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Time To Know Launches One-to-One Curriculum System

Posted Jan 22, 2010
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Time To Know has announced the U.S. launch of its complete, interactive curriculum system designed specifically for one-to-one computing classrooms.

With Time To Know, the teacher guides the class using an engaging curriculum that is integrated with tools for classroom management, planning, assessment, and collaboration. Unlike tutorial software, Time To Know is a core curriculum program that delivers standards-based instruction in mathematics and reading/language arts to help students learn essential content and prepare for high stakes tests. Built upon social constructivist principles, the interactive curriculum also offers open-ended explorations and collaboration tools to deepen student understanding and strengthen problem-solving skills.

For teachers, Time To Know provides tools to streamline classroom management, create a smooth flow between group and individual instruction, and deliver differentiated activities to every learner. It also enhances the teacher's role as a coach by providing intensive, ongoing training on strategies for individualizing instruction, building collaborative learning skills, and establishing reflective teaching practices, according to the announcement.

Currently available for grades four and five in math and reading/language arts, Time To Know plans to expand its curriculum offerings to additional grade levels and subject areas.

Source: Time To Know,

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