Filtering

Mary Ann has been conducting surveys of school librarians on the issue of filtering for 6 years now, having completed her latest one this past summer. As she reports, there have definitely been improvements in a number of areas, but the problems persist.
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Nov 2014 - Nov/Dec 2014 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Teaching and Learning the Ways of Our Brave New Digital World

There's a place for digital citizenship education throughout our school experience, from elementary to post-secondary. So this month, Victor has gathered some excellent resources on the subject of teaching this timely topic. Read 'em, use 'em. It's practically an educator's digital civic duty!
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Feb 2014 - Jan/Feb 2014 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Meaningful Connections--What's New in the Social Media Sphere?

Victor offers up some excellent views on the current state and trajectory of social media in K-12 education. And he then connects you with a half dozen currently hot spaces, places, and tools you can use to leverage the concept.
Editorial/Features - Posted 06 Nov 2013 - Nov/Dec 2013 Issue By

Creating a Safe Social Learning Environment to Improve Student Success

This issue focuses on social media in K-12, and this previously published article from the folks at Schoolwires so closely fit what we editors were looking for that we sought, and received, permission to republish it and expand its distribution.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Nov 2013 - Nov/Dec 2013 Issue By

Toshiba Introduces New Education Solution Program for K-12

The software available through the program addresses five key elements important to K-12 educational institutions: Creation, Collaboration, Investigation, Validation and Protection.
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Jul 2013

Knovation Launches New netTrekker Search Navigator Program

Developed to foster the growing community of netTrekker Search users, the Navigator program empowers educators to work collaboratively with colleagues to leverage the power of digital resources and netTrekker Search to create engaging 21st century learning environments.
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Dec 2012

Free Resources: Edutopia's Guide to Help Educators Bring Mobile Devices into the Classroom

The guide, "Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know," recommends taking advantage of mobile devices to engage students and help them develop digital media and technology skills, and suggests specific tools that educators can begin using today.
News/Free Resources - Posted 26 Sep 2012

CoSN Releases New Report on the Safety and Security of Personal Devices in K-12 Schools

The latest in a series of mini-reports that explore emerging technologies and trends, this new report examines today's advancing Bring Your Own (BYO) initiatives and related safety and security risks facing school districts nationwide.
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Sep 2012

Is Your School In Compliance With The July 1 Internet Safety Regulations?

Web Wise Kids provides fun and educational games to help E-Rate schools comply.
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Jul 2012

Web Wise Kids Launches Spanish Version of Wired with Wisdom

This is the first internet safety education program designed to increase Hispanic parent awareness of cyber safety issues, the announcement states.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jun 2012

Common Sense Media Launches Learning Ratings Initiative for Digital Media

The new ratings assess learning potential of apps, games, and websites to guide parents to great choices and spur development of quality products.
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Apr 2012

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention. It integrates security technologies in a single agent and management console.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 Mar 2012 - Mar/Apr 2012 Issue By


Educational facilities serving K-12 students need to provide safe access to Web 2.0 resources for students and staff, while also complying with laws such as the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and data retention and retrieval requirements. Another challenge faced is savvy students attempting to circumvent acceptable use policies. Websense security solutions help K-12 schools address these challenges, enabling productive use of the web; protecting against inbound threats such as spam, malware, and blended threats; and helping to ensure compliance.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 Mar 2012 - Mar/Apr 2012 Issue By

SonicWALL NSA 3500

SonicWALL NSA 3500 is an integrated security appliance used to provide the user with online security on the internet.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 Mar 2012 - Mar/Apr 2012 Issue By


Gaggle online tools are used by K-12 students to communicate safely using Web 2.0 technologies, providing a secure online social learning environment made specifically for schools. Gaggle Apps are tightly integrated into the complete Gaggle system.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 Mar 2012 - Mar/Apr 2012 Issue By

Interview | Watching Over Your Gaggle With Jeff Patterson

As the founder of Gaggle.Net, Jeff Patterson has led the company's technology team for the past 9 years and is well- versed in the intersection of media literacy and web security. In this interview, Victor talks tech with Jeff for Internet@Schools.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Mar 2012 - Mar/Apr 2012 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Into the Zone--Media Literacy and Security

"Kids these days. They're in the zone," says Victor Rivero. It's a media-saturation zone he's talking about, owing to the device-saturation that's keeping kids perpetually connected. Educators must offer guidance so kids can navigate through this zone, for reasons of safety, security, and efficacy. Victor proffers the tools that can help.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Mar 2012 - Mar/Apr 2012 Issue By

Educational Content Provider netTrekker Becomes “Knovation”

According to the announcement, the new entity reflects a transformation of the company's strategic growth plan and ongoing endeavor to create breakthrough digital content solutions for K-12 education that remove the barriers to learning and address the unique needs of students, teachers, parents and educational administrators.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Feb 2012

Carnegie Mellon’s Information Networking Institute and Web Wise Kids Introduce Educational Social Networking Mobile App for Kids to the Android Market

In collaboration with The Wireless Foundation and Trend Micro Internet Safety for Kids & Families, the new "BeSeen" educational app helps teach kids how to use social networks safely and wisely.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2012

THE PIPELINE: Elearning and Libraries--Critical Questions Librarians Need to Ask

There are huge opportunities to improve the learning experience with elearning. As elearning environments improve and evolve, we're discovering more and more about how to implement them at all levels of education. That said, there are some critical questions librarians need to ask about our role in the elearning space. Stephen posits a few he feels are essential to be concerned about.
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 Jan 2012 - Jan/Feb 2012 Issue By

Learning Together: The Evolution of a 1:1 iPad Program

At Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, an iPad pilot initiative is exploring how a new portable technology, in the hands of teachers and students, can affect teaching and learning. Librarian Carolyn Foote describes how they are proceeding, keeping a close eye on what is working and what the impacts of the project are.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Jan 2012 - Jan/Feb 2012 Issue By

BELLTONES: Advice on Data Backups? Do as I Say … Not as I’ve Been Doing!

Mary Ann's topic this month is backing up your important files. Are you faithful about this? She used to be. But, she says, recently she has grown careless. So this article is in the vein of, "Do as I say and not as I do," … or did.
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Nov 2011 - Nov/Dec 2011 Issue By

Carnegie Mellon’s Information Networks Institute and Web Wise Kids Launch Free Educational Social Networking Mobile App for Kids

The BeSeen app is designed to teach kids how to responsibly use social networks.
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Oct 2011

ePals LearningSpace

ePals LearningSpace is a web-based communication and collaboration tool for district and school use.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 May 2011 - May/Jun 2011 Issue By


Kidblog's simple tools allow students to publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs including giving final approval before student blogs are posted.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 May 2011 - May/Jun 2011 Issue By


Edublogs is for creating and managing student and teacher blogs with customizable designs. Blogs can be created and managed by individual teachers or school districts for as many students as needed, all in a secure environment. Edublogs also hosts the blogs, which can be public or private, as well. Its site features a "community" with more than 688,000 public blogs on educational topics.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 May 2011 - May/Jun 2011 Issue By

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: We’re Talking Social Media in Education

"As fast as a trending Twitterstorm and as powerful as a flood of Facebook fans, there's a curious phenomenon moving through our schools these days: social media." Read all about the phenomenon … and the tools that comprise it … in Victor's feature.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 May 2011 - May/Jun 2011 Issue By

M86 Security Launches VuSafe Solution to Enable Compliant Usage of Online Video Content in the Classroom

M86 VuSafe provides a means to show pre-approved streaming media content without the peripherals (i.e. banner ads, comments, etc.) found on the source sites, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Mar 2011

Cognite, from Follett Software Co.

Victor Rivero reviews Cognite from Follett Software Co., a digital learning environment that integrates discovery and organization tools, collaboration, and communication.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 Sep 2010 - Sep/Oct 2010 Issue By

Gaggle Releases New Online Tools for K-12 Students to Communicate Safely

Gaggle's online learning tools bring students' and teachers' most wanted Web 2.0 abilities to their classrooms in a safe and secure online social learning environment made specifically for K-12, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Jul 2010

The Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program

Susan Finley reviews the Student Bullying and Violence Prevention Program, which provides online training and resources teachers can use to communicate with students about bullying and violence-related issues.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 Jul 2010 - Jul/Aug 2010 Issue By

Security in a Web 2.0-Based Educational Environment: Issues and Answers—Part 2

Part 1 of this article, which appeared in the May/June issue, looked at a range of safety and security issues affecting educators as we all strive to attain the vision enunciated at the beginning of that feature. Part 2 addresses universal digital media safety and literacy education as well as targeted youth risk online prevention.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Jul 2010 - Jul/Aug 2010 Issue By

Follett Software Unveils Cognite, New Digital Learning Environment

Cognite integrates discovery tools, retrieval, collaboration and communication with the goal of creating a vibrant experience where K-12 students excel, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Jun 2010

The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use Publishes Cyber-Secure Schools in a Web 2.0 World

The downloadable ebook by cybersafety authority Nancy Willard focuses on three critical issues for schools: creating change in technology adoption; effective internet use management; and Web 2.0 in schools—legal issues.
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Jun 2010

SafetyWeb Launches Internet Safety Subscription Service is designed to help parents protect their children online by monitoring the web for red flags in their kids' and teens' online activity.
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 May 2010

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Safety, Security, and Access

In this age of technology-enabled openness, how much protecting is too much? And, going further, if our students are completely isolated from the benefits of the information age, will they ever learn? In this month's Tools for Learning feature, Victor Rivero examines some products, services, and solutions that address the question "How can our students stay safe and secure while simultaneously getting access to rich learning resources—and continue to fall in love with learning?"
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 May 2010 - May/Jun 2010 Issue By

Security in a Web 2.0-Based Educational Environment: Issues and Answers—Part 1

It's clear that concerns about internet risk and the ineffective way in which schools are now trying to manage internet use are a major barrier to moving schools forward to embrace 21st-century learning environments. Nancy Willard says it's time for schools to address these issues in a more comprehensive manner. In this two-part article (Part 2 will appear in the next issue), she outlines how cyber-savvy schools can embrace the future.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 May 2010 - May/Jun 2010 Issue By

Moodlerooms Releases joule 1.1

Changes to the learning management platform include enhanced administrative functionality, integrated synchronous chat and presentation tools, and advanced forum features.
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2010

Free Resources: Net Cetera and AdMongo from the Federal Trade Commission

Net Cetera is a booklet and bookmark about social networking, cyberbullying, sexting, and more, and AdMongo is new website/game about teaching advertising literacy to kids.
News/Free Resources - Posted 15 Mar 2010

netTrekker Launches "Personalized Learning in Action" Video Contest

The competition gives educators an opportunity to win one of two $1,500 scholarships to attend this year's ISTE 2010 conference in Denver in June.
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Feb 2010

GigaTribe Announces 'Back to School' Features for Private, Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Safe and encrypted,’s peer-to-peer private online network now lets schools share classroom videos privately online with teachers. Another “Back to School” feature is the ability to share class documents as well as share course materials among teachers.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Aug 2009

Web Wise Kids, WILL Interactive, Verizon, ESA Foundation Create Online Internet Safety Education Game

"It's Your Call" is a game for schools, law enforcement, and community organizations to educate teens about "sexting," cyberbullying, academic cheating, and related issues.
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Mar 2009

BELLTONES: Anti-Filtering Snapping Turtle Answers Fearmongers and Naysayers

Mary Ann is still on the warpath! Her purpose in this article is to enumerate some of the most common “reasons” that are used to support the overly restrictive filtering that is prevalent in all too many schools and districts. “I put the word reasons in quotations because it is my opinion that, very frequently, these are excuses rather than reasons,” she notes. Here are some arguments, and her responses.
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Mar 2009 - Mar/Apr 2009 Issue By

Web Wise Kids Partners with Microsoft on Get Game Smart Campaign

The Get Game Smart aims to help parents and kids establish healthy habits for playing video games, watching TV, and browsing the Web. The campaign is designed to inspire families to take simple steps to help ensure that young people are using media in ways that are safer, healthier, and more balanced.
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Feb 2009

FETC News: Thinkronize Announces netTrekker d.i.’s New “My Portfolio” Tool

“My Portfolio” allows educators to collaborate and share digital resources at school and district levels.
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Jan 2009

Pearson Launches Chancery SMS 6.7 Student Information System

Chancery SMS 6.7 includes several key enhancements to five major functional areas including permanent records; health immunizations; elementary school attendance; security; and its customization framework.
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Jan 2009

BELLTONES: Do You Want Kids to Be Safe Online? LOOSEN Those Filters!

Mary Ann is on a mission to spread the word that Draconian filtering at schools is a practice that produces negative outcomes. So in this issue’s Belltones, she lays out more reasons for saying this is so ... and she challenges readers to make a New Year’s resolution to work for gaining more internet access for students and faculty members in K–12 schools.
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Jan 2009 - Jan/Feb 2009 Issue By

ePals and Privacy Networks Partner to Bring Legally Compliant Email Archive Solutions to K-12 Marketplace

The new unified message archive is now available to the ePals Global Community.
News/Breaking News - Posted 31 Dec 2008

PlumChoice Offers 24x7 Remote Computer Service Through Partnership Programs for Schools and Universities

Via the internet, PlumChoice’s technicians take temporary control of the troubled computer while the user watches – even at 3 am or on holidays – eliminating the delays associated with repair shop visits, technician house calls, or do-it-yourself fixes with instructions from a call center, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Oct 2008

CyberPatrol Releases Online Safety Video Series

The series of brief family-oriented lessons provides parents, educators, and others with advice on how to protect children from predators, cyber bullies, inappropriate material, and other online threats.
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2008

ISTE and CoSN Issue Joint Statement Hailing Passage of Internet Safety Education Legislation

The update to the Children's Internet Protection Act requires schools participating in the E-Rate program to educate students regarding appropriate behavior on social networking and chat room sites and about cyberbullying—an approach ISTE and CoSN have advocated for many years.
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Oct 2008

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s NetSmartz Workshop Launches Back-to-School Internet Safety Campaign

The new campaign will direct families and educators to the NetSmartz Back-2-School Kit, a free resource designed to help instill everyday safety values in children between the ages 5-12.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Sep 2008

BELLTONES: I’m Mad and I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

Mary Ann Bell is mad about the internet filtering going on today in so many schools. She believes it is past time to stop letting paranoia, combined with laziness, block teachers, counselors, administrators, and students from the internet resources they deserve to access at school. So … herewith she’s starting to speak out!
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Sep 2008 - Sep/Oct 2008 Issue By

Social Networking and Your Library OPAC! [Available Full-Text, Free]

While many schools are blocking access to social networking applications on the internet, school library automation OPACs are beginning to provide such applications to students and staff. Barbara Fiehn talked with some library automation vendors and others about this emerging trend to see what they're up to, and with some school library media specialists to gain some insight to their hesitations and acceptance. Read on to see what she learned.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Sep 2008 - Sep/Oct 2008 Issue By

CDW-G School Safety Self-Assessment Tool Helps Educational Leaders Identify Security Strengths and Improve Weaknesses

The tool encourages schools to rate their security against national benchmarks.
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Jul 2008

We Can Get There From Here: Realizing Educational Technology’s Potential in the Face of Internet Safety Issues

In this article, cybersafety education promoter Art Wolinsky offers some historical perspective and context on internet safety and technology integration, with, ultimately, an optimistic view and a plan for success in both areas.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Jul 2008 - Jul/Aug 2008 Issue By

Copyright in a Social World

Just when you thought you understood how to fully integrate internet learning into your curriculum, along comes Web 2.0, the “social side” of the internet where people can communicate with others and contribute their own content. As a librarian you should be able to communicate with students, parents, and teachers the issues that they face when placing materials on Web 2.0 social networks, and one of the big ones is copyright. This article looks at several situations in which library users may use popular social networking sites and confront copyright laws.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 May 2008 - May/Jun 2008 Issue By

Video Professor, Inc. Releases “Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and Social Networking”

The Video Professor online safety program features content from Net Crimes and Misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists—a book by cybercrime expert Jayne A. Hitchcock published by Information Today, Inc.
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Jan 2008

CDW-G Announces ‘21st-Century Classroom’ Site

The solution is highlighted by new partnerships with key educational technology companies, including Futurekids, Inc., 8e6 Technologies, Promethean, and RM Educational Software, that broaden CDW-G’s offerings.
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Jan 2008

Pokémon Learning League Adds Internet Safety Program

The new Pokémon Learning League program provides lessons on internet safety and media literacy for lower and upper elementary level students and includes teacher and parent resources.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Jan 2008

World Book Asks Students, Educators, and Parents to Vote for Best Video about Finding Trustworthy Information Onlin

Online viewing and voting for best student-submitted videos is open through January 31, on the World Book site.
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Jan 2008

ITI Cross Links: AskEraser—Privacy Potential

Read how AskEraser works, what exceptions obtain, why it's important, and, in general, what's the current state of web search privacy in Greg Notess's January 3, 2008 NewsBreak. (From Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.)
News/ITI Cross Links - Posted 03 Jan 2008 Launches AskEraser

When enabled by the user, AskEraser deletes all future search queries and associated cookie information from servers, including IP address, User ID, Session ID, and the complete text of their queries.
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Dec 2007

OnlyMyEmail Provides Comprehensive Email Solution for Schools

The company will now customize configuration of with its corporate solution MX-Defender to create a comprehensive filtering and email security service for school systems and classrooms.
News/Breaking News - Posted 09 Oct 2007

CDW-G School Safety Self-Assessment Tool Available to School Leaders

The new tool based on CDW-G's School Safety Index helps schools evaluate their security programs against the national average.
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Aug 2007

CDW-G School Safety Index Findings Released

The research project benchmarking the current status of public school district safety shows that safety barriers loom large and students often hinder security efforts.
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Jul 2007

GenevaLogic Unveils On-Sight, Software for Providing a Safe Computer Learning Environment

New software tool helps extend school safety to computer and online activity.
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jun 2007

GenevaLogic Vision Kits: Classroom Computer Management Software

Three new GenevaLogic Vision Kits provide individual classrooms and entire schools with classroom management tools for effective computer teaching.
Archives/In the Spotlight - Posted 01 Mar 2007 - Mar/Apr 2007 Issue

THE PIPELINE: Shooting Themselves in the Foot

In the world of education, writes Stephen Abram in this month's Pipeline, "the best path is to start by asking ourselves a simple question: ‘What will [our students'] world look like?'" Walling tools and components of the Internet—which will be a part of their world—out of our schools doesn't sound to Stephen like following the best path. So, being an affirmative fellow, he offer a turnaround policy!
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 Mar 2007 - Mar/Apr 2007 Issue By


For February 15, 2007: Sponsored by the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use, the Cyberbullying site provides the Educator's Guide to Cyberbullying, Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying, and links to real life stories.
Cyberbee Web Pick/Cyberbee's Web Picks - Posted 15 Feb 2007 By

GenevaLogic Debuts New Classroom Computer Management Software

GenevaLogic now offers three new education kits designed to provide individual classrooms and entire schools with classroom management tools for effective computer teaching.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Feb 2007

Pew Internet & American Life Project Releases ‘Social Networking Websites and Teens: An Overview’

According to the report, 55 percent of online teens use social networks and 55 percent have created online profiles; older girls predominate.
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Jan 2007


For January 1, 2007: NetSmartz is an educational resource for children, parents, and teachers on how to stay safe on the Internet.
Cyberbee Web Pick/Cyberbee's Web Picks - Posted 02 Jan 2007 By

THE PIPELINE: Justifying the Social Tools--Improving the Conversation

Mindful of the safety and security issues surrounding social networking, Stephen Abram nontheless has plenty of good to say about the popular phenomenon. In this month's Pipeline, he talks about, and guides readers to resources about, positiveeducational uses of social networking.
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 Jan 2007 - Jan/Feb 2007 Issue By

CYBERBEE: Keeping Safe in Cyberspace

The Internet has changed the way students learn and communicate. With the click of a mouse, they can instant message one another, work together on projects, download all kinds of multimedia files, and post to blogs, Web sites, and RSS feeds. Access to people and information enhances instruction, but what happens when the "dark side of the Internet" sneaks around the corner and into the classroom or home? In this column, Cyberbee points to lots of resources that can help.
Column/CyberBee - Posted 01 Jan 2007 - Jan/Feb 2007 Issue By

Social Networking, Part 2: A Toolkit for Teachers

Helping school colleagues keep up with technology trends is a function library media specialists are well-placed to fulfill. It's also a function that can further underscore the importance of the LMS at school. With that in mind, we've turned to Nancy Willard, prominent—perhaps even ubiquitous—spokesperson on the subject of online safety in the face of new Internet technologies. Nancy's feature gives you in-depth ammunition, understanding, and resources to press into service to help your staff and entire school community cope with all aspects of this important new technology trend.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Jul 2006 - July/Aug 2006 Issue By

NetSupport Announces Desktop Security Software, NetSupport Protect

NetSupport Protect provides a secure, reliable, and productive computer environment for shared-use systems and the classroom, the announcement states.
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jun 2006

ITI Cross Links: My Homework's Done--Can Imbee on My Blog? is a blogging site for children ages 8 to 14. What!!??? you're saying. Not safe!! Well, with all the concern over kids posting and publishing to the Web, it's worth reading the EContent article by Jared Bernstein to see how the folks create an environment they say is safe even for kids that young. (From Information Today, Inc.’s EContent magazine)
News/ITI Cross Links - Posted 13 Jun 2006

BELLTONES: Filtering Woes Redux

Another article on filtering? Well, Mary Ann Bell writes, "Truth is, I did not go looking for this topic. It reached out and grabbed me while I was looking for information about something else. While researching general computer use in schools and libraries, I noticed the topic of filtering to be a continuing issue." There are lots of stories and further "troubling trends" she writes about in this round of Belltones.
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 May 2006 - May/June 2006 Issue By

Social Networking: A New Tech Tool and a New Security Concern for Teens and Schools [Available Full-Text, Free]

Student usage of social networking sites sites has become one of the hottest tech issues for schools this year. Clearly, social networking presents challenges for schools, and Joanne Barrett's article will help you understand the phenomenon--what it is; what it means for kids, parents, and teachers; what the benefits can be, what dangers it poses, and more.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 May 2006 - May/June 2006 Issue By

THE PIPELINE: The Top Five Priorities for School Libraries and Their Disctricts

We now have some pretty good track records on some new technologies that make access to information—both physical and intellectual access—simpler and, therefore, we hope, better. Hurdles to that access exist in both the physical and virtual worlds. Requiring a PC or specific browser to access information sets a hurdle in place in the virtual environment. Requiring information to be used within a library during specific hours is a hurdle of sorts too. Here are five key technologies that improve access in one way or another, or both.
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 Jan 2005 - Jan/Feb 2005 Issue By
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