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Awesome Eats Game

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Jan 15, 2014
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For January 15, 2014: Elementary teachers looking for a fun way to teach students about nutrition and recycling should check out the Whole Kids Foundation's Awesome Eats, a free app for the iPhone or iPad. Students learn about healthy eating by sorting fruits, vegetables, and grains into bins across a series of wacky conveyor belts. Tips and facts are provided between each challenge. The final segment of the game encourages students to find treasure in trash by sorting items into recycle and compost bins. Throughout the game students earn stars and points for their efforts. Awesome Eats features a cast of over 50 crazy characters, including thieving birds that try to interfere with the process. Whole Kids Foundation, founded by Whole Foods Market, is dedicated to helping kids eat better—and enjoy it!

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