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John Drag, Jr. is the Principal at Broward Community Charter School, 201 University Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071; Phone: 954-341-0082

Articles By John Drag Jr.
John Drag, Jr. reviews Simon S.I.O. (Sounds It Out), a tutor-led phonics intervention program for students of all ages who may be experiencing difficulty in mastering phonological awareness.
Posted 01 Sep 2007 / Sep/Oct 2007 Issue
John Drag, Jr. reviews Math'scool, a pre-algebra program that can be used with students in grades 3-8.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 / Jan/Feb 2007 Issue
Reviewer John Drag, Jr. reviews Straight Curve Mathematics Series 2, a Web-based math program for grades 3-5.
Posted 01 Nov 2006 / Nov/Dec 2006 Issue
Gradebook2, an assessment package available in a single-user edition, is reviewed by John Drag, Jr.
Posted 01 Mar 2006 / Mar/Apr 2006 Issue
A review of Differentiated Instruction: Success for Every Student, a free online professional development resource.
Posted 01 Jul 2005 / Jul/Aug 2005 Issue
Teaching Mathematics to All Students is a professional development course that combines Internet-based training content with CD-ROM video elements.
Posted 01 May 2005 / May/Jun 2005 Issue
3dChor Kids provides young students with an introduction to basic animation.
Posted 01 Nov 2004 / Nov/Dec 2004 Issue
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