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By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Feb 15, 2010
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For February 15, 2010: Introduce your middle school math students to topics that align with NCTM standards with the click of a mouse at the subscription-based Brainingcamp website. The interactive software is perfect for whole group or self-guided instruction. Concepts cover algebra, numbers and operation, geometry and measurement, probability and data analysis, and problem solving.

An introductory lesson is presented using standards-based math vocabulary and easy-to-follow visual animations. Next, students explore the concept through interaction and experimentation. To culminate the lesson, students answer questions that require them to think and calculate. Now, here is the really cool part: The math problems investigate real-world challenges such as designing a phone plan to maximize revenue; planting a forest that offsets a city's increasing carbon dioxide emissions using rates, graphs, and linear functions; and designing a mountain race course that meets length and slope specifications using Pythagorean Theorem, slope, and scale. Over 50 lessons are currently available. Eight lessons are free so you can evaluate them before purchasing a subscription. Subscription rates are tiered depending on the number of computers you have in your home or school.

Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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