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Turning Technologies and BrainPOP Announce Strategic Alliance

Posted Feb 10, 2011
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Turning Technologies has announced a strategic alliance with BrainPOP that will allow BrainPOP's animated content to operate seamlessly with Turning Technologies' student response systems for immediate assessment of student learning.

With Turning Technologies' student response solution, teachers ask students interactive formative assessment questions, students respond using durable ResponseCard keypads ("clickers"), and the technology immediately gathers and displays response results. This data allows educators to assess in real time student understanding and comprehension of lesson materials while also engaging every student with every question. With this insight, teachers can easily differentiate instruction and monitor progress in order to increase student learning outcomes, the announcement states.

BrainPOP's online, subscription-based, cross-curricular resources include animated lesson materials and assessments that teachers can use daily in numerous ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before a test. BrainPOP content is aligned to academic standards including the Common Core State Standards.

With this integration, BrainPOP subscribers who also have Turning Technologies' student response devices will be able to present BrainPOP quizzes to their entire class and use ResponseCards to gather real time responses to the assessments from every student.

For information on how to access the integrated products, visit

Source: Turning Technologies,

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