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Pearson Launches Chancery SMS 6.7 Student Information System

Posted Jan 8, 2009
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Pearson has announced the release of the latest version of its Chancery SMS student information system. Chancery SMS is designed to specifically meet the complex needs of large school districts for critical day-to-day operational, administrative, and instructional needs.


Chancery SMS 6.7 includes several key enhancements to five major functional areas including permanent records; health immunizations; elementary school attendance; security; and its customization framework. This latest version also includes support for Microsoft's .NET 3.5 development environment.


Key feature enhancements in Chancery SMS 6.7 include the following.


Permanent Records

A new permanent record structure in Chancery SMS uses detailed historical course grading information to calculate cumulative GPA and earned credits rather than summary data.


Health Immunizations

The new Immunization and Examination Setup page includes an updated "tabbed" interface to increase overall usability and a new student immunization page which allows all administered dose information to be entered and edited from a single screen.


Elementary School Attendance

Homeroom attendance has been updated to better reflect the different attendance patterns assigned to each homeroom.



Security enhancements allow district administrators to setup and manage passwords for all users in the district. Administrators can also automatically generate passwords and distribute them to users via email. Additionally, administrators can define password expiration dates and the number of unsuccessful login attempts allowed before a user is locked out of the system.


For more information on Chancery SMS 6.7 and its recent enhancements, visit


Source: Pearson,

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