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Spanning's Backup for Google Apps Is Now Available for Educational Institutions

Posted Dec 6, 2013
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Spanning Cloud Apps, Inc., a provider of data backup and recovery for cloud applications, has announced that their flagship product, Spanning Backup for Google Apps, is available for educational institutions. The top-rated backup solution on the Google Apps Marketplace, Spanning Backup, is the only data protection product that provides full data recovery for the core Google Apps components, including Gmail, Drive, Sites, Calendar and Contacts. Spanning customers in education represent thousands of individual users, including The University of Maryland, Bryan University and Second Baptist School.

Technology tools and developments have dramatically changed classrooms in the last few years; no longer bogged down by heavy notebooks and binders, students and educators share information via the cloud. As one of the most popular cloud-based services, Google Apps is free for educational institutions and has seen rapid adoption in the education market with more than fourteen million students and teachers currently using the applications. However, Google Apps still has crucial elements that need to be implemented to protect its cloud-based data: backup and recovery.

Schools, both their students and faculty, are increasingly aware of the issue of lost data: Google Apps only protects their data loss, and the biggest culprit behind common losses includes user error, hacking, accidental deletions and hardware failure. As a result, schools moving to Google Apps for its collaboration capabilities are increasingly pairing a cloud backup solution that protects data in one location and allows for immediate, seamless recovery of losses.

Google Apps provides students and educators with easy access to information from anywhere and on any device, allowing students to work remotely, faculty to share their research and everyone to efficiently collaborate. Spanning’s backup services offer everyone in education the assurance that all of their data will be protected.

Spanning Backup is available with a 14-day free trial: or Google Apps Marketplace. For more informatin, visit

Source: Spanning Cloud Apps, Inc.,

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