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APTE Launches Literacy Suite

Posted Mar 17, 2010
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APTE has announced the launch of APTE's Literacy Suite. Based on visual learning theory, the Literacy Suite is designed to build reading, writing, and science skills by combining students' own images, videos, and photos with rich learning content. The Literacy Suite contains seven program applications for students, as well as a collection of Teacher Resource Books with classroom lesson plans, projects, activities, and portfolios.

Designed by special educators, APTE's Literacy Suite responds to the unique needs of visual learners. Students with ADD, autism, Down syndrome, hearing impairments and young learners are primarily "picture" thinkers. Because learning to read using phonetics involves accurate hearing and good auditory discrimination skills, visual learners can be easily frustrated when decoding words phonetically. Instead, APTE's Literacy Suite recognizes and builds on the visual strengths of students. Aligned to national standards, the Literacy Suite applications enable students to create hundreds of reading, writing, and science projects that are supported with their own words, pictures, and videos.

Source: APTE,

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