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PCI Education Releases Academic Curriculum Framework

Posted Sep 23, 2009
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PCI Education, a provider of resources for students with special needs, has announced the release of Academic Curriculum Framework, a comprehensive K-12+ program that aligns academic skills for students with moderate to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Created by a team of educators experienced in special education, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, Academic Curriculum Framework offers a developmentally sequenced progression of skills that can be implemented district-wide, providing consistency and continuity across schools and grade levels. The authors reviewed the general education standards for all 50 states and reduced them to developmentally appropriate standards for students with disabilities.

Students with intellectual disabilities often have delays or gaps in their development and acquisition of skills and concepts; therefore repetition is essential for learning. To meet the needs of these students, Academic Curriculum Framework utilizes an integrated teaching and learning cycle designed to maximize strategies found to be effective in teaching students with special needs. The cycle incorporates three instructional phases: teach/re-teach, guided and independent practice and informal assessment.
Individual student progress monitoring is an integral part of the program. Progress monitoring charts align directly with the framework's content area skills, and, according to the announcement, provide a clear, efficient means of showing where the student stands in terms of skill acquisition. Progress Monitoring Booklets are available for each grade band. Each student booklet provides a place to record specific, measurable data directly related to the content area skills on the program's curriculum charts.

Pricing for Academic Curriculum Framework starts at $149.95 per grade band, with volume discounts available. For more information, visit


Source: PCI Education, www.pcieducation

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