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netTrekker and NSTA Partner to Offer Professional Development Resources to Improve K-12 Science Teaching

Posted Feb 10, 2010
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netTrekker has partnered with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) ( to offer a complete package of instructional and professional development resources designed to help K-12 teachers increase their science-content proficiency and improve their teaching skills.

Through the partnership, schools and districts can purchase a package of professional development resources from the NSTA Learning Center ( along with their netTrekker subscription. K-12 science teachers can access NSTA's online professional development resources within their netTrekker search results to immediately find the support they need, and enhance their subject-area knowledge and instructional skills on the specific science topics that they're teaching.

The NSTA Learning Center resources provide a rich set of self-paced professional development activities and experiences for science educators at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to meet a variety of adult learning styles and build on basic levels of content knowledge. The Center provides more than 4,400 multimedia resources, including:

Science Objects - Two-hour online inquiry-based learning experiences that teachers can use to enhance their understanding of a particular scientific concept. Topics are based on the science literacy goal in the national standards and tied to state standards.

SciPacks - 10-hour online interactive courses, aligned with the national science education standards, that help teachers better understand the science content they teach. Each pack includes an email content mentor to address individual questions, a pedagogical component to assist in translating the content for the classroom, and provides an opportunity for teachers to demonstrate their knowledge through a final assessment.

SciGuides - Thematically aligned websites, lesson plans, student work samples, simulations, and other classroom resources for science teachers interested in integrating online content into their teaching.

Web Seminar Archives - Downloadable archives of NSTA's 60 to 90-minute live professional development web seminars that allow participants to learn from nationally acclaimed experts, NSTA Press authors, scientists, engineers, and education specialists from NSTA partner organizations.

Ebook Chapters and Journal Articles - Selected collection of materials from NSTA Press, including 181 ebook chapters and more than 2,700 journal articles from four NSTA journals.

The netTrekker NSTA Learning Center package will be available this spring. netTrekker subscribers will be able to access a select portion of NSTA Learning Center resources in their search results as part of their netTrekker subscription, or they can opt to upgrade to access the full suite.

Source: netTrekker,

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