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CompassLearning Introduces Impact Teacher Academy

Posted Aug 10, 2010
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CompassLearning is expanding its Odyssey suite with the addition of a new professional development program - CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy.

Based on a partnership between CompassLearning, district and school leadership, and teachers, it is a research-based process that builds teacher capacity and enforces accountability of program implementation. Flexible delivery models - on-site, virtual, and blended - give educators and administrators options suited to their district and school requirements. Additionally, a growing collection of more than 50 online, always-on videos guides users through common Odyssey tasks, such as class setup, reporting processes, and assignment building.

Six core services, offered at strategic intervals during implementation, form the program's foundation:

1.    In "District- and School-Level Leadership Team Planning and Orientation Meetings," CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy associates and educational leaders set mutual expectations and determine technical requirements for implementation.

2.    "Getting Started with Odyssey" familiarizes faculty members with Odyssey basics and sets instructional goals for students.

3.    "Differentiating Instructional Paths for Students" teaches faculty how to create and modify student-learning paths.

4.    "Mid-Service Report and Progress Review" summarizes monthly status reports to illustrate implementation fidelity and progress.

5.    "Student Data Analysis Session" helps school leadership formulate a plan to improve student achievement, based on data from reports.

6.    "End-of-Service Implementation Reporting" reviews implementation accomplishments and offers suggestions for ongoing improvement.

A mainstay of the program is regular, ongoing monitoring of Odyssey utilization and student-performance results. Key decision makers receive monthly reports compiled from data to help ensure minimal deviation from the implementation plan. The reports help education leaders develop improvement plans and influence ongoing recommendations.

To read more, visit the News and Events section of CompassLearning's website.

Source: CompassLearning,

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