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CATEGORY: Legislation/Policy

ASCD Introduces ASCD Student Growth Center and the Center’s First Product, GoalWorks

GoalWorks, a progress-monitoring solution for students with learning differences, was developed in response to schools' need for meaningful goal setting to support student growth.
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2017

SETDA Report Highlights Best Practices Around the Country for Driving Broadband Connectivity and Access for Students

With high-speed broadband access essential to student learning, Common Sense and SETDA have released a report to help educators, state leaders and policymakers ensure every student has high quality internet access.
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Apr 2016

Creating a Safe Social Learning Environment to Improve Student Success

This issue focuses on social media in K-12, and this previously published article from the folks at Schoolwires so closely fit what we editors were looking for that we sought, and received, permission to republish it and expand its distribution.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Nov 2013 - Nov/Dec 2013 Issue By

Effective Web-Based K–12 Common Core Tools … and They’re Free!

Worried about the Common Core State Standards? If you are a teacher, you don't have to be. Granted, it will take time and effort to adapt your teaching plans to meet these standards. But there are a lot of tools to help you do it, available right now on the web.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Mar 2013 - Mar/Apr 2013 Issue By

Alliance for Excellent Education Releases Report: 'The Nation’s Schools Are Stepping Up to Higher Standards'

The report identifies four key challenges that public school district leaders must systemically address in the next two years and outlines the essential elements for developing a comprehensive digital strategy.
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Nov 2012

The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) Announces Launch of the State Education Policy Center

The SEPC is intended to provide up-to-date information regarding select technology-related education policies and practices to inform school reform and improvement efforts.
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Oct 2012

Insight 360

Insight 360 is an integrated system of mobile, interactive hardware, and intuitive software that delivers formative ongoing assessments to track student progress.
Editorial/Product Reviews - Posted 01 May 2012 - May/Jun 2012 Issue By

Cool Link: Twittered Up Re: Education

Victor Rivero's just passed along a link to a great list of influential education and ed tech Twitter Tweeters and their Twitter handles that you should consider following.
News/Cool Links - Posted 20 Jul 2011

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Assessment Tools

According to the SIIA's Vision K-20 survey, the lowest level for its Five Measures of Progress is in the use of technology-based assessment tools, with an average score of just 46%. Clearly, there's room for improvement! And since knowing more about these tools is a good first step to using them to your advantage, Victor Rivero brings you a sampling of some of the more recent excellent products and services you may find useful when it comes to gaining much-needed assistance with assessment.
Editorial/Features - Posted 01 Jan 2010 - Jan/Feb 2010 Issue By

Funds For Learning Announces Findings from National E-rate Survey

The survey assessed applicants' attitudes and opinions to help improve the E-rate program.
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Jul 2009

NSBA Center For Public Ed Receives Pew Grant

The National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) Center for Public Education (CPE) received a two year $447,000 grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts to build upon an initiative to engage school boards in support of high quality voluntary pre-Kindergarten education.
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Oct 2008

ISTE and CoSN Issue Joint Statement Hailing Passage of Internet Safety Education Legislation

The update to the Children's Internet Protection Act requires schools participating in the E-Rate program to educate students regarding appropriate behavior on social networking and chat room sites and about cyberbullying—an approach ISTE and CoSN have advocated for many years.
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Oct 2008

Free Resources: ISTE Releases Digital Equity Report

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) released an examination of issues related to digital equity in education including equal access to technology, resources and services.
News/Free Resources - Posted 20 Jun 2007

Joint Statement of CoSN, ISTE, SETDA on New U.S. ED Study on Software Effectiveness

The three organizations urge readers to scrutinize the findings carefully, as even the Department states that the study “was not designed to assess the effectiveness of educational technology across its entire spectrum of uses ... ”
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Apr 2007

SIIA Statement on DOE Report, “National Study of Educational Technology Interventions”

Following the release of the “National Study of Educational Technology Interventions” report by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and authorized by the No Child Left Behind Act, SIIA, the principal association of the software and digital content industry, released this statement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Apr 2007

Free Resources: Instructional Classification Toolkit for School Library Media Specialists

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL), a division of the American Library Association, published a set of new advocacy tools developed to address the issue of the categorization of school library media specialists as “non-instructional.”
News/Free Resources - Posted 27 Aug 2006

Net Neutrality and the U.S. Senate

Keep an eye on the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, June 13, as it holds hearings on “net neutrality,” the concept that Internet content should be uniformly and freely accessible without interference from Internet service providers (ISPs).
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Jun 2006

Cool Links: Blog Postings About DOPA

Here’s a sampling of thought about the “Deleting Online Predators Act” from some of the best known ed. tech. bloggers. If you’re not up on this, reading these posts will quickly fill you in.
News/Cool Links - Posted 18 May 2006

Pearson Prentice Hall Pairs Literacy Skill Builder Series With WriteToLearn

Workbooks from Prentice Hall and Web-based literacy tools from Pearson Knowledge Technologies offer middle school students tools for building reading and writing skills.
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 May 2006

First Technology Forum on STEM Instruction

The National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training (NCTET) held its first critical issues forum in December in Washington, D.C. to address the innovations in technology that can inspire the nation’s K-12 students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Dec 2005

ITI Cross Links: Congress Extends USA PATRIOT Act by 1 Month

The PATRIOT Act's provisions, which had been set to expire on Dec. 31, 2005, will now expire on Feb. 3, 2006. Information industry legal expert George H. Pike has the whole story. (From Information Today, Inc.’s NewsBreaks)
News/ITI Cross Links - Posted 28 Dec 2005

FAS Hosts Summit on Educational Games

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) recently hosted a Summit on Educational Games in Washington, DC.
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Nov 2005 Partners with Districts to Help Test Technology Skills

Districts nationwide are assessing progress toward achieving technology goals through a beta program that uses's TechLiteracy Assessment.
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Oct 2005

CYBERBEE: We the People: Constitution and Citizenship Day

Linda Joseph's CyberBee offers a wide assortment of resources to help you with activities for your class in support of Constitution and Citizenship Day, coming up this month.
Column/CyberBee - Posted 01 Sep 2005 - Sep/Oct 2005 Issue By

ALA Finds DOE NCES Report Demonstrates Need for Funding School Library Programs

While the March 2005 report “Fifty Years of Supporting Children’s Learning: A History of Public School Libraries and Federal Legislation from 1953-2000” from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics shows gains to libraries, the American Library Association (ALA) sounds a cautionary note in a recent announcement.
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Aug 2005

ITI Cross Links: Generosity and Copyright--Creative Commons and Creative Commons Search Tools

These days, students are creating reports, portfolios, presentations, or other works that need to incorporate—legally, but without enormous hassles—multiple media “objects” such as music, voice, video, images, and more. Laura Gordon-Murnane’s Searcher article explains how “librarians now have a useful tool they can use to help identify content that patrons might want to use in a podcast, a mash-up, a collage, a video contribution to a blog, a document, a presentation, or whatever.” (From Information Today, Inc.’s Searcher magazine)
News/ITI Cross Links - Posted 25 Jul 2005

CoSN, MINDS, WebAIM Collaborate to Provide Streaming Videos for 2005 CoSN Conference

News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Mar 2005

Cool Links: All About ISBN-13

News/Cool Links - Posted 28 Feb 2005

ALA and Infopeople Offering Special Webcast—“Borrowing” Graphics or Text For Library Web Pages: Fair Play, and Fair Use

News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2005

AASL Joins Partnership for 21st Century Skills

News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Feb 2005

Literacy Through School Libraries grant technical assistance conference calls

News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Feb 2005

ISTE Announces Launch of Advocacy Toolkit Program

News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Feb 2005

Cool Links: The Media Center at the Heart of the School

News/Cool Links - Posted 09 Feb 2005

Under Reauthorized IDEA Act, XML Will Aid Blind and Visually Impaired

News/Breaking News - Posted 09 Feb 2005

New Research Finds District Leadership Can Drive Formative Assessment Success, Student Achievement

News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jan 2005
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