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Follett Digital Resources Signs Four More Publishers to eBook Distribution Agreements

Posted Jan 5, 2009
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Follett Digital Resources has announced the signing of four additional publishers to major eBook distribution agreements. With these agreements, a total of more than 51,000 K-12 and public library titles are now available for purchase online through parent company Follett’s ecommerce sites, Titlewave ( and Titletales (

The four are Nova Press, Los Angeles, Calif.; Oxford University Press, New York, N.Y.; Temple University Press, Philadelphia, Pa.; and Zed Books Ltd., London, England. Follett eBook distribution agreements enable publishers’ digital titles to be in front of more than 60,000 schools and libraries.

Follett Digital Resources’ distribution agreements with eBook publishers have surpassed the 200 mark. According to Beau Clark, Vice President of Product Management, each enables schools and libraries to meet the needs of more students who can easily access eBooks at any hour using a computer and Internet connection.

The Follett Digital Resources eBook distribution system uses four key pieces of technology to deliver eBooks:

- Virtual Warehousing - Where eBooks reside until sold to a Follett school or library customer

- Preview - Technology that allows buyers and patrons to preview pages of an eBook prior to purchase

- Digital Rights Management - Technology ensuring that intellectual property is protected as eBooks are distributed and viewed

- Virtual Shelves - Where eBooks are poised for checkout and reading by patrons once purchased by Follett school and public library customers

When a school or library buys an eBook title from Follett Digital Resources, the title is moved to a virtual shelf where it resides until it is checked out by a school or library patron. Digital rights management technology ensures that once a title is checked out by one person, it can’t be checked out by anyone else until it has been returned to the virtual shelf. Where possible, the eBook distribution system is tightly connected with leading integrated library systems (ILS), such as Follett Software Company’s Destiny Library Manager, allowing searching, accessing and returning eBooks to become part of the library’s standard circulation process.

Source: Follett Digital Resources,

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