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Pearson Education’s Alleyoop College Readiness Website Launches

Posted Feb 1, 2012
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Alleyoop, a company incubated at Pearson Education, Inc., has announced the beta launch of its college readiness website and network,, with the goal of "helping get kids ready for college and life."  As the announcement notes, a big set of skills is required to live in this new world. Things like creative problem-solving, critical thinking, time management skills, leadership and teamwork are in demand. Mastery of subjects like math and writing are fundamental requirements.

Alleyoop is designed to speak directly to teens looking to take control of their futures by better preparing themselves for college and beyond. Alleyoop mashes up tailored guidance, rich educational activities and game dynamics to help them succeed:

* Tailored guidance - Alleyoop's personalization engine lays out the path to success. An individual assessment gets things going. Then Alleyoop adapts and provides customized instruction to keep the student on track. 

* Rich educational content - Alleyoop gives teens resources to get ready for college, from live tutors and dynamic videos to surveys and engaging quizzes. Alleyoop partners with a host of not-for-profit and commercial partners to keep the content coming. 

* Game dynamics - The Alleyoop experience is structured as a game that keeps the action and progress moving. Users are players who conquer adaptive missions (aka a learning plan) built around achievements, rewards, and the student's goals.

The journey begins with math. As technology and science drive worldwide economic growth, math skills are in high demand. Math is one of the prime building blocks of the well-rounded high school student -- and also the prime tripping point for kids as they progress from middle to high school. Math's sequential nature means that if students miss a core concept in, for example, Algebra I, then they're in a tough spot as the class levels up to Algebra II and beyond. Alleyoop quickly "learns" where students are struggling and serves up customized videos and exercises to keep them on track.

For the next couple of weeks Alleyoop is offering a special incentive of 250 Yoops to new teen players (aged 13-18). What's a Yoop? Zip over to Alleyoop and find out!

Source: Alleyoop,

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