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World Book Introduces Early World of Learning

Posted Apr 16, 2010
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World Book, Inc. has introduced Early World of Learning, an online resource to help young learners build vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency. As the latest addition to World Book Classroom, a series of teaching resources to improve learning in the classroom setting, Early World of Learning offers resources that integrate into the classroom curriculum in preschool and early elementary grades.

Early World of Learning includes three interactive learning environments:

* Trek's Travels, offering stories, games, and original videos to help young learners master critical early childhood themes, develop vocabulary, and gain reading comprehension.

* Welcome to Reading, helping pre- and early readers strengthen phonics, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.

* Know It, engaging early learners with non-fiction reading in a richly visual interactive first encyclopedia.

Among literacy-building features included in Early World of Learning are:

* Story narration by human voices of different genders and ethnicities

* Word-by-word highlighting to foster development of literacy skills

* Educational, interactive games to reinforce comprehension

* Printable activities in English or Spanish for use in the classroom or to take home

 * Classic children's stories, nursery rhymes, and songs, which can be downloaded to an MP3 player for children who may not be read to at home, or who would like extra reading time.

Additionally, each area of Early World of Learning includes a comprehensive Education Center, providing teachers with additional resources, Lexile Framework for Reading measurements to ensure early readers use text at their level, and state- and province-based Curriculum Correlations.

Early World of Learning is available on a subscription basis from World Book's school and library sales force at 800-975-3250 (U.S.) or 800-837-5365 (Canada) and from the school and library ordering site (

Source: World Book,

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