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Odysseyware Enhances Notes Feature In Online Curriculum Platform

Posted Apr 16, 2014
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Odysseyware has announced the addition of further refinements to the Note feature of its online curriculum platform. The previous version of Odysseyware allowed teachers to write notes in an individual box on lessons. Although customers appreciated this ability, teachers asked for a way to leave multiple notes in a single assignment. They also wanted to extend this function to students. Responding to this user feedback, Odysseyware gave customers what they asked for.

With the redesigned Notes feature, both students and teachers can now write multiple notes directly in the margins of every assignment. This allows teachers to create more context-specific notes, and saves students the hassle of flipping between tabs to study more effectively. For intuitive organization, teachers’ notes appear in red while students can choose from a variety of note colors. All notes can also be printed for offline learning.

Source: Odysseyware,

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