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Follett Software Unveils Aspen Curriculum & Learning

Posted Sep 5, 2012
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Follett Software Company has announced that Aspen, its Student Information System (SIS), has evolved to now serve as a fully-integrated instructional, curriculum and learning management system, allowing for seamless access to digital content, online learning and collaboration tools all in one product.

Known for its flexibility and adaptability in meeting even complex local requirements, Aspen includes full special education capabilities, health office functionality and professional development tracking in addition to traditional student information.

Aspen's newest chapter - the addition of curriculum and learning - creates a collaborative environment for curriculum teams, media specialists, librarians and teachers, bringing paid digital content, free and open-source content, and locally created resources together in a single system. All of these standards-aligned resources are usable by teachers, students and parents to augment lessons and extend the classroom to anytime, anywhere learning.

Aspen Curriculum & Learning, for example, will help districts seamlessly connect their standards-aligned curriculum maps to their instructional resources, and distribute them to all teachers and onto the student/parent portals with drag-and-drop simplicity. Individual lessons can be attached to the planner, so all teachers will be equipped - with materials on-hand - and ready for each lesson.

Teachers will be able to enhance their existing class web pages so all the class activities, including assignments and resources are available to the family via the student/parent portal. Students can download an assignment, complete it online and submit back to the teacher. Other assignments, such as online quizzes or tests, can be auto-graded and the grades immediately sent to the Gradebook for real-time results.

Six districts piloted Aspen Curriculum & Learning during the 2011-12 school year and users were very happy with the functionality, breadth of what can be accomplished and ease of use.

Existing Aspen customers can simply "add on" the Curriculum & Learning feature to their subscription.

Source: Follett Software Company,

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