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Scholastic Launches Social Networking Site 'You Are What You'

Posted Nov 1, 2010
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Scholastic has announced it is launching You Are What You Read, a social networking site for readers around the world. Users log on to, list the five books that had the biggest impact on their lives, and connect with readers all over the world through these shared "Bookprints." The site also contains the Bookprints of more than 130 "Names You Know" - notable people from entertainment, academia, business, media, publishing, and more - including Scarlett Johansson, Al Roker, Sir James Dyson, Venus Williams, Jodi Picoult, Malcolm Gladwell, Judy Blume, President William Jefferson Clinton, and President George H.W. Bush. After logging into You Are What You Read via Facebook or accounts, users can:

- Discover new books through an interactive web that shows how users' Bookprints are connected

- Find and connect with users across generations and from around the world to see the books in their Bookprints

- Compare their Bookprints to those of the participating "Names You Know," and find out if they share a book in their Bookprint with famous athletes, award-winning entertainers, world-renowned scientists, or iconic business leaders

- "Favorite" other books they like and check out what similar users enjoy reading

See which books have been chosen as Favorites from around the world

- Share a book in the real word through Pass It On, which encourages users to give a favorite book to a family member, a friend, or even a complete stranger.

You Are What You Read also features a separate community for young readers that provides kid friendly information about books and other activities.

The site is part of Scholastic's "Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life." global literacy campaign, in celebration of Scholastic's 90th anniversary. For more information on the Read Every Day campaign, visit

Source: Scholastic,

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