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Reading Assistant Software From Scientific Learning Corp. Now Available on SciLEARN Enterprise Platform

Posted Mar 7, 2012
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Scientific Learning Corp. has announced its new web-based Reading Assistant software, enabling students to practice reading on their own with one-on-one personalized feedback and guidance and also receive the benefit of direct instruction when it matters most. Reading Assistant software combines advanced speech recognition technology with research-based reading instruction to help students strengthen their reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Using the software, teachers can provide individualized, guided oral reading practice for every student, and allow students to read texts multiple times to strengthen their ability to read with speed and accuracy. In addition, when Reading Assistant becomes available on the new MySciLEARN on demand platform, planned for later this spring, teachers can extend learning by assigning further reading practice to be completed at home.

Students can preview vocabulary, listen to a modeled fluent reading of a passage, and read the passage orally. Using speech recognition technology, Reading Assistant "listens" to each student as he or she reads aloud. The software provides real-time corrective feedback at the moment it is most effective, allowing the student to self-correct and learn from errors. Clickable glossary words with definitions available in English or Spanish build vocabulary, and "Think About It" questions and quizzes at the end of each selection help build comprehension. Teachers receive assessment reports and can listen to audio samples of their students as if they had been sitting next to them while they read.

Reading Assistant's new web-based platform is deployed as a web-based product from a single server at the district level and is easily implemented for one student or thousands of students, in a variety of learning environments including computer labs, classrooms, before- and after-school programs, and summer school programs.

Source: Scientific Learning Corp.,

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