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STI Adds "Go Green" Features to InformationNOW Student Information System

Posted Jan 13, 2010
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STI has announced it is offering new features through its web-based student information system, InformationNOW, intended to help schools save time, resources, and money on mailing information to parents and guardians. The new set of features, called "Go Green," is provided with InformationNOW at no additional charge to schools or parents.

Schools incur significant costs when producing paper-based communications to parents. Costs for paper, printing and postage can add up quickly when sending out information to several thousand parents and guardians throughout the school year. Schools can save an estimated $5,000 per 500 students by switching to online communications with parents. With more than 70 percent of U.S. households with internet access, according to a 2009 Nielson survey, online communication is now a viable alternative for schools and parents.

Schools nationwide are considering the benefits of moving toward a paperless educational environment, not only to save costs and energy, but to embrace the reality of living in a digital age where banking, utility payments, phone conversations, and more are all occurring online. Important documents no longer need to be mailed; they can be made available in secure electronic formats accessible anytime, anywhere. STI is committed to providing an innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly product for K-12 education with InformationNOW with Go Green.

Using Go Green, parents can elect to receive student report cards, progress reports, school notices, and other communications through the online portal in InformationNOW. Email alerts notify "Green" parents when new documents are ready to be viewed online. Parents and students can also request online courses via the Web portal rather than filling out paper forms.

In the spring, additional Go Green features will be available, including the option for parents to receive automatic alerts through an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed in their preferred RSS readers. 

InformationNOW is a Web-based system that offers a complete, integrated solution for the collection, analysis and reporting of student data, accessible through a customizable portal for each user. It streamlines school administrative functions and allows administrators, teachers and parents easy access to information. For more information, visit

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