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MIND Research Institute Launches ST Math Touch

Posted Jan 25, 2012
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The non-profit education researcher MIND Research Institute has announced the launch of its new ST Math Touch. ST Math K-5 web based software games have been enhanced by changes that exploit the properties of touch-screen mobile devices and feature interactive animations that show students how math works.

The year-long suites of grade-leveled games are designed to cover virtually all math standards by introducing concepts visually, initially without symbols or text. Students experience how math works by interacting with virtual manipulatives to solve math problems. The ST Math K-5 software has been shown to roughly double math score annual growth, particularly in schools with historically low achievement levels, according to the announcement.

ST Math Touch can be played on the major tablet operating systems including iPads, Android and Microsoft. It provides a multi-sensory experience for students with natural gesture-based computing, allowing students to make deeper neural connections in mathematics.

The program takes the form of interactive math puzzles. The "ST" stands for spatial-temporal, taken from reasoning in space and in time. Thinking ahead over multiple steps with added insight from animation improves understanding and retention, according to the announcement. With ST Math Touch, control that has previously been one-step removed through a mouse-and-pointer is now direct, intuitive, and gesture-controlled. Students now literally manipulate the on-screen manipulatives directly with their fingers, and then see how the math works as the computer animates these objects. This interactivity also helps raise engagement and concept retention. In comparison to MIND's software which uses mouse connectivity, the new format provides students with additional multi-sensory input using touch. User actions previously impossible due to "mouse fatigue" are now easy and natural. As a web-based system, ST Math Touch also allows for learning anytime, anywhere.

ST Math Touch is more than a playlist of apps; it runs on MIND Research's fully featured Integrated Instructional System. Teachers benefit from ST Math Touch's instant, mobile access to reporting, and full administrative control of the system. These live results can now provide roving teachers with insightful information both at the class level and for each individual student. Teachers are provided with information on how a specific student may be struggling with a particular math concept.

Source: MIND Research Institute,

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