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Revolution K12 Launches New Geometry Program

Posted Nov 23, 2011
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Revolution K12, a  web-based adaptive software division of Revolution Prep, has released its new Geometry program which diagnoses students' issues with geometry topics in order to provide educators with detailed reports on student skill acquisition and deficiencies. Because the system goes from standardized questions tied to standards, to diagnostic questions, to tutorials on specific skills if students continue to answer questions incorrectly, it helps target instruction on specific concepts in order to help all students reach success, the announcement states.

Each of the 28 geometry topic areas begins by having students review a handful of Prior Knowledge Concept lessons, giving them a chance to solidify their understanding of the geometrical concepts they should have learned in previous grades. Then, to ensure a deeper understanding of each topic, students are presented with a series of Mentor Sessions where they are asked questions pertaining to the core concepts in the topic area. If answered correctly, a new, more difficult question is presented. If answered incorrectly, students receive a series of diagnostic questions that break down the problem-solving process of that concept into manageable parts.

If at any time a diagnostic question is answered incorrectly, students are presented with a tutorial to help them understand that concept. Students who need support in Spanish can click on a translation button to receive the tutorial in Spanish. Test items vary in format from multiple choice, true/false, constructed response, matching and interactive shape drawing in order to better reflect modern testing formats. A final Mentor Session in each topic is a real-world application to build context and help retention.

To help improve teacher effectiveness, real-time reports help teachers pinpoint the areas where students are struggling, thus allowing them to customize instruction for those specific individuals. In addition, teachers and administrators can track students' academic progress within the program against standards which helps gauge students' preparation for taking a standardized geometry test.

To learn more about Revolution K12's Geometry program, go to

Source: Revolution Prep,

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