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Internet @ Schools Announces Field Trip Library

Posted May 8, 2014
Bookmark and Share has announced the launch of Field Trip Library, utilizing the Story map platform from Esri – a provider of GIS data – to provide a visual medium for understanding often complex events using maps and rich supporting materials.

As well as supporting learning in a range of subjects from world and U.S. history to geography and earth science, the program helps students develop skills such as zooming to different levels of detail, identifying and opening points of interest and connecting facts with places – an absolute necessity given the omnipresence of spatial tools in daily life.

Textual information and articles that come with each point of interest develop reading and comprehension as the students interpret the text to make sense of the images, while Common-Core-aligned activities such as critical thinking questions expand and reinforce the student’s understanding and interpretation.

On a more rudimentary level, for many students, they also provide a broader opportunity for enrichment that are otherwise off-limits due to economic challenges in the home and school.

Field Trip Library is a browser-based tool, requiring no installation or specific hardware to operate. It also works well specifically on mobile and tablet devices – ideal for bring your own device environments. The design is ideal for students at the younger end of the age spectrum, the announcement states. Several current field trips are appropriate for middle and high school but the user experience is one that will be familiar and engaging for all ages.

Field Trip Library is available as an upgrade to Maps101, a cross-curricular K-12 subscription resource. Schools that already have Maps101 will receive a complimentary 30 day trial of Field Trips. For those that do not have the product, free-trials are available as well as more detail on field trips from

Priced at under $900 per school site for a 1-year subscription, a single login or IP authentication is provided so that the whole school – teachers, students and even parents – can access the complete resource. This makes it appropriate for adding to the library or media center in addition to classrooms and computer labs. has been providing the Maps101 digital resource for a decade, and currently over 1.7 million students have access to the product each day. The company, which also provides mapping services for business and the world's largest retail map store, is also a creator of digital resources for award-winning educational products by leading publishers.

Key Features -

  • Browser based - no installation or upgrade required

  • Suitable for one-to-many, group activity and BYOD classroom teaching

  • Multi-classroom, multi-subject, multi-grade resources

  • Visually engaging - more effective for learning complex facts or data


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