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GigaTribe Announces 'Back to School' Features for Private, Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Posted Aug 25, 2009
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GigaTribe, a free community file sharing software, has announced its new "Back to School" features. Safe and encrypted,’s peer-to-peer private online network now lets schools share classroom videos privately online with teachers. Another "Back to School" feature is the ability to share class documents as well as share course materials among teachers. Also, students use to remotely access their computers while on campus, at the library, or other WiFi locations; to view and share study materials, videos, and photos with other students and friends online with GigaTribe’s secure remote internet access.


In addition, GigaTribe recently announced its new DivX video streaming feature, which students can use to stream DivX videos online. With the new DivX video feature, users can view videos while they are still being transferred. Entire personal video libraries can be remotely accessed through the GigaTribe secure "Private Area" without delay and watched when traveling or away from their home or school, with only the need of a web browser.


GigaTribe "Ultimate" is priced at $4.99/month or $29.95 a year; GigaTribe Basic is available for free. See for more information.

Source: GigaTribe,

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