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Tabula Digita Releases DimensionL Literacy-Based Interactive Video Game

Posted Sep 2, 2010
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Tabula Digita has expanded its game-based learning platform with the release of DimensionL, a literacy-based, interactive video game for students in grades three through nine. Part of the DimensionU Learning System that includes the DimensionM series of three-dimensional math games, DimensionL gives students an exhilarating way to practice their essential literacy skills, according to the announcement.

With almost 200 literacy skills embedded in curriculum packs for elementary, middle and high school students, the highly interactive DimensionL instructional software introduces and reinforces such topics as language conventions, parts of speech, reading and writing processes, spelling, and vocabulary. Students encounter challenging curriculum delivered in a series of quick-paced, immersive missions that incorporate 3D graphics, sound, animation and storylines comparable to those in most popular commercial video games. By successfully navigating the hundreds of embedded questions, students rack up points while reinforcing language arts concepts discussed during the school day.

Teachers use the game's broad content for concept introduction, practice, enrichment, intervention, as well as test preparation. And, because the DimensionL games are designed as a supplemental tool, teachers may easily integrate the games and their content with a variety of instructional models - from classrooms to computer labs and even extending learning beyond the bell into student's homes.

The enhanced ‘Educator Portal' on includes comprehensive reporting functions that offer a beneficial look at each child's progress and mastery, including playtime logged at school versus at home, which can be shared with parents. Improved formatting of on-screen and spreadsheet-based reports, as well as graphical representation of data, will help teachers track student progress against important 21st century skills including fluency with, and identification of, specific grammatical forms, conventions and rules.

For pricing information for schools and individuals, please go to

Source: Tabula Digita,

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