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Teachscape Expands Teachscape XL Professional Learning Platform

Posted Jul 16, 2009
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Teachscape has announced it has expanded its web-based Teachscape XL professional learning platform. The platform now includes curriculum mapping to the core concepts and critical skills found in standards, varied student assessments that provide timely data for teachers, Classroom Walkthroughs for measuring instructional practices against modern research, and a host of online learning modules for driving classroom instructional practice.


Teachscape XL now includes four components designed to provide one system for using research and data to ensure students are progressing down a learning path. It provides the tools to assess student progress, analyze teaching strategies, recommend corrective instruction, and align curriculum to standards.


Teachscape XL components include the following:


Curriculum Suite - The Teachscape Curriculum Suite starts with the vertical articulation of core concepts and critical skills needed to master the standards. It includes instructional pacing guides for each course and grade level, as well as test blueprints for state, benchmark, and formative assessments. The curriculum framework ensures that all students have access to rigorous expectations for what they should know and be able to do. This application also provides tools to build and share units and lessons within and across districts.


Assessment Suite – The Teachscape Assessment Suite captures and analyzes multiple measures of student performance from traditional testing and grading to rubrics. It includes the importing of state test data, a benchmark assessment system with page scanning of results, a standards-based grade book, and rubrics for evaluating students on work products or tasks. Learning Profiles provide graphically rich views of student performance without having to query for data. Profiles are generated for student, class, school, and district and disaggregated by subgroups. Standards-based report cards are also generated for each student and can include multiple measures of performance.


Classroom Walkthrough Suite – The Teachscape Classroom Walkthrough Suite provides tools for analyzing the actual instructional strategies that teachers use within the classroom to enable them to understand how their strategies measure up against research and to evaluate the impact they are having on different groups of students within their classroom. Methods for conducting Walkthroughs are provided, along with indicators or "look fors" for assessing instruction and engagement.


Professional Learning Suite – The Teachscape Professional Learning Suite is a site that hosts a collection of more than 100 online professional learning modules designed to showcase research-based classroom practice for teachers and instructional leaders. With the Custom Publishing Tool, more than 10,000 professional learning artifacts can be re-assembled, customized, localized, and republished in unique ways to create differentiated professional development for coaching and instructional improvement.


Teachscape XL is a platform and set of tools designed to help districts strategically define what educators should teach and when they should teach it. The technology allows schools and districts to trace student success in particular curriculum areas to specific instructional strategies, and map interventions that support continued student growth. In addition, the program’s ability to determine which professional development activities result in improved student outcomes supports teacher growth and effectiveness the announcement states.


Source: Teachscape,

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