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CATEGORY: Library Automation

Follett Challenge’s Semifinalists, Video Winners Span the U.S.

Sponsored by Follett, the sixth annual Follett Challenge - an advocacy program that rewards groundbreaking educational programs - will reward $200,000 in Follett products and services to the most innovative K-12 programs teaching 21st-century skills to students.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Mar 2017

Follett Launches New Makerspace Bundles for K-12 Libraries

The new kits make it easy for schools to partially—or completely—transition to a makerspace.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 May 2016

Follett Acquires Baker & Taylor

With combined sales of $3.6 billion, the two businesses will offer librarians, patrons, educators and students access to the best curated physical and digital content wherever learning and reading take place in the community, the announcement states.
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Apr 2016

IDEA WATCH: Reinventing Libraries for the Future–Part 2

Like public libraries, school libraries and librarians are in transition. Identifying trends in the Aspen Institute's "Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries" report can provide valuable insights into new thinking about school libraries as well.
Column/Idea Watch - Posted 01 Mar 2016 - Mar/Apr 2016 Issue By

Follett, EBSCO Announce eBook Partnership

600,000 EBSCO-hosted eBook K-12 titles can now be ordered through Titlewave.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Feb 2016

Follett Launches Students' Choice List

The monthly list is developed by compiling regularly generated, real-circulation statistics straight from school libraries, providing educators with regularly updated year-long trends based on what students are checking out of their school libraries.
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Nov 2015

Follett Integrates with eBook Providers to Create Open Content Repository for PreK-12 Districts

The product integrations ensure that once users have logged into Follett's Destiny, they can access OverDrive or MackinVIA content without being presented with another separate login prompt from those vendors' platforms.
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Nov 2015

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Next-Generation Learning Management–Improved Systems for an Improved Educational Experience

LMSs have come a long way. As author Victor notes, today's systems are more accommodating to social learning and collaboration and to mobile learning, allowing for course content delivery, student registration, curriculum management, assessment, reporting, and more.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Nov 2015 - Nov/Dec 2015 Issue By

Follet Unveils ‘Managed Services’ Offering

Managed Services is directed at administrators and designed to help districts eliminate both routine and seasonal tasks involved in managing resources, ultimately saving significant time, money and space.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2015

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Media Center Design Principles Worth Fighting For

Mary Alice has been involved in many media center designs over her long career. This month, she discusses design ideas that enable school libraries to function well upon being redesigned   and  to continue to function well as needs change!
Column/The New Media Center - Posted 01 Sep 2015 - Sep/Oct 2015 Issue By

THE PIPELINE: Next Up--Beacons!

This month Stephen writes about some technology that is just entering the pipeline and has the potential to change everything … yes, again ... in libraries, in schools, in retail, and in every community engagement space.
Column/The Pipeline - Posted 01 May 2015 - May/Jun 2015 Issue By

Follett’s Destiny Upgrade Offers New Features, Including EasyBib Integration

Integrating EasyBib within Universal Search will help students simplify the process of making citations and bibliographies, saving them time and effort with their research. For example, users can now effortlessly receive citations in MLA, APA, Chicago and other styles.
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Apr 2015

Follett Introduces Destiny Resource Manager

Destiny Resource Manager is a new, universal system that enables K-12 districts to track and manage all school assets. It represents an evolution from Follett Destiny Asset Manager as it will monitor barcoded textbooks in addition to traditional assets such as laptops, tablets and equipment.
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Dec 2014

Follett Introduces New Search Interface in Destiny 12.0 Release

The new search interface allows students to seamlessly search and access all print and digital content within the Destiny Library Manager platform.
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Apr 2014

IDEA WATCH: Dissecting Ebooks and Libraries--An Evolving Market

In theory, ebooks can provide your students with easy access from all of their devices to reading material, writes Carolyn. But for libraries, there are all sorts of issues to be resolved in order to offer ebooks to our students. Developing an ebook collection is more fraught with questions than answers.
Column/Idea Watch - Posted 01 Mar 2014 - Mar/Apr 2014 Issue By

Follett Announces Ebook Partnership With Penguin Group (USA)

This latest agreement is part of Follett's continuing effort to expand access to popular digital titles.
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Feb 2014

Alma Launches Free K-12 School, Learning and Information Management System

Alma consolidates school, classroom and information management into one simple, intuitive and secure cloud-based system that minimizes busywork and improves efficiency, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Feb 2014

Follett Launches Simon & Schuster Ebooks to Schools

Follett continues to secure major publisher partners and to further expand its collection of popular ebook titles for PreK-12 students.
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Dec 2013

OverDrive's Checkout Terminal, OverDrive Media Station, Now Broadly Available

The in-library ebook kiosks enable readers to browse ebooks, audiobooks and other media on a touchscreen monitor in libraries or any location where libraries want to introduce readers to their ebook catalog.
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Nov 2013

OverDrive Updates School Digital Libraries Solution

Overdrive has added new features to its digital school library solution, including a fully-updated user interface providing a more informative, user-friendly experience. New features include enhanced metadata, robust search tools, filters and improved title detail pages and menus to make finding a title easier.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Nov 2013

Follett Offers New Release of Destiny Library Management System

A streamlined ebook experience highlights the Destiny 11.5 Release, along with enhanced digital and mobile features for teachers and students.
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Oct 2013

Interview | Tim Springer: A New Mobile Approach to the Learning Space

Tim Springer (HERO, Inc.), Don Orth (director of technology at Hillbrook School), and Chris Petrick (Bretford Manufacturing) discuss what it takes to create a mobile world for an academic setting, the issues and challenges, advice on managing the process, and the purposes behind it all.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Sep 2013 - Sep/Oct 2013 Issue By

Follett Launches New Release of FollettShelf with an Enhanced HTML5 Reading Environment for K-12

FollettShelf with the new Follett Enlight reader connects districts, classrooms, and libraries with easier access to digital content.
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Aug 2013

EBSCO and EOS International Partner to Enhance Library Discovery

The partnership allows mutual customers to take advantage of EBSCO Discovery Service and EOS library automation software products.
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Jul 2013

New Schoology Features Enhance Blended Learning

The new features include customizable award badges for use in motivating students; a new parent interface to improve communication between parents, students and teachers; and updates to the iOS and Android mobile apps that enhance the use of external media.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Jul 2013

NoveList and TLC Expand Relationship to Include ILS Integration into NoveList Select

NoveList Select content is now displayed alongside library data in TLC's (The Library Corporation) LS2 PAC.
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Jun 2013

Follett Releases Destiny 11.0

A key feature of Destiny 11.0 addresses the improvements Follett made to its capabilities for using eBooks and mobile devices to support digital learning, including a Destiny Quest mobile app for Kindle Fire devices to further support the 21st century learner. The app currently supports users of Apple and Android devices.
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Mar 2013

Follett Challenge Helps Schools Share their Innovation with the World

The Follett Challenge will award $200,000 worth of Follett products and services to six winning schools, and also provide educators with a platform to show off their innovative teaching programs to the world through traditional and social media.
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Feb 2013

OverDrive and SirsiDynix to Deliver eResource Central Integration

SirsiDynix' eResource Central will provide one-click electronic resource and e-book delivery. The initiative with OverDrive is a major step forward in the project, making available OverDrive content in a meaningful integration that will benefit both libraries and their users.
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2013

Follett Integrates Destiny 10.5 with FollettShelf, Follett Digital Reader

The integration is designed to make a district's library more efficient and effective by providing engaging tools for students and teachers to find, share and use digital resources more efficiently, and to support anytime, anywhere learning.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Nov 2012

OverDrive Releases Free OverDrive Media Console App for NOOK

With the new OverDrive app, users of NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color can wirelessly borrow ebooks and MP3 audiobooks from the library.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2012

Follett Announces Joint Release of Destiny 10.5, FollettShelf Enhancements with New Follett Digital Reader

The joint release is designed to improve the foundation of Follett's eBook platform, helping to better manage the check-in/check-out process, and provide improved access to books and notes, whether online or offline.
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Sep 2012

Follett Software Announces Digital Content Partnership with Curriki

Curriki's database will be integrated into Follett Software's Destiny Library Manager and Aspen Curriculum & Learning solutions.
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Sep 2012

Follett Software Unveils Aspen Curriculum & Learning

Aspen's newest chapter - the addition of curriculum and learning - creates a collaborative environment for curriculum teams, media specialists, librarians and teachers, bringing paid digital content, free and open-source content, and locally created resources together in a single system.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Sep 2012

Follett Sponsors Website

Follett Library Resources and Follett Software, part of the Follett School and Library Group (FSLG) that also includes Follett Educational Services and Follett International - sponsored the website to serve as a one-stop resource for school and district librarians and administrators to find the information that will help them create the best digital strategy customized to their specific needs.
News/Breaking News - Posted 30 Aug 2012

Jones e-Global Library launches ‘College Ready’ Edition of Online Library

The online library for grades 9-12 was announced at the 2012 National Charter Schools Conference.
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Jun 2012

Follett Software Partners With Leading Content Providers

The partnerships are reflective of a larger digitally focused initiative to strengthen the connection between the library and the K-12 classroom curriculum.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Jun 2012

EBSCO Publishing Releases EBSCOhost Collection Manager

The new EBSCOhost Collection Manager introduces a simplified ordering process, easier ways to search and browse ebooks and audiobooks and manage collections.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Apr 2012

Follett Software Company Unveils Destiny 10.1

Destiny's integration with Titlewave and Aspen highlight the new release.
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Apr 2012

Cool Links: Gale Aims to Transform the Online Library Experience with Gateways

Gale Cengage has a new idea it's trying out in the public library realm that we should observe. It's Gale Gateways, "designed to represent the unique way in which a community interacts with its public library." Find out about it through these "cool links."
News/Cool Links - Posted 14 Mar 2012

BELLTONES: Sourcing the Crowd--Common-Sense Measures for Hard Times

A song that keeps repeating in Mary Ann's head these days is "Hard Times Come Again No More," no doubt owing to the hard times and education budget cuts her public school colleagues are experiencing in Texas. In an effort to chase away this earworm with some positive thinking, she asked herself and other educators what they can do in the face of these cuts. See what the crowd came up with.
Column/Belltones - Posted 01 Jan 2012 - Jan/Feb 2012 Issue By

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Technology Management--Daily Realities and Lingering Concerns

Media specialists know to double-check that all technology is in working order, even when the activity has previously worked well. Springboarding off her updated Tips for a Successful Internet Experience planning checklist for media specialists and teachers, Mary Alice delves this month into continuing questions about lab scheduling, file storage, and printing.
Column/The New Media Center - Posted 01 Jan 2012 - Jan/Feb 2012 Issue By

Follett Software Company to Release Destiny 10.0

The upgrade features Destiny Quest Mobile App, plus more than 50 enhancements requested by customers.
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Dec 2011

Gale Cengage Announces Redesigned User Interface for Gale Virtual Reference Library

After extensive user analysis and market feedback, the interface for Gale's online ebook platform has been overhauled with improved navigation and organization, and a vibrant and engaging display to draw in students, researchers, professionals and general readers, the announcement states.
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Dec 2011

Follett Challenge Winners Unveiled, Honored

The Follett Challenge was designed to reward school libraries for applying technology, content and creativity in ways that engage students, foster literacy and promote critical thinking.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Nov 2011

The Library Corporation/TLC Releases LS2 Mobile for Android

Originally released in November 2010 for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, LS2 Mobile allows people to connect with their public or school libraries 24 hours a day from any place with mobile or Wi-Fi Internet service.
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Aug 2011

EBSCO Publishing and Innovative Interfaces Demonstrate Partnership with EBSCO Discovery Service and Encore

The result of the partnership is a smarter experience for mutual customers and library users who begin their search from Encore, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 09 Aug 2011

EBSCO Publishing Delivers eBooks and Audiobooks on EBSCOhost Alongside Databases and Other Digital Content

EBSCOhost now provides content from the most in-demand publishers available via new acquisition models including expanded ownership plans to serve the needs of libraries and their patrons.
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Jul 2011

Follett Launches Textbook and Device Management Package

The new package is designed to help K-12 districts tackle the print-to-digital transition by enabling the efficient tracking and managing of textbooks as well as the devices used to support students in the classroom.
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2011

Follett Software Offers Free Integration of One Search Into Destiny Library Manager 9.9

Follett Software also offers upgrade and implementation services to assist customers in their move to Destiny 9.9.
News/Breaking News - Posted 31 Mar 2011

EBSCO Publishing Releases 24 New Ebook Subject Sets

The subject sets are part of a rapidly growing collection of ebooks that are offered in collections grouped by subject matter.
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2011

Follett Software Company Releases New Version of Destiny

Destiny 9.9 offers a range of improvements designed to allow existing Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Textbook Manager customers to save time, increase efficiency and help drive student achievement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Jan 2011

SirsiDynix launches BookMyne 2.0 iPhone Application

BookMyne features mobile access to in-demand library information, holdings and services.
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Nov 2010

TLC Releases Smart-Phone App

LS2 Mobile is a smart-phone interface that allows people to connect with their public or school libraries from any place with mobile or Wi-Fi internet service.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Nov 2010

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Libraries Get Social—Social Media, That Is!

There's a quiet—or not so quiet—shift happening in school libraries across America. The social media revolution—reflected in all manner of shiny iPhone apps, blogs, Nings, Facebook pages, and other social networking tools, sites, and platforms—is real, and it's running like a loud line of students straight through the stacks, into the common areas, taking a sharp turn, and heading right on up to the teacher librarian/media specialist's desk. Are you ready for it? In this article, Victor Rivero addresses issues, answers, and resources to help.
Editorial/Features - Posted 29 Oct 2010 - Nov/Dec 2010 Issue By

Follett Acquires X2 Development Corporation

The acquisition includes the Aspen Student Information System, a popular web-based solution designed to simplify school district data management through the integration of key K-12 applications.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Oct 2010

EBSCO Publishing and NoveList Debut a New Interface

The new interface will include all the characteristics librarians enjoy along with changes that make recommendations easier to obtain, searching more intuitive, and allows quick access to more content.
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Aug 2010

TLC Debuts Textbook Management and Asset Tracking

Textbook Management and Asset Tracking is a web application that can manage the task of distributing and accounting for textbooks as well as assets such as calculators, computers, and even padlocks, the announcement states.
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Jul 2010

ebrary Announces New Pilot Program for Public Libraries with Free Access for Local Schools

The new pilot program combines more than 20,000 ebooks from leading publishers under a simultaneous, multi-user access subscription model; free access for local public high schools; do-it-yourself epublishing tools; and complimentary marketing services.
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 May 2010

THE MEDIA CENTER: Weeding, From Alphabet Books to Zip Drives

If you have been diligently weeding your media center, there may not be books full of dust bunnies or obsolete technology around. But for many media specialists, weeding is a continuing need and a frequent topic of inquiry in discussion groups such as LM_NET. In Mary Alice's state group, there are often questions about what to do with specific items such as VHS tapes or offers to sell AV equipment or materials. Get your garbage cans ready as she examine the task of weeding in this month's Media Center column.
Column/The New Media Center - Posted 01 May 2010 - May/Jun 2010 Issue By

H.W. Wilson to Transition OCLC Database Subscriptions from FirstSearch to WilsonWeb

H.W. Wilson and OCLC are working together to transition library subscriptions for H.W. Wilson databases provided on the OCLC FirstSearch service to the WilsonWeb platform.
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Mar 2010

Follett Digital Resources Signs Five More Publishers To eBook Distribution Agreements

With these agreements, a total of more than 62,000 K-12 and public library titles are now available for purchase online through parent company Follett's ecommerce sites, Titlewave and TitleTales.
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Feb 2010

SirsiDynix Symphony 3.3.1 Released

Topping the list of new features is support for Microsoft SQL Server as the underlying database for the ILS application server.
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Dec 2009

The Library Corporation (TLC) Optimizes LS2 PAC Software to Work With Google Analytics

Customer libraries can now find answers to questions such as: Which of the library’s titles are searched for most often? How much time do borrowers spend looking through the library’s collection? Or which subjects merit the most interest from card holders?
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Nov 2009

SirsiDynix Announces General Availability of SchoolRooms 3.0

SchoolRooms gives students access from a single interface to library resources, online databases, and approved web content alongside new and past curriculum specifically created for SchoolRooms users. Version 3.0 features new administration tools that allow teachers and librarians to customize and adapt the product to meet the needs of students and parents.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Oct 2009

H. W. Wilson Releases Tenth Edition of Middle & Junior High Core Collection

The latest edition of the collection development resource for school libraries lists over 8,000 recommended books, 2,000 more than the previous edition. It also features "short list" indicators for the "most highly recommended" works and more specific grade levels indicators than the previous edition.
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Sep 2009

Social Networking Through Your Library Automation System: What Librarians and Vendors Have to Say

A year ago, Barbara Fiehn wrote in Multimedia & Internet@Schools about the emergence of social networking features being added to school library automation systems. At the time, Follett’s Destiny was the leader among school automation vendors in implementing the social networking or Web 2.0 features, and some schools and media specialists were getting on board. A good deal has transpired in the ensuing year. So here’s an update based on a user survey Barbara did as well as information from interviews she conducted with vendors at the recent American Library Association (ALA) conference in July 2009.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Sep 2009 - Sep/Oct 2009 Issue By

TLC Debuts LS2 Kids, Library Software for Younger Library Users

LS2 Kids has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that helps children find exactly what they’re looking for within a library’s collection, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Jul 2009

THE MEDIA CENTER: From Card-O-Log to Catablog

Multiple-drawer card catalogs have long been relegated to storing bulbs and batteries in media centers or nuts and bolts in garages. Static OPACS accessible only in the media center have become web catalogs accessible throughout the school and beyond; WebPACS have evolved into full-featured, one-stop-shopping access points for media centers' collections, websites, databases, customized lists of state award winners, top checkouts, ebooks, book excerpts, and thumbnail images of book covers. As Mary Alice explains this month, media specialists use these next-generation systems to create reading lists, webliographies, and more, enabling students not only to find books but to contribute to the catalog's content.
Column/The New Media Center - Posted 01 Jul 2009 - Jul/Aug 2009 Issue By

ITI Cross Links: OCLC Releases NetLibrary Media Center

OCLC has released the new NetLibrary Media Center, a full-featured desktop application that allows library patrons to easily search, manage, transfer, and listen to downloadable eAudiobooks. (From Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks Weekly Digest)
News/ITI Cross Links - Posted 22 Jan 2009

Follett Digital Resources Signs Four More Publishers to eBook Distribution Agreements

With these agreements, a total of more than 51,000 K-12 and public library titles are now available for purchase online through parent company Follett’s ecommerce sites, Titlewave and Titletales.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jan 2009

EBooks and 21st Century Learning

The potential of ebooks in schools can be forecast by the sheer popularity of ebooks in society in general. Over the last 5 years, ebooks are the only book publishing segment consistently showing double-digit sales increases. Why should librarians and other educators jump on this bandwagon? Twenty-first-century school libraries really must provide the tools and resources students need to develop technology and information literacy. Read Deborah McKenzie’s feature to learn more.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Jan 2009 - Jan/Feb 2009 Issue By

The Library Corporation Announces New ILS Platform

LS2, known as "Indigo" during its project phase, is a new development platform for TLC and a new unified ILS that will include Web, client, and mobile interfaces.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Nov 2008

Social Networking and Your Library OPAC! [Available Full-Text, Free]

While many schools are blocking access to social networking applications on the internet, school library automation OPACs are beginning to provide such applications to students and staff. Barbara Fiehn talked with some library automation vendors and others about this emerging trend to see what they're up to, and with some school library media specialists to gain some insight to their hesitations and acceptance. Read on to see what she learned.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Sep 2008 - Sep/Oct 2008 Issue By

H.W. Wilson Debuts Essay and General Literature Index Retrospective: 1900-1984

The H.W. Wilson Company is launching Essay and General Literature Index Retrospective: 1900-1984, a new resource that cites tens of thousands of essays from anthologies and other sources.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Aug 2008

Follett’s Latest Destiny Release Includes Free eBooks

Users of the new Destiny Library Manager release can choose from a list of classic titles in the middle- and high-school ranges, available through a special arrangement with Follett Library Resources. Once downloaded, the ebooks are searchable and available through Destiny Library Manager.
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Jul 2008

SirsiDynix Releases Horizon 7.4.1

SirsiDynix released SirsiDynix Horizion 7.4.1, as well as Horizon Information Portal (HIP) 3.09 and 4.13 for North American sites.
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2008

SirsiDynix Launches Symphony 3.2

SirsiDynix announced the general release of the Symphony 3.2 customizable integrated library system.
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Dec 2007

Follett Releases InfoCentre 3.0

Follett's new version 3.0 of InfoCentre streamlines library management and offers access to more services.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Oct 2007

New Follett Destiny Release Helps Administrators Monitor Server Health

Version 8.0 also lets students rate library books, helps districts transfer textbooks
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Oct 2007

School Library Automation Revisited—2007!

Northern Illinois University library science professor Barbara Fiehn is back again, reporting on library automation for the school media community. This year, after working hard with an automation system to gain some new perspectives, she talked to other users—see her survey results—and to the vendors.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Sep 2007 - Sep/Oct 2007 Issue By

Sagebrush Books Hatches New Name and Logo

Effective immediately, Sagebrush Books has changed its name and logo. The company is now operating under the name Tandem Library Group and can be found online at
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Feb 2007

ITI Cross Links: ebrary Introduces New Online Ordering Platform

Using the eBOP platform, librarians preview ebooks and other content, purchase and subscribe to individual titles, or create a custom collection on the fly. (From Information Today, Inc.’s NewsBreaks Weekly News Digest)
News/ITI Cross Links - Posted 29 Jan 2007

Library Automation in K–12: A 2006 Update, Part 2

Last year, in her two-part series, “The Voice of the Vendors: Futures in School Library Automation, Parts 1 and 2,” Barbara Fiehn shared the results of her conversations with Follett, Sagebrush, Companion Corp., Dynix, Mandarin Library Automation, The Library Corporation (TLC), Innovative Interfaces, Inc., and Sirsi Corp. This year, she is once again touching base with as many of these companies as she can to find out what’s new and compelling in the market in general and in their offerings in particular. Here, in Part 2 of her Library Automation in K–12 Update 2006, she introduces Softlink and provide news since her earlier coverage of Follett Corp.—including its acquisition of Sagebrush's library automation products—SirsiDynix, and Mandarin Library Automation, Inc.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Nov 2006 - Nov/Dec 2006 Issue By

An Update on the New Sagebrush Corporation—Savia LLC

While researching her soon-to-be-published November/December 2006 MultiMedia & Internet@Schools article “Library Automation in K-12, a 2006 Update—Part 2,” Barbara Fiehn spoke with Sagebrush Corporation executives shortly after Follett acquired Sagebrush’s library automation products. Here’s her brief report on what’s happening to the rest of Sagebrush Corporation.
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Sep 2006 By

SirsiDynix Forms New Team to Deliver K-12 Market Solutions

The SchoolRooms online portal and a simplified library management system interface are among the offerings for school libraries.
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Sep 2006

Library Automation in K–12: A 2006 Update, Part 1

Last year, in her two-part series, “The Voice of the Vendors: Futures in School Library Automation, Parts 1 and 2,” Barbara Fiehn shared the results of her conversations with Follett, Sagebrush, Companion Corp., Dynix, Mandarin Library Automation, The Library Corporation (TLC), Innovative Interfaces, Inc., and Sirsi Corp. This year, she is once again touching base with as many of these companies as she can to find out what’s new and compelling in the market in general and in their offerings in particular. Barbara also identified several other important players in the K–12 automation market—Book Systems, Library Soft, and Surpass—and has added discussions of their products and services. Here, in Part 1 of her Library Automation in K–12 Update 2006, she covers these three companies and notes what’s new at Innovative Interfaces, Sagebrush, and TLC.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Sep 2006 - Sep/Oct 2006 Issue By

Follett Digital Resources Acquires Interactive Constructs, Inc.

Through the acquisition, Follett Digital Resources will be better positioned to meet the growing digital delivery needs of educational publishers and schools, the announcement states.
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Aug 2006

TLC’s School Products Division Releases Web Circ

The browser-based, streamlined circulation interface has been specifically designed for schools.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Aug 2006

Follett Acquires Sagebrush Corporation’s Library Automation Business

The Sagebrush library automation business will initially operate under the Sagebrush name as a subsidiary of Follett Software Company and over time will be integrated into Follett Software Company. Sagebrush Books, Sagebrush Library Services, and Sagebrush Viewpoint will continue as a new separate Sagebrush company.
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jul 2006

TLC Introduces BiblioFile with Multilingual Cataloging

The new release of BiblioFile is a generational upgrade to the company’s ITS•forWindows cataloging program.
News/Breaking News - Posted 26 Jul 2006

Follett Introduces Enhancements To Destiny Resource Management Solution

Version 6.5 of Follett’s Destiny Resource Management Solution features enhancements that make the product even better adapted to the specific needs of K-12 districts, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Jul 2006

Sagebrush Corp. Creates New Data Management Tools to Integrate with Library Automation

Sagebrush District Reports Manager and Patron Manager allow for ease of use and better district accountability, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jul 2006

New Edition of H.W. Wilson’s Fiction Catalog Now Available

The Fifteenth Edition of the Fiction Catalog is available on WilsonWeb and in print.
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 Apr 2006

Follett Introduces New Destiny Offering

Follett’s Destiny Asset Manager uses a browser-based interface and scanner technology to keep track of all of a district’s fixed and portable assets, making sure districts get the most value for their budget investment, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Mar 2006

Helping Students Make the Jump to University Level Research

Many students experience "library anxiety" when making the switch from high school to college. While school librarians do an excellent job teaching information literacy skills to their students, they may find themselves asking, "What other skills are important for my students to learn before they leave high school, and what resources are available for them?" Having worked for years as a librarian and with librarians in school and academic settings, the authors offer solid advice and ideas for school librarians to help students bridge the gap between the high school library and academic libraries.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Mar 2006 - Mar/Apr 2006 Issue By

COMPanion Corporation Releases Alexandria v5.5.1

The new version of the library automation system includes a powerful new WEB Librarian interface and numerous additional added benefits and performance enhancements, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Feb 2006

Sagebrush Announces Pinpoint v2.0, Upgraded Integrated Search Tool

Pinpoint helps students access and use the best district resources for learning by gathering, evaluating, ranking, and reporting the most relevant results (as defined by the district) from multiple sources simultaneously, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Dec 2005

Mandarin Library Automation Announces Z39.50 Client Added to Mandarin Oasis

This client allows librarians to search Z39.50 sites and easily add items to their library catalogs from these sites, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Sep 2005

Sagebrush Education Resources Announces State Standards Alignments

Sagebrush’s online bookstore now offers titles aligned to state curriculum standards in all 50 states for the core subject areas of language arts, math, social studies, and science.
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Sep 2005

Bowker Partners with Libraries for Implementation of New ISBN-13 Standard

Bowker has released a variety of new resources to assist library professionals with the operational changes necessary to transition to the new global ISBN-13 standard that takes effect in 16 months.
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Sep 2005

Sagebrush InfoCentre

Sagebrush InfoCentre provides site-based library automation and the flexibility to streamline processes to capture most of the cost savings found in a centralized system.
Archives/In the Spotlight - Posted 01 Sep 2005 - Sep/Oct 2005 Issue

Sagebrush In-Hand v3.3 Released

The upgrade enables users of the new Sagebrush InfoCentre Library Management System to use In-Hand in their libraries to simplify inventory, remote circulation, and in-house tracking, according to the announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Aug 2005

Mandarin Oasis

Mandarin Oasis is a centralized Web-based library management system that allows access to library resources through any workstation with a Web browser.
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The Voice of the Vendors: Futures in School Library Automation, Part 2

This article—Part 2 of Barbara Fiehn's two-part series on a group of library systems vendors that are active in the K–12 realm—reflects interviews with vendors who work with a wide range of library environments: Mandarin Library Automation, The Library Corporation (TLC), Innovative Interfaces, and Sirsi Corporation were asked to talk about current and future developments in library automation.
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EDITOR'S NOTES: A Resource for Your Summer Planning Time

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News@NECC: Sagebrush Announces InfoCentre 2005

InfoCentre offers library media specialists the choice of implementing a fully distributed or partially distributed infrastucture, so that they can run their library as they do today and help IT reduce systems maintenance and technology costs, according to the announcement.
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Sirsi and Dynix Announce Merger

The new company, SirsiDynix, will continue development of both the Unicorn and Horizon 8.x/Corinthian ILS platforms.
News/Breaking News - Posted 21 Jun 2005

ITI Cross Links: Thomson Gale Offers Customized Collection-Creation Tool in Virtual Reference Library; Adds Content to Databases

Thomson Gale has announced the newest enhancement to Gale's Virtual Reference Library, the eBook Subcollection Manager, plus enhancements and additional entries to databases. (From Information Today, Inc.'s
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R.R. Bowker Partners with H.W. Wilson to Deliver Bowker’s Book Analysis System for School and Public Libraries

Bowker’s Book Analysis System enables library professionals to perform quick core and gap analyses of their book collections.
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 May 2005

Mandarin Releases Oasis Web-Based Library Management Software System

Mandarin’s new Web-based automation system is centralized, offering one-point installation, maintenance and updates.
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 May 2005

Mandarin Library Automation Announces Mandarin M3 Software Available as Free Download

As Mandarin Library Automation, Inc. shifts to a services-based model, it has begun offering the basic Mandarin M3 library management software package as a free download.
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EDITOR'S NOTES: Fresh Concepts and Content

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The Voice of the Vendors: Futures in School Library Automation, Part 1

For this article, author Dr. Barbara Fiehn spoke with four vendors—Follett, Sagebrush, Companion Corp., and Dynix—to determine what, in their estimation, would be "coming soon," what would be coming "within five years," what the salient trends to watch might be, and what else mattered in the world of library automation for K-12. (Note that she’ll be speaking with another group of auto­mation vendors for their perspectives in Part 2 of this story, for the July/August 2005 issue.)
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COMPanion Corporation Launches Textbook Tracker v3.03

COMPanion says its Textbook Tracker v3.03 cross platform textbook management program will enable users to hold students and parents accountable for lost and damaged textbooks, thus saving schools/districts money.
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Cool Links: All About ISBN-13

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THE PIPELINE: The Top Five Priorities for School Libraries and Their Disctricts

We now have some pretty good track records on some new technologies that make access to information—both physical and intellectual access—simpler and, therefore, we hope, better. Hurdles to that access exist in both the physical and virtual worlds. Requiring a PC or specific browser to access information sets a hurdle in place in the virtual environment. Requiring information to be used within a library during specific hours is a hurdle of sorts too. Here are five key technologies that improve access in one way or another, or both.
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