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NECC News: PBS Developing PBS Digital Learning Library

Posted Jun 30, 2009
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PBS has announced the launch of the PBS Digital Learning Library, a PBS system-wide online repository of digital education assets from public broadcasting programs and services nationwide. The PBS Digital Learning Library will be a comprehensive source of "learning objects," including video, audio, images, games, and interactive simulations designed specifically for classroom use, delivered to teachers exclusively through local PBS stations. Services to deliver these resources to teachers and learners will be available in fall 2009.

As part of an ongoing, multi-year research initiative to identify and provide effective digital media in the classroom, PBS is aggregating its educational content to make it more accessible and practical for classroom use. With the support of content development grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the PBS Digital Learning Library will contain high-quality multimedia resources from PBS member stations and award-winning PBS broadcast programs, all aligned to national and local education standards and tagged for easy searching. The video resources will be provided in short segments that are more classroom-friendly than 30- and 60-minute television programs, and adapted to meet the needs of teachers and students in a 21st-century teaching and learning environment.


Over 20 member stations have been participating in a PBS Digital Learning Library pilot as content contributors and a number of the pilot stations are planning on launching digital education services. Stations participating in the pilot include KAET, KET, KLRN, KNME, KQED, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, Maryland Public Television, Mississippi Public Broadcasting, SCETV, South Dakota Public Broadcasting, ThinkTV (Ohio Digital Classroom), Utah Education Network, Vegas PBS, WGBH, WHRO, WOUB, WNEO, WNET, WPSU, WVIZ, WXXI, Wyoming PBS and NewsHour.


With the launch of the PBS Digital Learning Library, many more stations will have access to this wide range of digital content, beginning with the 2009-10 school year.


For more information or updates on the PBS Digital Learning Library, go to

PBS Teachers ( provides preK-12 educators a central Web destination to access PBS' educational services, including a searchable library of more than 9,000 local and national multimedia resources, and an online professional learning community where teachers can share ideas, collaborate, and discuss effective technology integration. Within the online community, educators can search for digital instructional resources, then easily bookmark, annotate, share and manage their tagged content. PBS Teachers is also home to the education blog Media Infusion (, which focuses on practical ways to integrate multimedia resources and technology into the classroom. Teachers can sign up for free membership in PBS Teachers for access to the PBS Teachers community and monthly webinars, and to receive discounts to ShopPBS for Teachers.

Source: PBS,

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