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Canvastic Launches Web Version of Canvastic Publishing Application for Primary Students

Posted Dec 3, 2008
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Canvastic LLC has announced the launch of Canvastic.NET, its first online version of the company’s publishing solution for students and teachers. Canvastic version 3.5 is the desktop application for Macintosh and Windows computers. This web application version extends the use of Canvastic to any computer anywhere with internet access and the Adobe Flash plugin installed.


Canvastic.NET expands on the concept that software tools students use to publish should be flexible and easy to use. It is designed for primary students to combine their own writing and drawing into attractive, useful published pages. Besides the basic drawing tools and text area there is a feature called "Replay" that displays the student's work in sequence as in a movie. It is engaging and useful, the announcement states. Students can print or save a downloaded JPEG file to preserve their work.


Canvastic.NET was developed to provide a free alternative for primary students' publishing in schools where budgets for software are non-existent, and as an option where security policies prohibit downloading of software.


Plans for Canvastic.NET depend upon its popularity. It will remain available as a free, ad-supported alternative for students and schools. In the future, ad-free access may be sold as a yearly subscription. Additional features and the customization that is a big part of the desktop application will come as soon as possible.


Canvastic.NET has been successfully tested on Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Solaris computers using Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox browsers. Installing the current version of Flash is recommended for optimal performance.


Any school can continue to pilot the desktop version of Canvastic for up to 60 days on as many computers as desired. See this prior press release for details:


Many school districts still qualify for a free site license for 50% of their schools. See this prior press release for details:

Source: Canvastic LLC,

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