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FETC News: PBS Teachers Introduces 'Activity Packs' Widgets

Posted Jan 22, 2009
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PBS Teachers has introduced PBS Teachers Activity Packs, a growing library of web-based widgets that contain links to high-quality PBS education resources and activities focused on a specific curricular theme for multiple grade levels.


More than 30 Activity Packs are available free-of-charge for educators to "grab" for classroom use, or to post on their classroom and school web sites or favorite social networking sites. PBS Teachers plans to grow the library of theme-based widgets to continually provide fresh content.


Activity Pack themes cover a wide range of subject areas, including reading/language arts, science, social studies, health, and art. Some currently available themes are:

-Arts Everywhere


-Forensic Science

-Great American Authors

-Healthy Choices

-Money in America

-Mysteries of the Universe

-Unsung Heroes in African American History

-Technology & Ethics



PBS Teachers is one of the few digital education content providers offering syndicated content to educators through widgets. Increasingly popular among internet users, a web-based widget is a small chunk of code that displays content from an online source, and can be inserted into a blog, web page, or social networking page with a simple copy and paste. The Activity Packs provide a new and more accessible way for teachers to connect PBS' educational resources and activities to curriculum lessons and enrich the learning environment, the announcement states.

The Activity Packs are accessible from the PBS Teachers web site (, a portal for preK-12 educators to access PBS' educational services and a searchable library of more than 9,000 local and national standards-based teaching activities, lesson plans, on-demand video assets, and interactive games and simulations. PBS Teachers is also home to education blogs (, with education technology expert Andy Carvin, and Media Infusion (, which focuses on practical ways to integrate multimedia resources and technology into the classroom.


Teachers can sign up for free membership in PBS Teachers and have access to free webinars and PBS Teachers Connect, an online learning community where preK-12 educators collaborate with their peers, discuss digital media integration, and save online instructional resources for later use.

To explore the library of PBS Teachers Activity Packs, visit

Source: PBS,

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