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Lexia Learning Systems Launches New Version of Lexia Reading Software

Posted Nov 26, 2008
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Lexia Learning Systems, Inc., has launched a new, enhanced version of Lexia Reading software designed for students in grades Pre-K through 12, which delivers new teacher resources, faster program performance, and improved functionality. Teacher resources include scripted and printable lesson plans, offline student practice activities, and teacher training materials.


Lexia Lessons are printable scripted lesson plans for teachers to use with students identified by Lexia Reading to be struggling with a specific skill. Lexia Skill Builders are printable practice sheets for teachers to use with students to reinforce developing skills with extra paper and pencil practice. New training materials support teachers’ use of Lexia Reading through tutorial videos, how-to slide shows and a schedule of online training. All of the new teacher resources are accessed through the Lexia Reading Management and Reporting System.


Lexia Reading consists of two distinct components. The first is the collection of Lexia reading skills software for student use which includes: Lexia Early Reading, for 4 to 6 year olds; Lexia Primary Reading, for children ages 5 to 8; and Lexia Strategies for Older Students, for students ages 9 to adult. Each program is designed to complement core reading curriculum and to provide students with explicit practice in the five key areas of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The reading skills software allows students to progress at their own level and pace.


The second component of Lexia Reading is the Lexia Management and Reporting System for teachers and administrators. Detailed reports give teachers a daily snapshot of student usage and progress. This type of formative, ongoing assessment provides real-time data on individual students that teachers can use to differentiate instruction by providing additional instruction or enrichment as necessary.


Lexia Reading continuously assesses a student’s skill level in real time as the student progresses through Lexia Reading activities. During all activities, the student practices a skill as the program simultaneously monitors how well the student understands the concept. If the student demonstrates mastery, he/she moves forward. If the concept is not understood, the software branches the student, systematically teasing out the exact area of weakness, and provides additional practice before allowing the student to move on. Immediately during each session, the software updates and generates reports informing teachers and administrators of individual student skill levels and areas in need of additional instruction.


Lexia Reading enables educators to foster students’ reading success by informing and differentiating reading instruction. Lexia provides easy-to-use reports that identify and group students for appropriate instruction and practice; supervise and promote adequate use; track performance, and highlight students in need of support. With these features, educators can manage, assess and guide instruction for individual students, and also by group, class, grade, school, or district.


Source: Lexia Learning Systems, Inc.,

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