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Turning Technologies Unveils New K-12 Programs and Services

Posted Feb 4, 2009
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Turning Technologies, LLC, has unveiled several new programs and services geared toward assisting K-12 educators and schools meet the rising challenges of state testing. 


Educational Consulting Programs
Turning has launched three new comprehensive consulting programs branded TurnItUp! that take advantage of its student response technology in order to maximize student learning and improve student, classroom, building and district performance.  The three programs, available for all grade levels, are as follows:

·         Turn Up Achievement: a comprehensive school improvement initiative designed to create measurable increases in student achievement. 

·         Turn Up Learning: a three-tiered problem-solving Response to Intervention (RTI) Program for schools committed to identifying instructional needs and intervening with evidence-based practices.

·         Turn Up Engagement: a systemic and research grounded approach to increasing student engagement through a multi-discipline integration of educational gaming in core content areas and teaching 21st century skills using game design curriculum aligned to ISTE standards.

All TurnItUp! programs are grounded in the learning theories of Stiggins, Schmoker, Marzano, Epstein, Dede, and Prensky and are based on active learning, formative assessment, differentiated instruction and data-driven decision making.  Turning’s programs are scalable, replicable and promote school/district autonomy through establishing individualized learning communities. Each program begins with a three-day workshop and easily becomes self sufficient once the implementation process is completed.


Professional Development and Summer Workshops
In order to equip educators to take full advantage of Turning’s student response solutions, Turning has developed the Click2Achieve Professional Development Program specific for K-12 schools.  Created by educators for educators, the sessions are designed to foster a core group of users and provide hands-on practice and discussion opportunities so that participants immediately create and implement lessons that use existing resources.


Click2Achieve is customized based on school or district goals and includes: planning consultation, two days of on-site training sessions, review and instruction of Turning Technologies' student response software and hardware solutions, classroom best practices, lesson creation, and a follow-up webinar. 

In addition to the Click2Achieve Professional Development, Turning is also offering a series of summer/fall workshops designed to assist educators in maximizing the potential of Turning Technologies' student response systems in order to increase student achievement and engagement. Each workshop is designed to include research theory as well as the practicum of implementation. Workshops will be offered in Orlando, Florida during June, July and August.


Source: Turning Technologies, LLC,

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