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Curriculum Associates Releases First App in New Series of Educational Games for the iPad

Posted Nov 6, 2013
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Curriculum Associates has announced an addition to i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction product line with the release of the first app in a new series of educational games for the iPad. These apps will target the skills that are most essential for achievement in reading and mathematics and then harness the power of game design to motivate students to develop them, according to the announcement.

World’s Worst Pet is the first educational game in this series. Designed for grades 4–8, the game provides targeted skill development specifically focused on Tier Two vocabulary, a key area of emphasis in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The game also helps educators ensure long-term achievement gains and increased student performance and growth outcomes when used in conjunction with i-Ready.

World’s Worst Pet complements i-Ready’s online and teacher-led instruction, addressing key shifts in instruction related to the CCSS in areas shown to hold students back. The app focuses on developing understanding of Tier Two vocabulary words, which is a key part of developing students’ ability to read and understand complex text. Tier Two words appear across a wide range of texts, including literature and informational texts. They include academic vocabulary, as well as domain-specific vocabulary such as science and social studies words.

World’s Worst Pet, available now through the App Store, provides students with robust practice and multiple exposures to words in a variety of contexts. In the game, students must use their academic vocabulary skills to help keep Snargg, the troublesome pet of the BakeStars—the onscreen characters from i-Ready’s online lessons—out of danger, but Snargg keeps escaping and getting stuck again in other strange places.

The app incorporates engaging and pedagogically sound games and requires minimal direction and intervention from teachers or parents. Multiple replay opportunities within a low-risk environment provide teachers with the flexibility to use the program as part of small-group instruction, classroom activity centers or for practice at home. 

The app can be downloaded at or by searching for “World’s Worst Pet”.

For more information, please visit, and visit Curriculum Associates’ YouTube channel to watch video testimonials from teachers and administrators using i-Ready:

Source: Curriculum Associates,

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