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GradeCam Releases Free Scanning Software for Rapid Classroom Test Grading

Posted Jan 24, 2012
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GradeCam has announced a free formative application that automates multiple-choice test scoring and provides teachers with immediate feedback on the learning in progress in their classrooms.

GradeCam is a web program that works with a standard web or document camera to quickly grade multiple-choice tests at no cost. The teacher simply swipes a completed test under the camera, and within seconds, GradeCam delivers the student's name, score, and questions missed. After scanning all tests, GradeCam provides an item analysis for each question showing how many students chose answer A, how many chose B, etc. Forms can be printed from the application.

Educators who take advantage of this free tool by addressing topics that need further instruction can dramatically improve the quality of their day-to-day instruction, the announcement states. Available studies suggest that the rate of learning in classrooms where teachers use short-cycle formative assessment is approximately double that found in other classrooms. (Source: Research Brief: "What Does Research Say the Benefits of Formative Assessment Are?" published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

GradeCam offers its proprietary technology for licensing to all education providers. Companies that have already licensed the application include Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Illuminate Education, LinkIt!, and Mastery Connect. For more information about the free web-based application, visit

Source: GradeCam,

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