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Archipelago Releases Study Island Version 3.0

Posted Jan 25, 2010
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Archipelago Learning, a subscription-based online education company, has announced the release of Study Island Version 3.0.

Built specifically from each state's standards, Study Island is designed to help students in kindergarten through 12th grade master grade-level academic standards in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies in a fun, engaging manner. With new and expanded tools for assessment, instruction, parent communication, collaboration and planning, Study Island v3 is a comprehensive solution to meet diverse needs district-wide at a price averaging $3 to $10 per student. New and improved v3 functionality includes:

* Custom Assessment Builder:  A tool for creating a custom test by choosing specific standards-based questions and practice from an instruction bank

* Writing Assignment:  A new assignment type that allows a teacher to assign a writing prompt to students (the prompt can be the teacher's own, or one provided by Study Island), including a graphic organizer, and/or grading rubric. The assignment is done online, within Study Island, and returned to the teacher for grading.

* Increased functionality for Tier I and Tier II intervention:  Including text-to-speech, which enables a student to highlight text and click the speaker icon to have text read aloud.

* Professional Development Toolbox (PD Toolbox):  A collection of standards-based lesson plans, lessons, instructional videos, and supplemental resources to provide educators with "just-in-time" classroom best practices.

* Interactive Toolkit:  A set of tools available to the student, such as on-screen ruler, protractor, calculators (classic and scientific), scratch pad, and text highlighters. Calculators, scratch pad, and highlighters can be turned off/on by teachers/administrators, and protractor and ruler will be attached to questions where they are applicable.

* Enhanced Reporting:  A new report that helps measure RTI. Shows a specific student's progress in a specific subject and topic by graphing sessions and scores for both on-grade-level material and building-block topics.

* Training Modules:  New training videos about 10-15 minutes in length that teach users how to use key features.  These are very basic, but allow administrators, teachers, and students to learn the basics of using Study Island in a simple, self-paced manner.

* Enhanced Parent Communication:  The ability to communicate with parents via email from within Study Island. Teachers will have the ability to add parent email addresses, create parent groups, and schedule emails to be sent automatically to parents notifying them of assignments, due dates, blue ribbons earned, and more.

A new LiveView feature allows teachers to monitor performance in real-time as students work in Study Island in class and at home. This enables teachers to see when students are on-task or off-task, and immediately provide instructional guidance and intervention.

Using the new parent notification system, teachers can choose from a set of pre-defined notification emails, or schedule and send customized messages about student performance, upcoming assignments, suggested topics of study at home, and other school events such as field trips. Timely parent notifications ensure parents are aware of student accomplishments and can assist in interventions, as necessary.

In addition to increasing the communication flow with students and parents, Study Island v3 gives teachers a digital meeting place for real-time collaboration and networking, and new professional development tools. The Study Island Teacher Forum provides a virtual instructional community where teachers can share ideas, tips, and best practices to enrich the teaching and learning experience.

For students, Study Island v3 includes new interactive games, which are enabled by achieving specific performance targets, to motivate improved performance on their assignments. New instructional tools include an interactive test toolkit with a scratchpad, basic and scientific calculators, and measuring tools, as well as online highlighters and text-to-speech capabilities to support students with special needs.

Source: Archipelago Learning,

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