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Tabula Digita Introduces 'League of Scientists' Video Game Series

Posted Jul 15, 2009
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Tabula Digita, developer of the DimensionM educational video games for math (, is releasing its first immersive online science game series. Called "The League of Scientists," the series is being offered for free to students in grades three through five and is meant to help students build their knowledge base. Teachers can send it home as extra credit, or use it as an independent activity in class or in science clubs.

The free-to-play, two-dimensional educational gaming creation was developed in partnership with the Monsanto Fund and International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Designed with young learners in mind, The League of Scientists allows students to compete against each other in a series of multi-player games, constructed around a robust, standards-based, and engaging science curriculum.

The League of Scientists currently includes four interactive games: Lab Rat Race, Beaker Blast, Butterfly Boss and Circuit Center, with additional games planned. The science content was provided by ISTE and can be selected based on a teacher’s desire to introduce or practice life science, earth and space science, or physical science concepts. In addition to creating their own avatars, students will collect points with each correct answer that can later be redeemed for science-related equipment and gizmos to trick out their virtual science labs. They will also have the opportunity to earn "power up points" to demonstrate their mastery and gain an advantage in the game.

Source: Tabula Digita,

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