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Len Annetta , Ph.D., is the lead principal investigator of the IGNITE and HI FIVES programs, in partnership with the Friday Institute (, and is assistant professor of ­science ­education at North Carolina State University. The ­Friday Institute, a research and outreach arm of the ­College of Education at NCSU, is dedicated to transforming education through innovation in teaching, learning, and leadership to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Articles By Len Annetta
With end-of-grade, back-to-basics, multiple-choice testing for the masses and mechanical instruction methods, there’s growing concern that children are not learning to problem solve as much as they are mastering memorization of isolated facts in order to answer test questions. Yet, when they get home from school, children eagerly devour new information and concepts through the virtual environments of video games. In what I call a stealth-learning environment, children develop skills that connect and manipulate information in the virtual worlds of video games without really knowing that they’re learning.
Posted 01 Nov 2007 / Nov/Dec 2007 Issue
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