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EBSCO Publishing Introduces Referencia Latina

Posted May 7, 2010
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EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) has released a new resource for its Spanish-speaking users. Referencia Latina is a definitive general reference resource for the rapidly growing native Spanish-speaking population in the United States covering issues in Latin America and Spain, as well as US and global affairs.

Designed to assist native Spanish-speaking users with their general research needs, Referencia Latina includes a 49,000-entry Spanish-language encyclopedia; 2,500 evidence-based, graphical health reports; as well as 50,000 images, most with Spanish-language captions. Referencia Latina also contains a Spanish-English dictionary, an atlas consisting of more than 330 Spanish-language maps, over 100 reference books, and dozens of general interest magazines.

With Referencia Latina, libraries are also able to provide their Spanish-speaking patrons with the most current articles from a dozen prominent newspapers from 10 Latin American countries such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Referencia Latina provides users with a unique Spanish-language interface making content readily accessible for non-English speakers with limited online research experience. As the non-English speaking population continues to grow, EBSCO is dedicated to expanding its ethnic and multicultural coverage.

Source: EBSCO Publishing,

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