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Teachscape Increases Video Recording Options, Adds Video Clipping Functionality to its Reflect Video Platform

Posted Oct 12, 2011
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Teachscape has announced the addition of a feature to its Reflect Video platform allowing uploading of video from most video-recording devices, including its new Mini Camera Kit, and to clip and share video examples of best teaching practices. These new features, along with Reflect's existing functionalities, facilitate collaboration among educators and provide a video-based tool for the observation and evaluation of teaching practices, all within a secure online platform.

Teachscape Reflect Video expands the use of the platform from solely using Teachscape's Lucy Pano Camera Kit to include most video-recording devices, including Teachscape's new Mini Camera Kit. The kit is a low-cost, non-intrusive video recording system that includes a wide-angle lens attached to an optional iPod Touch, a condenser microphone, and an adjustable, lightweight tabletop tripod to provide educators with a compact, portable and professional-grade solution for video capture.

The new clipping feature allows educators to save a clip of specific teaching moments or sections of best practices in action. TeachscapeReflect Video includes the same tagging, commenting and sharing found in the original Reflect platform. With these clips, educators and schools or districts can build a personalized video library of best practices. In addition, it allows educators to collaborate with colleagues on lesson planning and receive more effective feedback on teaching practices.

The system's reporting tools allow administrators to create usage, observation and participation reports that track number of videos captured, comments, shared videos, and more, thus allowing them to easily measure teaching progress, deliver data-driven feedback on instructional practices and guide individual teacher growth anchored in a common definition of teacher effectiveness.

To learn more about Teachscape Reflect Video, visit

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