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Internet @ Schools Completes Standards Setting and Validation for Its New 21st Century Skills Assessment

Posted Feb 27, 2009
Bookmark and Share has announced it has completed a psychometric and standards-setting evaluation for its new 21st Century Skills Assessment, giving educators assurance this new assessment provides a valid assessment of students' 21st century skills, aligned to the ISTE NETS-S 2007 standards.’s authentic assessment focuses on student proficiency in 21st century skills. It is fully aligned to and provides data for all the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S):
* Creativity and Innovation
* Communication and Collaboration
* Research and Information Fluency
* Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
* Digital Citizenship
* Technology Operations and Concepts

Additionally, it is aligned to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Student Outcomes: Information, Media and Technology Skills, and Learning and Innovation.


Following a psychometric analysis of 21st Century Skills Assessment, a panel reviewed the assessment questions and set the proficiency levels for both the elementary and middle school versions. The panelists included educators with backgrounds in ISTE NETS-S, and both educators and administrators at the school, district, state and academic levels with deep and practical familiarity with the NETS-S.


A team of psychometricians from Learning Point Associates supervised the panel. Learning Point Associates is a nonprofit educational organization that works with educators and policy makers in quantitative research design, educational technology and assessment development.


The review followed full beta testing with a statistically representative group of elementary and middle school students from across the nation.


The assessment, available with both a pretest and posttest, requires that students demonstrate knowledge in both performance and multiple choice questions, and provides reports at the district, school, class and student levels. For statewide implementations, the assessment provides aggregated reporting for students in every district in which it is administered.


More than half a million assessments have been administered with TechLiteracy Assessment to students throughout the United States since its introduction in 2006. It has won numerous awards, including the prestigious SIIA Codie Award. Schools will begin testing with the new 21st Century Skills Assessment in March. For more information, visit


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